Authorities say Norwalk man trying to kill ex-girlfriend drives truck into motel

A Norwalk man who ran his relative's truck into an Avery motel room Saturday must post a $100,000 bond before being released from the Erie County Jail. The ex-girlfriend of Joel Deleon, 32, of 5144 U.S. 250, Lot 27, and her son had cuts from the flying debris, but Erie County Sheriff's Capt. Paul Sigsworth said the injuries appeared to be minor. About 8 p.m., the woman heard a loud muffler outside her room which she recognized as belonging to the pickup truck driven by Deleon, Sigsworth said.
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


A Norwalk man who ran his relative's truck into an Avery motel room Saturday must post a $100,000 bond before being released from the Erie County Jail.

The ex-girlfriend of Joel Deleon, 32, of 5144 U.S. 250, Lot 27, and her son had cuts from the flying debris, but Erie County Sheriff's Capt. Paul Sigsworth said the injuries appeared to be minor. About 8 p.m., the woman heard a loud muffler outside her room which she recognized as belonging to the pickup truck driven by Deleon, Sigsworth said.

It's unknown how far away the truck was before Deleon headed for the building. The room sustained extensive damage and the heating unit was blown off the wall.

"There's absolutely no skid marks," Sigsworth said, adding that the truck "narrowly" missed the woman. "The entire cab section of the truck was in the room."

Deleon fled the Super 8 Motel, 11313 U.S. 250, and went to his mother's residence in the Rustic Hills Mobile Home Park. Sigsworth said it's unclear how the suspect got there, but said he presumably got a ride. The sheriff's captain also noted Rustic Hills is within walking distance of Super 8.

Sigsworth said Deleon's relatives had been notified of the incident and they attempted to keep him there.

"He was fighting with family members, trying to flee," he said.

Deputies contacted the Huron County Sheriff's Office about 40 minutes after the Super 8 incident and requested they look for Deleon. Deputy Steve Shupp received a 9-1-1 call from the mother's home "with a lot of screaming going on" just as he arrived at Rustic Hills, Major Greg Englund said.

Shupp saw Deleon running between two mobile homes toward the woods. Shupp later ordered Deleon to get off the ground, Englund said. The suspect "jumped up and took off running," he continued, and then tripped on some branches.

The deputy ordered Deleon to stay down and the two men wrestled when the suspect attempted to get up, Englund said. Shupp eventually rolled away from the suspect, who tried to reach for the deputy's belt. Shupp pulled his Taser, warning Deleon he would use it if he didn't stop resisting arrest. Shupp had to subdue the suspect by using the Taser on him, Englund said.

Deleon and his ex-girlfriend had been living on North Pleasant Street "for a short period of time" before the Super 8 incident, Sigsworth said. The suspect found out the woman was staying at the motel until she could find an apartment and called her numerous times trying to get her to go out with him, the deputy continued.

Deleon was charged with attempted murder, felonious assault, vandalism, driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license. He pleaded guilty this morning to the driving offenses in Erie County Municipal Court, but his sentence was not available as of press time.


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what happen (An...

sounds to me someone forgot their key!!! It makes you wonder how people function on a daily basis when someone can just do something like this... Crazy.

Not Funny (Anon...

You dont know him. He is a great father, and there is more to this story.Leave Joel alone. Free him from jail.

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The only one mental is you.ANd u are the one Crazy.Someone else was driving that truck, and he didnt do it.But he will take the fall anyway.Cuz he is not gonna tell who really did it. the truck was drivin by some other person drunk, and instead of using the brake, he punched the gas.

Linux (Anonymous)

I mean sane people drive threw buildings all the time. Yeah he's Father Of The Year material driving a pickup truck threw a building his son and ex girlfriend were in. God hopefully he is still in prison when his son graduates from high school. I send my condolence to this poor women and child. There's more to the story really he was angry she left wonder why hmmm and he rammed someone else's pickup threw a wall didnt bother checking if his son was underneath the truck then lemme guess you drove him to mommys house were he later ran from and was tased this man is trash. He's crazy and a drunk throw away the key. Which one of your relatives are going to pay for the damage he did to the hotel or should the hotel pay for it.

Good (Anonymous)

this man is a great man and i will always back him up.he should be out, and will be very soon. Go Joel

Ok (Anonymous)

if he was not the one driving then he would not have run and had to be tasered. I like my friends alot but never would I take the rap for that for one of them. For one not to be away from my kids and two not to be someone's b!tch in prison! There is more to the story alright!!!

