EPIC to close Norwalk plant

85 local residents to lose jobs.
Scott Seitz
Jan 13, 2014


EPIC Technologies officials this morning announced the closing of its Norwalk facility.

Workers learned the news about 8:30 a.m.

The Norwalk plant, located at 200 E. Bluegrass Drive, currently employs 85 people.

EPIC, which is a Natel EMS company, will consolidate its remaining customers into other EPIC locations during the next six months.

Look for the full story in Tuesday’s Norwalk Reflector.


Really are you ...

I never said that I was going to make everyone a billion dollars. I threw the what is your time worth out there, to make people think. Something the government does not want us to do. The inflation to income ratio is so far out of balance. It is not the governments job or any companies job to bring work to a faltering Norwalk, Ohio. How can any mayor of a city keep jobs in their city, when the companies are hellbent on leaving? Two things can happen. A person can grump and moan placing blame on anyone they can so that person feels better. Aimlessly wandering threw life. Living like mindless puppets. The mindset of: "I have to work for someone else. I value my time spent away from family, living life, and the wear and tear I put on my body every week as less than what their company is willing to pay. But it is alright , because that is the way it has been." Put management out on the shop floor and see if they can maintain current effency set standards. Or look at the problem. Big government is looking out for big companies. Giving big companies tax break loopholes and allowing these companies to leave the United States for cheaper labor. Lets not even talk about the government bailout that happened a couple years ago. Hourly wages have remained the same or decreased, so has hours worked per week for new jobs. Prices are rising on everything because of big oil. It is still the same old oil, but with computer technology, it takes fewer technicians to make petroleum based products."Record Profits." When I started driving, gasoline was $.78 a gallon. So in twenty two years gasoline has increased four fold. Straight up BS, this is why I have stepped out of line and have goals set different than yours.

Call it pride or stupidity, but I believe in "We the People of the United States of America."
Seems our big government has forgotten about everything past "We the People of the United States of America."

How can we advance our future, make life better for our future generations. If we continue down the same road of everything going wrong, expecting change but doing nothing. That is close enough to Einstein's definition of insanity

J Cooper

Didn't the mayor announce that he had big economical news after the 1st of the year, we just assumed it was good news. We can't blame him other than he ran on a jobs, jobs, jobs platform, again we didn't realize it was losing jobs, jobs, jobs..


Maybe Duncan's big news was that he would be caught flat-footed as yet another business packed its bags and left town? Of course, that would hardly be "news" to anyone who has paid the least amount of attention to incredible inability to understand even the smallest aspect of his job.

JMOP's picture

Am I missing something? How can the mayor promise to keep jobs here? What incentives could he possibly promise that would save the company millions?


In our wonderful global economy JMOP- there are no incentives which can be offered to keep existing companies or bring new ones to the area. I worked years ago for a company which produced parts that could have been carted just to the other side of the same facility for assembly- but it was literally cheaper for them to load them up and ship them to mexico for assembly- and then ship them back to us. How do you compete against that?

JMOP's picture

No one can compete against that. That's why I don't understand how a mayor, can be held responsible for a private sector company. A mayor runs the city, not the people (who run the companies).
I'm sorry for those who are effected.


Agreed. The best thing City officials can ever do concerning employers is to just stay out of their way...


Re: "I don't understand how a mayor, can be held responsible,"

With all due respect, the current mayor DID campaign on a political theme of: Jobs, jobs, jobs.

JMOP's picture

He can entice business here, I don't know what kind of back door deals can be done, but the same for the POTUS, only difference is the POTUS has more power. He can help start up, but not be able to keep them. Look at all the green energy companies failed (thanks Obama) paid for by the taxpayers sweat.


The POTUS & the Mayor of Norwalk?

Two TOTALLY different political & economic universes.

#1. There are no money trees in Norwalk in order to help fund "enticements."

JMOP's picture

@ Contago how do you know the tax payers money was spent on those trees?

Yes the mayor and president are different, but are the same in the sense they govern a population.

Like I stated earlier, I'm not sure what kind of promises, or back door deals that go on. My guess would be the mayor could promise that there are ppl willing to work for a certain wage, offer them Federal Grants they may have been issued if they start up business here, cut their water bill, trash, ect by a certain percentage amount. Just an educated guess.


Re: "Yes the mayor and president are different, but are the same in the sense they govern a population."

The POINT which you are helping to make:

DC and Columbus spending and tax programs will affect lil' ol' Norwalk far greater than visa versa.

Fed grants ain't "free money."

JMOP's picture

I know federal grants aren't free money, but on the receiving end, it is. It's an incentive.

