Huron County's jobless rate in double digits, 8th worst in state

Estimated 2,700 people in Huron County looking for work.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Dec 28, 2013


Huron County's unemployment rate is climbing, and so is its place among other Ohio counties in that dubious category.

Of the estimated 26,300 people in Huron County's projected labor force, 2,700 are unemployed, according to statistics released Friday by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS).

That 10.1 percent figure for Huron County is higher than the 9.4 percent posted the previous month and the 9.3 percent mark from November 2012.

Huron County has the eighth-highest jobless rate among Ohio's 88 counties. That's up from October, when the 9.4 percent rate was the state's 11th worst.

November 2013 unemployment rates in Ohio ranged from a low of 4.4 percent in Mercer County to a high of 15.6 percent in Monroe County.

Rates increased in 60 of the 88 counties statewide.

Five counties had unemployment rates below 5.5 percent in November. The counties with the lowest rates, other than Mercer were: Holmes, 4.9 percent; Auglaize, 5.1 percent; Delaware, 5.2 percent; and Union, 5.4 percent.

Meanwhile, five counties had unemployment rates above 11.0 percent in November. The counties with the highest rates, other than Monroe were: Meigs, 12.3 percent; Pike, 12.1 percent; Scioto, 11.2 percent; and Ottawa, 11.1 percent.

Ohio's unemployment rate was 7.4 percent in November 2013, down from 7.5 percent in October, according to data released this week by the ODJFS. Ohio's nonfarm wage and salary employment decreased 12,000 over the month, from a revised 5,202,600 in October to 5,190,600 in November.

The number of workers unemployed in Ohio in November was 427,000, unchanged from October. The number of unemployed has increased by 37,000 in the past 12 months from 390,000. The November unemployment rate for Ohio was up from 6.8 percent in November 2012.

The U.S. unemployment rate for November was 7.0 percent, down from 7.3 percent in October and from 7.8 percent in November 2012.

Ohio's nonagricultural wage and salary employment decreased 12,000 over the month, from 5,202,600 in October 2013 to 5,190,600 in November, according to the latest business establishment survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor (Bureau of Labor Statistics) in cooperation with ODJFS.

Goods-producing industries, at 844,400, lost 3,100 jobs over the month. Declines in construction (-3,600) exceeded gains in manufacturing (+500). Mining and logging employment was unchanged over the month. The private service-providing sector, at 3,605,600, lost 9,500 jobs due to declines in leisure and hospitality (-12,200). Professional and business services (-1,800), financial activities (-1,300), other services (-800), and information (-600) also posted declines. Gains occurred in educational and health services (+4,200) and trade, transportation, and utilities (+3,000). Government employment, at 740,600, added 600 jobs. Gains in state government (+500) and federal government (+300) exceeded a decrease in local government (-200).

From November 2012 to November 2013, nonagricultural wage and salary employment increased 19,800. Goods-producing industries lost 2,100 jobs over the year. Construction lost 5,200 jobs. Manufacturing added 2,700 jobs in durable goods (+1,800) and non-durable goods (+900). Mining and logging gained 400 jobs. The private service-providing sector added 32,100 jobs over the year. Gains were posted in educational and health services (+15,800), trade, transportation and utilities (+12,400), professional and business services (+8,800), and leisure and hospitality (+200). Employment decreased in information (-3,000), financial activities (-2,000), and other services (-100). Government lost 10,200 jobs in local (-8,000), federal (-1,800), and state (-400) government.

All data cited are produced in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Labor. Data sources include Current Population Survey (U.S. data); Current Employment Statistics Program (nonagricultural wage and salary employment data); and Local Area Unemployment Statistics Program (Ohio unemployment rates).


Dr. Information

If it wasn't for Willard, it would be last in the nation.


IMO, add the number of unemployed who have given up looking for work and the 'true' unemployment rate is closer to 20% or more (economic depression levels).

The apparent lack of publicly voiced concern and any attempted action regarding the seriousness of this situation by the local elected and appointed officials is greatly disturbing.

Even former mayor Lesch gave the 'appearance' of action by forming committees and producing "Restarting Our Engines" in 2010 and a "Comprehensive Plan" in 2006.

Both are more than likely sittin' on a shelf collecting dust.


At MTD we are hiring people right now from Galion,Mansfield and farther away than that because nobody around this area wants to work. Stop the free handouts and maybe the unemployment rate will go down.

Dr. Information

Agreed. To many handout drug users sitting at home planning their next score.

Really are you ...

I wonder what the GOP actually talks about in their close door meetings on Capitol Hill? If the majority of their lobbyist funding comes from big corporations, does the GOP only try to keep big corporations ideals above everything else? Oppressing everything that does not benefit big corporations. Which is ultimately affecting the American standard of living, division of class warfare, and the lack of replacing jobs that were once here. How can the United States be self sufficient if a good portion of big corporations products come back to the States from overseas? Take Apple products, made in China or made in the USA, their electronic devices are still expensive. Why can't Ford, Chevrolet, or General Motors all be American made? Automobiles are still expensive. How can you qualify for an auto loan for a quality automobile when there is a lack of quality jobs around here?

