'You really have a lot of freedom as an elected official'

Norwalk councilman comes under fire after what some are calling a racially insensitive email.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 7, 2014


Norwalk city council members can expect a refresher course in public-records law after a recent incident involving a member of the board forwarding what some are calling a racially insensitive email.

Bob Carleton, a member of city council for the better part of two decades, has come under fire for forwarding the email which poked fun at a minority student who was struggling with spelling.

Council is scheduled to meet at 7:30 tonight for an organizational meeting, followed by a work session and then the regular session.


A pair of stories about the Carleton controversy were published Monday in the Norwalk Reflector.




Sounds like someone's wanting to take a seat away from someone

Unique perspect...

Basic business etiquette would be a good opener for the racially insensitive media course content. Is there a syllabus for this meeting?


bullshirt this isn't Carletons first trip around the block. He knew it was racist when he read it and then sent it. He just didn't think he would get caught. Who does he think he is kidding.


On a simple Google search, I found that this email has been around in some way, shape or form since 'at least' 2008.

I believe that the local press is trying to pillory Mr. Carleton by using the public forum.

Politically Mr. Carleton has served long enough and has been ineffectual for many yrs.

Perhaps it's time for him to step aside. Now is as good a time as any.

Dr. Information

Typical small town witch hunt.


Well Bob, looks like your years of being you is catching up. Still remember what councilwoman Ilene stated about you.


Re: "looks like your years of being you is catching up"

Comforted in being prejudicial against seniors ("ageist") there kurtie?

'Someday' soon you'll be a senior; then what?

Ilene Gallegos? So what was it that you liked about that ol' communist?


Kurt was not putting him down for his age. He was saying that years of being a racist redneck was catching up with him.

I was just reading about the psychology of radical political thought and conspiracy theorists. Apparently those who buy into this fringe thought are bright individuals who were never able to achieve their life goals and act out their resentment and need to feel superior by being "in the know" about radical ideas and putting down those who don't buy in to their ridiculous positions.


Re: "Kurt was not putting him down for his age."

Nah, based on many of his posts, kurtie naively thinks that he will be young forever.

Note: I asked a question.


Re: "radical political thought"

Agree. Collectivism has little place in a nation founded on the principle of a nation of free peoples governing themselves.

Dr. Information

Sounds like kurt


Thanks whoopball. Some are/have done things relating to betterment of community. Others wail & cry.


Re: "Others wail & cry."

Agree kurtie. Your constant sniveling of: “you knew better times” is pathetic to read.


Get over it for God's sake.You got a so called president destroying our country and no one says crap !


Re: "You got a so called president destroying our country,"


I think the time that he seriously took the low road was when he helped to inflame racial tensions with his comments during the Zimmerman trial.

With his position as POTUS, he could have asked for calm - but NO.

His pet stooge AG Holder added fuel as well.


Jackel - More than 50% of those who voted in the last presidential election would disagree with you about Obama. Back on this topic, Carleton is and has always been a smooth talking redneck racist. It is long overdue for him to go. He makes Norwalk look bad by his stupid e-mail. He should have exercised better judgment. His poor judgment is the real issue here. Like it or not, the people of Norwalk look bad for repeatedly electing this clown.


Re: "Like it or not, the people of Norwalk look bad for repeatedly electing this clown."

You don't even live here.

Totally discounts any credibility regarding any unkindness you care to write about Norwalk.

IMO, Mr. Carleton has been ineffectual as a councilman for yrs. This forwarded email dust-up is largely inconsequential.

J Cooper

Contango, I have to agree with you, some people just peak in their early 20's.

jas, it was a private email, get over it, those who call others racist usually are the most racist. Its OK for you call others a redneck, double standard, typical. You do realize the term "redneck" originally referred to hard WORKING farmers.


This thread is valid. Bob like it or not your JOB is to do what is best for the people. Like ANY elected official your actions are watched, therefore this outcome is such.

J Cooper

The only outcome is that so many looks to be offended and politically correct, the voters will decide if this private email is offensive or overblown by a self rightous media and bloggers with little else to do.