Browns fire head coach

Rob Chudzinski out after just one season as head coach
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Dec 29, 2013


The Cleveland Browns have relieved Head Coach Rob Chudzinski of his duties, the organization announced tonight.
The team issued the following statement:
"We appreciate Chud's passion for the Browns, and we have great respect for him both personally and professionally. We needed to see progress with this football team. We needed to see development and improvement as the season evolved and, unfortunately, we took a concerning step backward in the second half of the year.
"Our fans deserve to see a consistently competitive team. We have high standards, and there's an urgency for success. When we believed we were not positioned to achieve significant progress in 2014, we knew we had to admit that a change was needed, and move forward.
"Browns fans are the most loyal and passionate supporters in the NFL. We're fully committed to bringing them the winning football team they deserve."

Cleveland fell to the Steelers 20-7 on Sunday at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.

The Browns (4-12) finished the season with seven consecutive losses, a franchise record, and 10 defeats in their last 11 games. They failed to match the win total of five from last season, which led to owner Jimmy Haslam and CEO Joe Banner firing previous head coach Pat Shurmur and General Manager Tom Heckert.

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The madness begins again!

hit the road jack

They need to deduct from the players who drop passes all the time,I think they could have had a better season had 1 or 2 passes been caught in the games they lost,their were quite a few games they were in it till the end and dropped passes or just stupid mistakes took them out of the game.

jack langhals

Since 1969 Steelers have had 3 coaches. Browns 17 coaches. QB's ,Steelers 3 since 1999, Brown's 21 or close.Now what could be wrong with this picture? I would want to be a coach in Cleveland anytime. You only have to work one year and get bought out.I bet Charlie has spent his Notre Dame money by now, maybe he will be ready again .I think Davis had to work two years !

Cliff Cannon

Well put Mr. Langhals


Well it's a start. Why not go get Trussel, he can turn a team into a championship contender


dont think even he caan do anything with the browns .You have to be able to get good players and it seems like the only players the browns get are throw away players that no other teams whats cause they are injury pron or are about to retire or should have been retired


Here we go brownies!!! Here we go!!! There they go.




The Browns story that never ends , and still not in contention for a play- off spot not even through a wild card birth .

I would have thought that after we got a new owner things would have gotten better with the Browns , but its telling me that its going to be the same old story thats been going on for years .

chetbobalowski's picture

Birth? You must have gone to Western Reserve. Well, I hope they don't get the cord wrapped around their necks again.


I'm Not a browns fan but firing the coach IS NOT the answer. They need to get rid of the ones who can't throw a ball and ones who can't catch a ball. That is the answer. Every time they loose they BLAME the coaching staff, Maybe they just pick the biggest losers to play.


* 5 pro bowlers, 4 wins
* Lost 10 of last 11 games
* Gordon had more yards than any other WR in the NFL (all in 14 games)
* Front office recognized Richardson was a dud

Maybe they put all the pieces together and realized Chud is a dud too.

Brock Lee

fire qb to


"The Browns (4-12)"

Doesn't that now pass for a winning season in Cleveland? Sad.

Oh for a return of the days when there was 'at least' the hope of a "Siper Bowl."