Norwalk employees clash about condition of city street.

Road that leads to 'nowhere' is home to 24 people and three shops
Scott Seitz2
Jan 9, 2014


Two city employees clashed at Tuesday night's council meeting regarding the current condition of West Water Street.

Jeff Phillips, of 289 E. Main St., who is also a city firefighter, owns the apartment complex at 6 W. Water St. He said 24 people live on that street, along with the operation of three "shops."

Phillips told council a good portion of West Water washed away in the flood of June 2006 and the road has never been properly repaired.

Josh Snyder, public works director, said the road basically leads to "nowhere."


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I'm sure the statement should actually read; "24 people live in squalid conditions on that street"- look at how the roof is sagging on the connector between the two buildings. I think the building inspector should pay this slumlords rentals a visit.


Mr. Phillips takes fantastic care of these buildings. If you would have seen them before he purchased them to how they look now, its night and day! Jeff, sorry to let you know that if Josh Snyder didn't come up with the brilliant idea, then he won't do it. On another note, we have several sidewalks that lead to "nowhere" in this town, but those were an absolute MUST!!!


That "road" has always been like that. The flood actually filled in the pot holes. The apartments weren't actually that bad back then. I had fallen on hard times and lived there before, during and a little after the flood. So yes the road has always been bad.


As bad when wealthy park (sofie ?) family people who own more than one apt complex in and out of town refuse to clear parking lots or driveways and remove snow and ice from their sidewalks and pay no attention to complaints about providing salt stating it's too expensive. Meanwhile tenants and visitors have to park in knee deep snow and makes it hazardous for mail carriers and emergency vehicles if the need arises. My friends live in another town and it's just dangerous. When I ask why they don't do anything they just tell me the landlords won't do it.

Really isn't that liability? What if someone has to call an ambulance or something or someone falls and gets hurt? I think scenarios like this are an outrage.

public servant

I personally know the owners sons and they help him shovel ALL THE TIME.


These people ( NOT A HIM ) don't have a son or kids at all. All they have is property manager, you are thinking of someone else. I'm referring to those who own apts in Norwalk and over in B'vue. We were just over there again last night and it was horrible all icy to and from parking area and in parking lot.

swiss family

if this is an actual city street, then by all means it should be fixed at the city's expense. I do agree, that if they plan on tearing it up in 2 years for a project they are going to do, it does seem foolish to fix it now, and then again in 2 years.

I also have to wonder, what is the difference between a "street" like this one, and an "alley"??? and what are the actual responsibilities of the city's "alleys"??In the spring, if you call the street dept. to see if they are going to pick up the "winter mess of sticks and fallen limbs" from a city alley, the city says that they have "Never " gone down alleys??? yet they plow the city alleys??? residebnts rake their leaves to the alley and the city picks them up???if there needs a patch job or minor repair done to an "alley" the city fills it" but if yopu happen to live on the ONE section of the alley that is NOT light up, with city street lighting, they will tell you that the city "does NOT" light up city alleys, yet go down 97% of the city alleys and you will see they are light with city street lights, which they will tell you is governed by Ohio Edison???????? and NOT by the city???? and the guy from Ohio Edison will tell you that the people who live on the alley actually have the light hooked and paid for by a resident that lives on the alley, BUT he will not furnish one name or even one substantiated verification to support his "tales"

I am getting more and more confused as far as the "policy" that we are following.. I am nit trying to be too critical of the particular job that anyone is doing, but I do think it is time that the city sets a standard, and follows it..If they make the argument that the street "goes nowhere"?? don't all cul-de-saks go nowhere??? who out ranks whom?? is the Mayor "over" city council? or is city council part of his administration??? then clerarly, he "outranks" them?? what is the policy on alleys... ALL alleys not just some??? Is it up to the "Service &Safety Director, to verify and inspect the old metal fire escapes on the backs and sides of many of our old uptown buildings?? are these probably "defunct" escapes considered to be an actual exit in case of emergency's??? if they are... isn't it VERY important that we know that they are working BEFORE there actually is an emergency, not after???

as we might have seen in this past week, Norwalk USED to be made up of many people who think in out dated and unacceptable view points.I would hate to see that some of these old practices are handled depending on who you are, or what position you may or may not have in the city. it is time to clarify a lot of things locally.. and I am hoping that this dispute between a "parking lot, and an "alley" or a "street" is just the beginning.. and that everyone if treated equally.


Norwalk actually has ally's , where are they ?

public servant

this building is 130 years old so a little sagging is normal. Most sagging starts around 40 years I would say this building is holding up pretty well. The previous owner did an incredible amount of work on this building probably saving it from being condemned. The apartments in the building have all been renovated and are very nice but even if they were not the city should still take care of the street. It is a great building and a great piece of Norwalk history.




the address is 6 West Water Street that means it is a city street. league Street was brand new a while back and in less that 2 years they were digging it up FIX the CITY Street potholes look bigger than cars. It dont need curbs and rain catchers, just stone and blacktop. Its a city street. at least make it driveable

Fibber Mcgee

Patch it for now if possible, don't fix it and completely tear it up in 2 years.

J Cooper

If you look at the map of the property on the auditors website it indicates that the city street, (West Water ) ending at the front of the property, if that's true its not the city's legal responsibility to repair.


That must be a old picture, I went past there yesterday and the connection between the buildings has a gable on it.