Would-be Good Samaritan causes 3-car wreck, deputies say

Norwalk woman stopped to help accident victim.
Aaron Krause
Dec 29, 2013


A Norwalk woman with good intentions at a crash scene reportedly ended up causing a separate, three-car accident for which she received a ticket.

Jill Renee Kinnaird, 48, of 24 Justin Drive, was charged with improper parking on a highway following the early-morning accident Thursday on U.S. 250, south of Prospect Road.

Kinnaird was traveling north on U.S. 250 in a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am about 1:30 a.m. when she noticed a truck off the west side of the road. It appeared the truck had been in an accident.

She told Huron County Sheriff's deputies that she saw people by the truck, so she stopped in the roadway and got out of her vehicle to check whether they needed help.

Kinnaird said they didn't need help, so she returned to her vehicle, got inside and -- before she could drive away -- a 2009 Chevy Cobalt driven by Jacqueline Scanlan, 19, of Vermilion, slammed into the back of her vehicle, deputies said.

The collision sent the Cobalt partially into a ditch with disabling damage and caused functional damage to Kinnaird's Grand Am.

Right after that, a 2010 Cobalt driven by Joshua R. Curie, 27, of Detroit, hit the rear of Scanlan's Cobalt, which sent Curie's Cobalt into the ditch as well. Curie's Cobalt also sustained disabling damage.

Neither Scanlan, nor her two passengers -- Sean Gobel, 29, and Jeffrey Croll, 28, of 7310 Mason Road, Berlin Heights -- reported injuries.

Kinnaird and Curie also escaped injury, deputies said.

"After speaking with the parties involved, they all confirmed the statement that was given by Jill (Kinnaird)," Deputy Ted A. Evans wrote in the accident report. "Jill was parked in the roadway, causing the accident."

Evans added that there is a driveway about 500 feet from the accident scene, and that would have provided a safe place for Kinnaird to park.

The New London Fire Department and Firelands Ambulance Service responded to the first accident involving the truck, a 2000 Chevrolet.

The driver, Kelsha D. Carsey, 25, of 8 Senior Drive, Greenwich, reported possible injuries.



Hmmm, I would think the other two drivers would also be getting tickets for unsured clear distance? I mean, ya gotta know when the tailights are getting closer n closer, right?

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

4511.66 Prohibition against parking on highways.


Did Ms. Kinnaird have the emergency flasher 'option' on that 2002 Pontiac Grand Am?

jack langhals

Definitely !


Did Kinnaird turn her car off? Was it running or "blacked out" with no lights on? Did the other vehicles not see it? I agree with lugnut...were the other drivers charged with assured clear distance. IF she still had lights on (taillights or 4ways) how or why did they hit her or why were THEY not charged?

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swiss cheese kat

4511.66 Prohibition against parking on highways.


Wow, hope you are never in an accident or hurt. I wouldn't want anyone to stop and check on you, they might get a ticket for PARKING ON THE ROAD. Still doesn't explain WHY someone did not see a car stopped in the road in front of them in or have time to STOP before hitting it. That is still assured clear distance. I guess would still pay the ticket and stop to check on you or anyone else. I would hope someone would stop and check on me or my family.


You stop to help someone and this the THANKS you get? Unbelievable!


This happened the night there was "Black Ice" on the roads nd I'm betting the deputys parked in the same manner she did. I also heard there was a State Trooper cars totaled in the Fitchville area responding the this accident from the Ashland Post. Norwalk Post was probley tied up an the Rt 20 crash