Water, sewer rates increasing in Norwalk

Bills received in February will reflect increase.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 10, 2014


City of Norwalk water and sewer bills received in February for January consumption will reflect an increase in rates and usage over the 1,000 gallon minimum charge will be billed in hundreds of gallons rather than thousands of gallons.

The water rate for usage more than 1,000 gallons within Norwalk city limits will remain at $.72 per hundred gallons and the sewer rate will increase from $.74 per hundred gallons to $.81 per hundred gallons.

Those located outside Norwalk city limits that receive water and sewer services from the City of Norwalk will see water for usage more than 1,000 gallons remain at $1.44 per hundred gallons and the sewer rate will increase from $1.04 per hundred gallons to $1.13 per hundred gallons.

The monthly rate for usage for 1,000 gallons or less, which is the minimum rate, will remain at $3.60 for water and will increase from $3.70 for sewer to $4.05 for a combined charge of $7.65, for those located within Norwalk city limits.

The minimum rate for those located outside Norwalk city limits that receive water and sewer services from the city of Norwalk will remain at $7.20 for water and increase from $5.20 to $5.65 for sewer for a combined charge of $12.85.

Storm water rates will remain at $1.35 per ERU (Equivalent Residential Unit) for bills received in February 2014.

Water and sewer rates are determined annually by a review of increases and decreases in the budget for the water and sewer facilities as well as determining the average consumption over the past three year period.

Storm water fees are determined annually by a review of increases and decreases in the budget for storm water purposes along with a review of the total equivalent residential units in the city.




Didn't we just see an increase in minimum wage? well there goes some of it,I believe I posted something along the lines in another article that every time the minimum wage goes up so does everything else. you can't win for losing.

Cliff Cannon

@somescrewyname : " you can't win for losing " Certainly quite often true. May I add the way I like to say the same thing ?

On " Saturday Night Live " in it's hey day. Rosanna Rosanna Danna ( Gilda Radner, of course) used to say in that wonderful style of her's : " It's always something "

The reason, I like to say " you can't win for losing " in this manner to people my age. Is because the memory of Gilda/ Rosanna Rosanna Danna saying " It's always something " will always bring a smile, even believe it or not in sad moment's. Which is when smiling is about the only way one can win,when they are losing, isn't it ?

Great day to you

Kottage Kat

Thought rates went up not long ago.
my landlord sells us water, this means rent goes up again. Still have to buy bottled water.

Really are you ...

Must be getting harder to make water.


Photo: Looks like a faucet and sink in a Holiday Inn Express.

Considering that thousands die and millions become ill due to polluted and dirty water worldwide, it's a small price to pay for clean water.

IMO, be thankful for what you got. Considering the alternative - it's cheap.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : Amen


OTOH, I did enjoy "Dirty Water" by The Standells.

It was a fun riff to play on guitar and about the first one I learned.

Still got the album!


Cliff Cannon

Well that is certainly cool. Real question is; Do you still have a 'record player', so that you can enjoy your album ?

Getting back on the topic. If folks could only comprehend, then internalize, just how amazingly poor the third world is. I truly believe, they would spend the rest of their days, being grateful for the bounty they do enjoy. But,what do I know ?


Re: "Do you still have a 'record player',"

Bought a turntable (Amazon), through which I converted the LP into an MP3 file using free conversion software (Audacity) on my PC or laptop. I also have some editing software (WavePad).

I can listen to it and many other converted albums as often as wanted.

"Third world"? H*ll, after living in Chicago, Norwalk remains a culture shock - buncha pizza places, all bad. :)

(My preference is Uptown Café.)

Cliff Cannon

Your set up sounds pretty darn cool. Being a computer moron, I could never hope to have that situation. So I have an old record player, that thankfully, the needle still works on, for those rare occasion's when it is needed.

P.S. You and your pizza prejudice's. I think, I have a better chance of convincing 'Brock Lee ' to love winter, than I do of convincing you, we do have some good pizza places here. ( Marco's is my favorite )


Re: "the needle still works,"

It's recommended to replace them every 500 hrs. of play. Amazon has 'em or I've used "Needle Doctor."

Tip: Wash your albums one at a time "like a dish" in soap and water with a very soft cloth or sponge carefully rotating around the grooves.

Rinse it, and put it in a dish rack to dry off.

You'd be surprised at the sound after getting all that dust and dirt outa the grooves!

Not just Eyetalian, The Mex food in Norwalk is 'really' bad.

Cliff Cannon

Thank-you for the interesting tip. Then add, I am eager to try it. Although, the only album I normally play is a 50 year old one of JFK speeches. Still, it will be interesting to hear the sound difference's.

P.S. Now you don't like Taco Bell either ? Good God man that is sacrilegious, isn't it ? :)


Re: "JFK speeches"

I have the following album in my collection:


If you want, 'someday,' (if the condition is good), I'll convert it, put it on a cd and give it to you.

Cliff Cannon

That is the one I have. I most certainly would enjoy having a c.d. of it. ( My problem is I am the only one in the family who finds his speeches 'entertaining' ) So thank-you for the offer,yet no rush.

Funny thing is to listen to his speeches via the JFK library. There one can read the transcript as he speaks. Because how they were wrote and how they were spoke are--- go figure-- different.


I believe that it is on YouTube:


I also have free YouTube to MP3 software (DVDVideoSoftware).


It can be taken off of YouTube, converted and placed on a cd.

Cliff Cannon

You must really know how to make your computer 'sing' with all the software you have.

