Drug dealer to be kicked off probation after jail term

Prosecutor to judge: "The CBCF is not interested in taking Mr. Ward"
Cary Ashby
Jan 10, 2014


A convicted drug dealer will spend the next 115 days behind bars.

Once Derek R. Ward, 28, of 3063 1/2 Laylin Road, is released from the Huron County Jail, he will be kicked off probation, having unsuccessfully completed his community control sanctions. Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway credited him with earlier serving 65 days in jail.

Ward tested positive for using opiates and marijuana shortly before Wednesday's hearing, Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper said.

In mid-November, the judge imposed a marijuana-trafficking charge because Ward failed to remain sober for at least one year as part of the drug intervention program.

Ward's offenses included testing positive for four drugs, including heroin, during two drug screens. He also failed to provide his probation officer with documentation of attending AA and NA meetings since July 17 and on Aug. 15. Firelands Counseling & Recovery Services kicked him out for violating its attendance and "last chance" policies.

The defendant has been on probation since Oct. 3, 2011.

Probation officer Dexter Chandler earlier told the judge Ward did well initially on community control and for a time and tested clean during drug screens.

In April 2012, Chandler said he patted down Ward before a drug test and discovered a device called a Whizinator, which is used to produce fake urine, strapped to his chest. That resulted in Ward being in jail for two to three months. Court officials later learned the defendant wasn't eligible for a community-based corrections facility, a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education.

"The CBCF is not interested in taking Mr. Ward since Mr. Ward is not interested in doing the CBCF program," Kasper said Wednesday.

Ward had been out on a personal recognizance bond.


Whiskey Tango F...

Huron county and Norwalk Ohio is not interested in supporting, imprisoning, housing, providing food, healthcare, or anything to Mr. Ward. He has failed his family, neighbors, and fellow humans when it comes to contributing to society. I hear Siberia is nice this time of year. I WILL provide the first $20 towards the one-way ticket away from my friends,neighbors, and family!


The Russians wouldn't want him either


How about revoking peoples right to live...we euthanize animals that aren't wanted and they have usually done nothing wrong. how about people that won't learn, don't care, and can't get along with the rest of us?


He has a disease!!!!!!!!!!!


Is stupidity a disease?


I don't think stupidity is a disease- but in many cases it is hereditary


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Really are you ...

Having unsuccessfully completed his community control sanctions, kicked out of FC&RS for violating its attendance and last chance policies. Once he finishes his jail term, just let him go. He will do the same garbage again. Right, if someone fails so much in such a short span of time, just give up. Spend more money down the road on easy pickin's.


Judge Conway, time you realize that the only way to get some people's attention is to actually punish them.

Estrella Damm

So you are saying he never gets their attention?


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We have a sense of reality. You live in fantasy land.


Ward had been out on a personal recognizance bond.....so they even gave this trash a "get out of jail free card!!! No wonder these losers keep breaking the law!


I am sorry , But what sense does it make to kick a known drug dealer off Probation ? This dont make sense . All the judge did was turn the thug dealer back on honest hard working people that are tired of the slapping of the hands with these judges .
You want to do something , send him to prision and that will if nothin else , protect the law-bidding .