Man killed by train

Authorities in process of identifying victim.
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Jan 5, 2014


New London Police are investigating the identity of who they believe to be a young adult male who was struck and killed by a train in the village at about 4 p.m. today.

Police Chief Mike Marko said one of his officers may have had recent contact with the victim and was calling the officer in to get a possible identification.

The man's body was located on the south side of North Railroad Street several hundred feet from the West Main Street rail crossing.

The CSX Railroad was immediately halted and passersby were re-routed to Bigalow Parkway to get around the detour.

Also at the scene assisting were the New London Fire Department and Firelands Ambulance Service.

The village has already reportedly received a high danger status due to a number of incidents on the same set of tracks that run through the village.

Police will release more information about the tragedy once the victim is positively identified, and notification has been made to the surviving family members.



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How do you get hit by a friggin' train? Really? How?


...if we can't ban trains, ban the fuel that fires 'em...


I am feeling very sorry for the family.


I feel very sorry for the family too. :( That's why whenever I'm at railroad tracks I stop and look for a train before I cross. Accidents happen. It's better to be safe than sorry. And him getting hit by the "friggin'" train could have happened because of a million different things. I wish the family the best.


Really? A million different things? You mean the 10 million candlepower headlamp, the rumble of how many horsepower and the horn that can be heard MILES away wouldn't have helped him get out of the way? Just sayin'.. I feel sorry for the family that will suffer through this but again- how do you get hit by a friggin' train?


Sandusky Register has his name as 25 yr old Christopher Dunn


Waspisback... REALLY? Your ignorance is so unbelievably atrocious, it compelled me to create an account just to tell you how completely wrong you are! There ARE a million different ways he could have been struck by a train.. maybe his foot was caught, maybe he fell and was knocked unconscious. Obviously, if you can't see and/or hear a train coming at you hundreds of miles an hour- something is seriously wrong. No where in the article did it say " he stood there and watched a train coming at him and did nothing". Obviously something terrible happened that was out of his control. I think its terrible to just assume he got hit by a friggin' train because he was ignorant or something? Have some compassion for a fellow human being who just lost his life unexpectedly.