End of U.S. aid means only 1 in 5 Ohio jobless get unemployment benefits

Share is as low as it has been any year over the past 30 years.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jan 4, 2014


With the expiration of federal unemployment benefits on Dec. 28, just one out of five unemployed Ohioans is receiving benefits, according to a study released today by Policy Matters Ohio. That share is as low as it has been any year over the past 30 years.

Since June 2008, the federal government had provided additional unemployment compensation after the end of regular state benefits, which in Ohio and most states last 26 weeks. In Ohio, long-term unemployed could receive up to 37 weeks in U.S.-paid benefits.

"Congress should act now to restore federal benefits, which have not previously been withdrawn when the national unemployment rate was this high," said Zach Schiller, study author and Policy Matters research director. "This will not only aid the families of unemployed Ohioans, but the economy as well."

Until the program ended, more than 36,000 Ohioans had been receiving the additional federal benefits. Another 1,800 whose state benefits expire would become eligible for the program each week. 


Dr. Information

Obama is toting there are jobs out there. So its a wise move to cut off unemployment benefits that have been going on for 99 weeks now to force those who want to make unemployment a full time job, actually go get a job. The ones that want to work have already found employment. Key word is want.


So are there jobs out there or not?


If Obama says there are jobs, there must be. He is the president and he wouldn't lie.


...no he would not ...not never


There are few jobs. The problem is that some people receive more on unemployment than they would if they had a low paying job. Unemployment is not welfare, it is earned by working. There are alot of families that will suffer from this. Hopefully the government will fix it.


The worst thing you can ever hear-
"I'm from the government and I'm here to help"
The Government is the cause of the failure of the economy, both the the lost jobs and the lack of a real recovery. It is the policies and regulations that have brought the troubles.

Dr. Information

Unemployment to infinity and beyondddddddd!!!!!! Its just money right, borrow, print, handout.


Plenty of people have low paying jobs. Many have two. Its called pride. Unemployment is an insurance paid by your employer in the event they run out of work. The money you make in your check is earned.