I do listen to Kennedy speeches on 'You Tube' although, preferring the JFK library site, it is typically just RFK's eulogy I listen to there. Further, I believe that eulogy to be the most important piece of literature I've ever heard.

Kottage Kat

I am NOT lacking in gratitude, just funding.

Cliff Cannon

@K.K. :Wasn't speaking to any American in particular. Rather, my comment is to every last American,in the hope, that they understand just exactly how fortunate they truly are.

To wit; In your prior conversation you mention buying bottled water. Which sells for what ? 7 bucks a gallon or so ?

Now compare that cost to either the current water/sewer rates in Norwalk or even more telling to those dying from poisoned, polluted water with no sewer treatments plants in the third world. Now don't you feel totally blessed to live in America, even with a funding shortage ?


Re: "a funding shortage,"

The perennial and growing problem in Norwalk and many other communities:

Numerous people living on fixed income with the basic costs of services rising.

It's been estimated that by 2020, 25% of Norwalk's pop. will be seniors.

Nationally, approx. 12K boomers turn 65 every day. More than 50% have little to no savings. For retirement income they will be wholly dependent upon SS, a system with a current annual deficit (more outgo, than income).

This country has a MAJOR unfunded liablity problem.

Cliff Cannon

" This country has a MAJOR unfunded liability problem. " No doubt.

Worse, as you point out. It will only get worse, as this imbalance must become a massive crisis in America at some point ( probably sooner, rather than later)

Personally, I believe the answer will lie in family's/ friends living under one roof to share cost's as we American's did in the " Great Depression " as well as so many do in third world country's already. But, what do I know ?


Re: "family's/ friends living under one roof"

And a lota boomers are getting 'sandwiched' from both sides. I personally know some.

The kid comes home from college or the service and can't find a job. Parent(s) can't make it financially and moves in with boomer kid.

Cliff Cannon

The wave of the future here. And personally, I don't think, this is a particularly bad thing.


Re: "I don't think, this is a particularly bad thing."

I'm a big believer in the nuclear family. Adult children should not live with parents or visa versa for long periods.

One couple I know has a mother with Alzheimer's living with them. The situation is causing marital friction.

Cliff Cannon

Obviously,we have become accustomed to the 'nuclear family'. So it stands to reason reuniting family's will in this manner indeed cause 'friction' at first.

However, I come from a 'clannish' style family and as you know am an American Indian buff. Which means I understand the word's " Tribe " and " Clan " are interchangeable. Which is to say 'clans' work, when you do.

No doubt, as America becomes poorer and poorer family will become more important to every member. Here's hoping they adapt into clans, with out killing one another.


Re: "Which is to say 'clans' work, when you do."

Understood, but extended families ain't for everyone.

Lota disparaging sayings about taking in relatives (or guests) in many different cultures over the centuries:

A guest two days, the third give him a hoe. Do not exceed your hospitality. - Swahili proverb

"Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days." - Benj. Franklin

Cliff Cannon

I hear you. In fact,one of the ways I've encouraged my children to be self-supporting is to say " yeah, you can move in with me. We will have a blast cranking up JFK on the record player together ". Which leaves them headed for the door.

However, here are some stats from the U.S. Treasury albeit 3 decades old, though no doubt still true.

100 average men start their careers at age 25. At 65 1 is wealthy. 4 are well to do.54 will depend on social security and 36 will have died. At age 75. 33 will still be living. with 30 being dependent on S.S. with the other 3 being well to do.

Mind you these stats are pre-baby boomer retirement years. So we may assume, that not only the percentages as to who has what will still be in place. Then multiply these figures by 12,000 retirements a day. And one is left with a very unsustainable S.S. system

So where are funding shortages to made up ? My answer is in reconnecting family's. Will it be easy ? Hades no ! Still, where else will we find the answer to this looming catastrophic problem ?

P.S. In Chinese culture it is a great honor for the eldest son to care for elderly parents.( Which also leads them to the infanticide problem they currently endure.)


Re: "Chinese culture"

And even in WORSE shape short-term are the xenophobic and aging Japanese.

They have a negative mortality rate: More deaths than births.

More "Depends" are sold than diapers.

Cliff Cannon

And now we've come back to where we started---- be thankful you live in America ! So at least we can choose, how we desire to live.

P.S. I recently listened to a book called " A short history of nearly everything " by Bill Bryson.

The book is an excellent one and it covers nearly every area of science. Bryson, learning from geologists calls Tokyo " the city waiting to die..." based on their volcanic & earthquake activity's. So good luck to the Japanese in all areas. At least they are the worlds best savers.


Re: 7 bucks a gallon
What are you drinking Perrier water. It was 25 cents a gallon at peacock.

Cliff Cannon

@2sense : I apologize for letting my own personal prejudice against bottled water over rule my judgment here.

Despite being a former truck driver who drinks a ton of water. I do not think I've ever bought a bottle of water in a gas station as I always carried my own cup in to fill.

This is of course, where one will find the " 7 bucks a gallon " water. We know that water cost's roughly that. Because, how many times have we read of comparisons between the cost of a gallon of pop, beer or water and that of America's most watched number---the cost of a gallon of gas ?

I will add this : Last Wednesday, I was out playing on frozen creeks, etc. You should've seen the water, that the current would not let freeze. It looked so sparklingly delicious , that I kind of wished I was an Indian from century's passed so that I could've laid down and drank from it.

Again, I apologize for printing my prejudices here and thank-you for correcting me.