Just read the a...

says he was fighting with family members who were trying to get him to stay at his mother's they had to call 911 on him and screaming was heard in the background. Yeah great guy! Someone else was driving and yet he plead guilty to the driving offenses this morning. Let me guess someone else took his sobriety test for him and failed it?? Give me a break!

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YOUR SMART^ yea your mom took it

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I think it was you. No No is what you should have said to the drugs that fried your brain. What are you his other girlfriend?

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he injured a child. Had no respect for that child's life. Looks like a BIG FAT loser to me!


he will make bail

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I dont do drugs. B$$$$! Mexicans rule honey, they always will

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WTF ever. The dude is guilty as sin. And he is sick in the head. Defending him isn't going to make him better. He needs help and if you were a true friend you would get the heck off of here and convince him to get his head checked. That woman is a very, very, smart woman for leaving him and taking her son with her. I hope she continues to stand strong against him.

re: to miss U f...

I bet you don't do drugs trailor park trash!

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mexicans rule? what? they've sucked the life out of this country for a long time. white


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but have you ever noticed that Mexicans actually go to work everyday? It's pretty sad that 1/2 of Norwalk's population are dead beats who own't go to work, or even seek employment, and the other 1/2 are Mexicans? I'm not for the Chicanos taking over Norwalk, but I will give them that. They ARE willing to work....Compared to the average white/black man at the age of 30 something in this town! The Mexican's make lots of babies, and go to work to feed them! Can't really complain there! What does that say about our general population?

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I don't care what nationality he is, he did something terrible and to the woman he was dating AND his son who he supposedly loves. A good father would never do that, they would have the mentality to do things the right way, through court and fight through the lawyer. Doesn't look good for him if he's the "father of the year". Why does every issue come down to nationality and color of skin to say what kind of person they are? This world is becomeing sicker by the day!

re: he may be m...

I got news for you there are lots of mexicans that don't work either. Not only that but a few I worked with would go to welfare and get all the benefits even though they are both working and married they would tell welfare that they were not living together so they could collect. Then they would get free Cedar Point tickets too and then come to work and brag about what they were getting free. Then driving new vehicles because of course they could afford it both working and collecting welfare benefits. I have nothing against immigrants coming here but speak English, work, and pay taxes and don't collect welfare by lying.

Motel Employee ...

OK, enough about what a "fine father" or what "ethnic" persuasion he was... what about the crime against another persons property and the extra work and loss of income that was caused by this persons rage? Someone has to clean up after all is said and done, and one of those people is me. If the man gets out of jail on the attempted MURDER charges, he should be put back in for the willful distruction of property. Who is going to pay for the damage he did? If you are one of the ones praising this individual, kindly send your share for the damages to the owners of the Super 8 Motel.

This man very well could have killed the 2 people that were in the room. Sober or drunk, he took other peoples lives into his hands.

swiss family......

itm seems pretty hard to believe that this was some kind of an accident.. this woman was hiding out , with her child at the hotel for a reason, which pretty much says that she felt threatened by someone or something. i would guess that she was afraid of this guy, and then what did this guy do? when he found her at the hotel, "a friend" of his "accidentally" hit the gas instead of the brake, and "accidentally" crashed into the wall. give me a break.. he did this maliciously and spitefully.

this sicko needs to be put away for a long time, He put many lives in danger,because of his hatred and jealous temper, and for you to defend his actions, is the purest form of denial.

face the facts, he is guilty, and there aren't any hidden facts to this case, like you are claiming. put him away for a long time, for this woman and childs safety, and for the safety of the entire community.

no (Anonymous)


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Learn how to spell B$$$$. I dont live in the park. I live in a $150,000 home in Milan.I can afford to bail him out, as soon as he spends his 60 days. So there You low life.

re: not trailer...

sure you do and we really believe you can bail him out too!

u dont know him...

I live by this man and his family and they are good people. Just because he chose to be stupid he now has to pay. The woman he so-called tried to kill was nothing but a nasty hoe living in Bouscay welfare apartments. She's nothing but a home wrecker and you need to know the whole story first. Sure he was stupid and made a bad choice but he's just one person in society. Just a dumb girl looking for some attention and it went bad this time. Go back to your old corner hun because you've created enough damage with this family and community.

Just like a mor...

to blame the victim. Obiously he isn't as great as you make him out to be or number one he wouldn't have been drinking and driving, two he already had a suspended license, three he would not have driven a truck through a motel that is not a mistake that is called mentally unstable, and four he was fighting with HIS family members I am curious to know how many of his family members he put his hands on acting like a nut trying to flee again when HIS family was trying to reason with him. Stop making excuses for him either he is a mean drunkard or crazy.

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take your own advice learn how to spell trash which is you TRASH

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hey you know what? My home was $151, there.