Snow removal, waterline breaks sock city coffers

Norwalk spends more than $8,000 in overtime for snow removal, broken waterlines repairs during two-week stretch.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 26, 2014


The city of Norwalk spent more than $8,000 in overtime during the last two weeks of December on snow removal and the repair of broken waterlines.

Michelle Reeder, assistant finance director, said Friday $6,532 was paid in overtime from the street fund, while another $1,597 was allocated from the water fund.

And that was before January's snowstorms.

Josh Snyder, public works director, who oversees the street and water departments, said the weather and subsequent events were somewhat unusual. A story about this subject was published in the Norwalk Reflector. So you don't miss stories such as this one, you can subscribe to the Norwalk Reflector to receive home delivery and/or the e-paper, which is a complete digital replica of each issue. For more information, call (419) 668-3771 or click HERE.



Sounds to me like the years we had lite winters, the extra money or "savings" should have been stuck back for say....... a snowy one.
NOT allocated for some "pet project", "part-time park", I could go on and on but that would just be blown over also...


Boo Hoo...learn to save for a rainy day, er snowy day in this case, like us taxpayers have to do.

Richard Cranium

Overtime for plowing? It sure never looks like it. The roads are always snow covered. But the minute you leave the city limits the roads are clear.


why is the city not clearing the side walks on Jefferson street behind and on the back side of brooker bros and the old MAYFLOWER PLANT?


Why would the city clear sidewalks they don't own?


I have a great amount of respect for the city plow drivers and guys who come in to work while the rest of us are hunkered inside. Also, thank you to the public works director for his hard work and good management.

Cliff Cannon

@Truckstop : Amen

Dr. Information

Things like this happen. Busted lines are not cheap to repair, depending on their location and with the weather, everything is slowed down.