I'm also a person who asks more questions, than has answers. Sorry about that, but that's who I am.

My point I was trying to make is from my orginal comment, in which a mayor can't force a company from leaving, but perhaps negotiate to to bring companies here. Campaigns are full of hot air, even if their intentions are true.

This area has a low cost of living, companies could see that as an opportunity to pay less in salary perhaps. Which may be a selling point.


Re: "but on the receiving end, it is. It's an incentive."

And the fundng is gonna come from where? The Fed. Reserve? Foreign ownership of Treasuries? Taxes?

The loss of local mfging has been occuring for over forty yrs. Difficult to put the jinn back in the bottle.

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Maybe there's some grant funding left with the failed ARRA. SMH. Would've liked a stimulus put Back in the tax payers pocket before that train reck was signed.

It most likely comes from China, or printed new money.


If you have an idea to start up a business you can go to the city and ask them for help. They will not supply you with this capital but they will put you in contact with people that will back you if your idea is feasible, they will make money and you have capital to put up with them. The city will work with you and backers to try and get you up and running. You can also speak with S.C.O.R.E. This is a free service that has all volunteers to help write business plans, proposals, etc. You can get money out there, You have to look and you have to be able to come up with some also. I know- easier said than done. But the city will help you by sending you in the right direction.

swiss family

I have to disagree with there being "no money trees in Norwalk in order to fund "entitlements" I believe that there is always wasted money in every budget, including town's and Countries. I wonder right now, after seeing business and factory after one another , leaving our town, how essential is it that we still pay Ms Wert to be out there promoting, and trying to entice incoming commerce??/ I do not know how much she is paid, or what kind of benefit package she has, but as far as seeing any results on our investments, I just don't see it. So, to me, she is being paid from one of the "money trees" in my opinion




Ok swiss, what side of the fence you gonna be on? One day you want fiscal responsibility the next day you support things that are a waste of money. Make up your dang mind. I remember when the sofios park issue was at the forefront you said that it would bring jobs into Norwalk, well that didn't happen they are leaving. We can do this all day but I think you may get the point, and its not the one on top of your head either. And using the term teabagger swiss? Really. That's so 2009

swiss family

you are sadly mistaken.. I never said that sofios park was going to bring jobs to Norwalk... I want fiscal responsibility, always have and always will.... Please show me where I have ever said otherwise....Oh and after you said that is "so 2009... aren't you supposed to either say "snap" or actually snap your fingers??? maybe even snap in the shape of a "Z"????


Re: "sofios park was going to bring jobs to Norwalk,"

Mayor Lesch equated the building of parks with economic development.


which swissy poo supported so adamantly.


Got it!

swiss family:

"hang in there Sue, I think you are doing a good job,like I have said,"


swiss family

I supported Mayor Lesch, and still would... not necessarily the park bringing in people, but I did support the park. As for the soccer park dispute.. I was opposed to the neighbors who thought that they could control what happens to land near them that they do not own...I believe I said that if they wanted to control that property, or any other property , then they need to buy it.. to me, that is the only way anyone has any say about what goes in on property near yours.. as long as it is zoned that way... come on... if you are going to accuse , then at least get your facts straight..

swiss family


former local

Not true!!! The town I used to live in when I was in Missouri, was approached by a guy who wanted to start up a tech company, they turned him down, even though he was only asking for a $50,000 LOAN! He went down the road and now a few years later has several hundred employees in that community and several other states. Norwalk and it's workers need to think high tech and retrain. The low skilled factory jobs are a thing of the past!

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Huh? The man approached a town? He didn't get a loan at one bank, so several years later he started his business down the road?
Sorry, I can't comprehend your paragraph. I'm sure you are trying to make a valid point.

former local

The point is he didn't come just for a handout like many companies do, even though the Economic Development Director wanted the deal, the board members said no, probably because most of them are not, shall we say, techie? They were unable, or unwilling, to change direction and it cost the community jobs.


you just wait and see,our next mayor is going to be real smart,she will fill these empty factories,raise property values and make norwalk famous all over the good ole USA


Whirlpool is actually bringing jobs back to the U.S. from Mexico. For awhile, I noticed a down quality in their Mexican made products, and the machines with the Mexican motors. I got tired of replacing them for people and making excuses as to why they shouldn't buy L.G. products. And to be honest, for awhile, I was lying. Even Sony products, especially cameras and video machines are bad now that China is making them. Now I've switched to cheaper brands made in China that are in fact better and don't make and don't make you buy the Sony Memory chip (Nikon, Canon, Fuji film).