Huron County now under Level 2

Motorists should use extreme caution
Scott Seitz
Jan 7, 2014


Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard reduced the Level 3 weather emergency to a Level 2 at 4:30 a.m. today.

Howard said, though the temperatures and wind chills remain cold, the visibility has improved since Monday.

Motorists are permitted on the roadways in a Level 2, but are advised to use extreme caution.




Does anyone know of a website I could follow that would update Seneca County's Winter Emergency Levels? I know that they are still at a 3 right now, but I'm sure they will decrease that to a 2 at some point today. Any help would be appreciated.

Just a Girl

I just googled "seneca county ohio snow emergency levels" and this site came up. The time on the reporting is "in the past 3 hrs."


go to Toledo 11 news they've been pretty good for being up to date.

Scranton Tibbs

Just stay indoors until spring, better safe than sorry.