Frozen pipes cause 'considerable' water damage at NHS

Ceilings at Norwalk High School and Ernsthausen Performing Arts Center are damaged.
Cary Ashby
Jan 9, 2014


Water which leaked from frozen pipes caused "considerable damage" Wednesday at Norwalk High School.

But despite the damage to the ceilings in the NHS and Ernsthausen Performing Arts Center main lobbies, school is on today.

Norwalk students have been out of school since Dec. 20, due to a two-week winter break and then three straight calamity days due to adverse weather.

"Between the fire department and the custodial and maintenance staff led by Dustin Brown and Kelly Ross, they did an incredible job," Norwalk City Schools Superintendent Dennis Doughty said.

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Really are you ...

This "new" high school was suppose to be the crown jewel, bringing people and jobs to the city of Norwalk. The first problem was the settling foundation after the walls were up, that was when the school was being built. A couple of years ago some kids spray painted the front of the building, guess the rock wasn't good enough for them. Now inside water damage. Did the water come from the sprinkler system? It is a lot of money going into fixing a Norwalk's newest school building. Still, everything is impressive about that building though.


Before it was built the powers that be were told that neighborhood people who had lived there for many years believed the proposed area was loaded with quicksand. They didn't listen. Before the plans were finalized, some folks were concerned with the proposed pipe placement because of the wind patterns in the area. They didn't listen again. Wonder what else they didn't listen to?


In light of the predicted extreme weather conditions, gotta ask:

Were enough precautions taken to possibly prevent this?


Why did they wait so long to turn water off?where was the house keepers and maintenance man that let this happen?