Norwalk dad allegedly driving drunk with 4 kids in car

Man facing number of charges
Scott Seitz
Dec 30, 2013


A rural Norwalk man could be facing a number of charges after a traffic stop late Friday by Norwalk police.

Nicko Raymore, of 1186 Peru-Olena Road E., was charged with a red-light violation and operating a vehicle while intoxicated Friday after being pulled over by Norwalk officers Friday at an undisclosed location.

The report was forwarded to the Norwalk law director's office for the consideration of a child-endangerment charge due to Raymore's vehicle also containing four children at the time of the traffic stop.



Im not racist but these police blotters seem to all have the same kind of last names. facts are facts


Not sure what you mean unless you feel that Anglo Saxon names appear more in police blotters than other name origins......


Yeah, you're a racist if you claim you're not with that type of comment.


And just what kind of name is Raymore? You claim to not be a racist but you seem pretty quick to label and judge. You claim to be one way but your actions say you are another. "Facts are facts"? It seems to me that the vast majority of published mug shots are of pathetic, substance abusing white trash.


This a result of statistics and demographics. As of 2000 the racial makeup of Huron county was 95.98% white.


That would explain why the majority of the comments on here are racist and not at all inclusive of people who aren't white. Ohhhhhhh, if only everyone in Huron County were "like us", not on welfare, food stamps, disability, Social Security, etc.


Would I be considered a bigot to want to keep each and every foul smelling, stupid talking, disgusting drunk as far away from my life as possible? Poor person--he has a problem. Well, so do I. I can't stand alcoholics.


I've never seen that name in the paper before. I wondered myself what cast the first stone meant...

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swiss cheese kat

Name in the paper.


Well shizzle!!!!


Well just aren't you the eager beaver to please?


Alcohol is a very dangerous drug and an addict is an addict regardless if it is a legal drug or not. The addict had his kids in his car! How typical is that for caring nothing about anyone but living for the drug! I hope they throw the book at him. No one was hurt this time except the innocent children who look for this addict to set a responsible example of a good parent. How did that work out for a carload of kids? Disgusting drunk.

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swiss cheese kat

Facebook photo shows blunts and white liquor.


The problem with making any new laws on alcohol is that most of the politicians are alcoholics, so nothing seems to get done...I'm not sure about the local ones, I mean at the White House level

Kottage Kat

Lets talk about the lobbyists for alcohol. Not that I care, as a former disgusting drunk.
The kids in the car that is disgusting.


The children deserve better.


its not going to happen. i just got the bad news yesterday; there is no "Bubba", prison yard keeper of right and wrong.


Who is this "bubba" of which you speak?


Personally, I think Mikey likes "bubba". Wink, wink. He's pretty obsessed with him.


I Feel bad for the kids in this story.I have four of my own that are my world.It is hard for me to see what others do around there own kids that is not the safest choice for them.