EPIC to close Norwalk plant

85 local residents to lose jobs.
Scott Seitz
Jan 13, 2014


EPIC Technologies officials this morning announced the closing of its Norwalk facility.

Workers learned the news about 8:30 a.m.

The Norwalk plant, located at 200 E. Bluegrass Drive, currently employs 85 people.

EPIC, which is a Natel EMS company, will consolidate its remaining customers into other EPIC locations during the next six months.

Look for the full story in Tuesday’s Norwalk Reflector.



Re: "Mayor: Much interest in Norwalk lately; Positive economic development news discussed." (Dec 19, 2013):

@ Mayor Duncan:

It 'may' be time to pull this "rabbit" outa your hat.



Not put in the paper but Batesville Casket back by Janesville also moved to Columbus Ohio after being here since the 1970's on Dec 2nd


Is anyone else tired of @Contango's incessant, circuitous pot shots at everyone and everything? We get it already; you have time to comment on EVERYTHING while you sit in your parents' basement and ponder the popular world that, because of your holier-than-thou view on things, you'll never be a contributing part of. Please leave Norwalk to its residents and slink on back to wherever you came from.

Scranton Tibbs

RE: "Is anyone else tired of @Contango's incessant, circuitous pot shots at everyone and everything?"

IMO, I couldn't agree more. I don't personally have a time to click on all these blind links. It's as bad as spam. But, if you can't beat em, join em, they say:

Here's a link to a pic of his computer area: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2...

Here's what I think everytime I read one of his long winded and link filled posts:

See what I did there? ;-)


Re: "See what I did there?"

IMO, ole' Contago should take a page out of his hero Barack Hussein Obama's playbook and quit while he's ahead. Or behind. Just so long as he quits.

@Contago's life story. Link for support: https://imgflip.com/i/657f5


Re: "Contago (sp)"

Other than trash talk, you've got nuthin' Sport.

Have a nice day of playing with yourself and trying to satisfy your girlfriend.


Thats a whole lotta trucker bombs in that pic.

swiss family

hahahahahahah finally...!!!


Re: "slink on back to wherever you came from."

Born and raised in Norwalk.

A WV hollar for you and your girlfriend Scranton, Cupcake?

Scranton Tibbs

Don't get so riled up Professor Plum. Who is this "cupcake" you keep referring to?


Take a look at the NEDC website. It's sleepy and out-of-date.

Example: "Current & Recent Projects"

Still showing stuff from 2011 with the caveat:

"This page's pictures and content will be updated after NEDC's Annual Luncheon in mid October, 2013."

Here it is Jan. 2014. Has it been updated? See for yourself:


If the NEDC doesn't care about it's appearance to the world, what is the message that is being sent to any and all prospective employers?

And the NEDC continues to receive tens of thousands of dollars of precious taxpayer funding why?


Scranton & Truckstop are right about this.

Cliff Cannon

" Readers are leaders "
Stating the obvious

In Biblical times men met at the gates of the city to discuss current events. In revolutionary war times where they met was the taverns. Obviously, here in our time; We meet right here.

And personally I find it fun, challenging , informative as well as helpful to me. Both to read, than contribute to these pages.

Despite the fact, unfortunately , that I have insulted folks on here before. I really dislike the trading of insults here. After all is blogging to be helpful to our community or merely a forum for invective, like the United Nations ?

Like you I have my favorites, that our 'must reads ' for me. At the top of my list are " Brock Lee " and " Bailey Originally " for the simplest of reasons---- they are hilarious !

Obviously, Contango & I hit it off, which brings me to this point. I never get involved when he and my other buddy's like Scranton Tibbs, kURTje or GWP 44846 are swapping insults. I don't like it, yet it is also none of my business, so leave it those involved to do 'their own thing'

Yet, because 'reader are leaders ' one must assume, that darn near everyone who reads these comments and most certainly those who comment here are leaders in some fashion in 'real life'.

So personally, it is normally my goal to feed the building blocks of leadership : Knowledge, imagination,( strategic )thinking. Failing to do that, my second goal is to at least not be as boring as a long winded preacher.

I do apologize -- kind of--- for getting going so rapidly with ' Contango ' on Tuesday. Yet, did not the news of the day require thought as well as future action ? So where better to discuss economics, than here ?

Also PLEASE join not only THE discussion, but us as well, as the more good idea's that are swapped, then implemented--- the better it will be for our beloved Norwalk, agreed ?

Again my apology's for getting going so much with Contango on Tuesday. I'd like to say ( Mainly because my beautiful bride chewed me out for 'playing' on the computer all day ) that it won't happen again. But who knows ?

I also urge the leaders who are readers to note Contango's thoughts here on Economics in particular. Because, he might be kind of salty. ( Might be ? Hades. He is darn salty ) Yet, this millionaire's idea's on business/ economics are--- at least in my view point--- worth reading.

Great day to all.


Re: "Economics,"

Ignorance can be cured, stupidity not so much.

FYI: "You Might Not Know Your City Is Going Broke"


"You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows."

- Bob Zimmerman, "Subterranean Homesick Blues."



I am a little shocked after going to the NEDC website and seeing how out of date the information posted is. I would think keeping that website up to speed should be a priority. What, no internet service in the new building we just bought for them?