Airport board back at it

Upcoming project involves repairing electrical system at commercial building.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 14, 2014


The Huron County Airport Authority is back in action this afternoon.

Board secretary Doug Arnold said the 2 p.m. meeting's agenda looks light. The main upcoming project at the facility is repairing the electrical system at the commercial building.

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Frankenfield and Essex wanted to kick the businesses out of the hanger while the elitrical panel was to be fixed. Even though there was no place for them to go.
It still took over a month for the baord president to even get someone to do the work.
Would anyone feel that is a good landlord's action?
This is more of the harassment of the tenants by the current baord and commissioners.


boohoo. So you are saying the board and commissioners are against the airport? These elected and appointed people are representing the people. Sell this place. Put it to a vote of the people. You will lose big time. Sell this place. Oh but it brings in all these businessmen. I have a boat. County must dig and maintain a lake for me. Plus all the businessmen can use it to entertain their clients. Sell this place. Park your plane elsewhere.


By your argument then they should stop work on the bridge at ridgefield since it is not needed and brings nothing into the county budget. Heck there are plenty of other bridges and those traveling rt 250 can just go down 13 to 224 and then over to the open sections of 250. It only adds a couple miles and we could sell the land back to the homeowners that were moved to make room for a better bridge.
For that matter why did they rebuild the bridge on 250 north of norwalk, there were plenty of ways to get around that one to
I do not use those bridges so why should they even be there?
DaMob your statement about the effects of the airport on the local economy is as misguided as the idea of closing those bridges.


Would you say there are more people using the bridge then people using the airport?


And you are misguided in believing you have any concept of the use or the effects of it simply being available has on the economy and I'd say the same for the bridges.


You didn't answer my question.


Speak that truth DaMob.


There are a number of businesses and people who use the airport for their transportation needs over the course of any year. Whether it is to travel to or from the Norwalk area, or to Cedar Point, Kalahari, or anywhere in Erie county, the availability of air transportation, yes our little airport, is important to our local economy. Only short sighted people would see the facility as a detriment. But maybe that's why this area is losing all the manufacturing businesses and jobs because our local leaders are only worried about their next term in office, and our local businesses are worried about competition moving in.