Identical twins retire from hospital on same day

Pair plan on participating in favorite pastime together: Shopping.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jan 7, 2014


Growing up, identical twins Sherry Espisito and Terry Payne always had similar interests. So it was no surprise to anyone when they both decided to go into the nursing field.

“When our dad was a patient in the old Good Samaritan Hospital, there was a nurse who would sneak us up the back steps to see him,” Sherry recalled. “I just knew from then on, I wanted to be a nurse.”

Terry agreed, explaining: “I wanted to take care of people. I saw that with my dad and wanted to do the same.”

Sherry and Terry attended the former M.B. Johnson Nursing School in Elyria and on July 15, 1974, they both started their first day in nursing school at Good Samaritan Hospital, now known as Firelands Regional Medical Center. Terry worked in the obstetrics unit while Sherry was on the medical (surgery) floor.

“We’ve never known anything other than nursing,” said Sherry. “It’s all we’ve ever wanted to know. It’s a part of us.”

The 60-year-old twins retired on the same day – Nov. 27, 2013 – and made their final exit together out of the door that used to be the original Good Samaritan entrance; 39 years, 4 months and 12 days after their first shift, according to Terry.

“We walked in for our first day on the same day,” said Terry. “It was only right to walk out for our last day on the same day, too.”

The women said that they were looking forward to retirement and plan on spending time with their children and grandchildren and doing some traveling. Sherry of Sandusky and Terry of Castalia also plan on participating in their favorite pastime together: Shopping.

“I’m really going to miss my friends and co-workers up in OB,” Terry said. “I loved the patients and seeing babies being born.”

Sherry echoed her sister’s sentiments: “We have such a fondness for Firelands, but it’s all what you make of it. I sure am going to miss them (co-workers).”

Firelands Regional Medical Center is nationally recognized for its award-winning care. As a 400-bed facility, Firelands was ranked No. 1 in Ohio (top 5 percent nationally) for spine surgery, 2013; No. 4 in Ohio (top 5 percent nationally) for vascular surgery, 2013; No. 4 in Ohio (top 10 percent nationally) for overall orthopedic services, 2013; top 10 percent nationally in acute inpatient rehabilitation and ranked in the top 5 percent nationally for patient safety, 2011. For more information about Firelands, visit the website at



Hmmm im wondering who's ranking these, cause I know I will never ever do a overnight stay there, nor will I ever have anything done there unless its outpatient. I've had plenty of procedures done there and it's the worse care one could ever receive in a hospital. I've been laying in the same bedding for the past two days only to find out, that was my surgery bedding and still laying in saturated bloody sheets, after a nurse discovered I was to be up and walked around 24 hours previously..Yup! They blew it for me, that's for sure!But good luck to the girls! Happy Retirement!!!!!


Notice none of the rankings had to do with patient satisfaction?


Story should have stuck to the ladies but it didn't...why not just be happy for them...


She took care of me when I had my daughter 2 yrs ago! Great nurse!!! Great care!!! The hospital is losing 2 great employees who truly love their job! Have fun in retirement :-)

seriously 1137

My nurse when all four of my children were delivered Including my identical twin girls;). Excellent care! Both great nurses! Good for them :)

Cliff Cannon

What very cool story's. Here's rooting for a long, happy, healthy retirement for both girls.