Am I not the only person wondering this? Big businesses we had, are not coming back. These numbers are only going to get worse. How do I start this business? Years ago I talked about this with a concept in mind. Now I have multiple concepts and over a half built prototype. The only way to recover here in Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio, and the United States overall is for the concern citizens of the United States to take us there. Upper level government can't compromise, and big corporations don't care. This leaves the concerned citizen. How would someone do this? Form a club? Form a coalition? Form what? This will bring jobs back.


heres the top democrat contributors, both sides are in bed with them.

Dr. Information

@Really…...Many factories are hiring in Huron County. Most pay what, 14-16 bucks an hour or more once you are in full time and have been there for a couple years. So if a couple is working a 40 hour week at 16/hr thats 33k x 2, 66K a year they are bringing in. If one if having a problem living off of that, then they are spending stupidly and living outside their means.

Who do you think owns a "big business"? Do you think every CEO of every big business is running away with millions a year? Ill answer both. Most are owned by stock holders and their goal is to sell as much, minimize loss and return profits to their investors and expand. No, not all CEO's are money hungry people. Most are very very smart. Elite. Work 60+ hours a week, away from family and friends and are paid accordingly because they simply produce for their company.

Whats funny is so many are quick to point the finger at wealthy Americans who work for big business's but just brush over the million dollars a year spoiled athletes and the ridiculous pay they make. Lets throw actors in there as well. A CEO is no different than an athlete or actor. They have a special business mindset and skill that sets them apart from other people, similar to movie stars, athletes and musicians.

What Obama has done unlike any other president, is that he has taken the social wage war or class war to an entirely new level.

Again Ill ask. Why is it fair for a top athlete or actor or musician to use their special God given skills to make millions, but its not fair for a business owner or CEO to do the same?

Really are you ...

Hmm let's see, where are these $14 to $16 an hour jobs at in Norwalk that are hiring? Are these direct hire positions or temporary staffing positions? Companies that use temporary staffing agencies seem unprofessional in their business practices. Either you want to hire or you don't want to hire, not build false hopes. As I understand veterans preference points are gone now. The only place that I have worked for since my ETS date from the military was Mayflower Vehicle Systems Inc.. In my interview with their personnel manager he was like, auto body repair experience and a veteran of the armed forces, when can you start. Now it is like you are overqualified, I take that as politely saying you are too old. So I am classified as overqualified, and if I want any kind of positive future for myself and make the world a better place. A better place than when I came into this world, well it is a start from a jobs point of view. From how it will affect the world point of view, a new beginning. I won't be putting it on the stock market, because I do not want the stock market dictating this businesses success.


Re: "Companies that use temporary staffing agencies seem unprofessional in their business practices."

Cos. tend to use temps when they are unsure of the health of the business environment going forward. No use hiring and then firing - too expensive.


Re: "I do not want the stock market dictating this businesses success."

A point well taken, but an IPO is a funding mechanism for future growth.


Best get your facts right about MTD. Talk to D**g Miller. He'll tell you if we don't get snow their bottom line is in trouble, because of lack of sales last year. is" shameful " how the temp employees there are treated....that from another manager there.

hit the road jack

Look closely at the map and the surrounding counties unemployment rates,every one else is at 6-7-8% while we are at 10%(which I think is a phony number) looks bad for anyone wanting a job thats for sure.


There is NCS.Smith paving.Lake Erie. Boca.Maple city.DL smith.Coons..I'm sure I missed some seasonal jobs in just Norwalk who are Always laid off in the yes Janesville closing there doors deffinatly doesn't help that SOME ppl sit at home and collect $ when they are capable of working or holding a job/ the worthless ones..I'm glad that I go to work to pay for you lazy ppl and I have to pass drug tests while you get to eat better than most of my family..YOUR WELCOME


Them so called "seasonal jobs"? Most you mention offer enough work and pay, and them guys work hard all year, that during winter they do slow down and some receive a few weeks unemployment, yes that might reflex some higher unemployment #'s for a spell, but do NOT label them as bums or bad, low paying jobs.


I make a great living at my job. 10 months out of the year. The other 2 months, I get a check for $268 a week. It Covers my mortgage payment and 1 week of groceries. I have to spend carefully and save for 10 months to make it through the winter. I am far from a bum. I hate to agree with Truckin......but he has a point.


Here is the line-up for hiring employees starting at the top picks.

1. Have you or any family member received food stamps in the last 18 months? (You know the paper you fill out post job application) Yes! Then your hired first. TAX BREAK

2. Do you or any family member qualify for SSI or social security? Yes. TAX BREAK

3. Are you a minority? Yes. TAX BREAK

4. Were you referred by Welfare to Work or Huron County Jobs Store? Yes. TAX BREAK

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions the job market is in your favor.

If you have worked all of your life and you have lost your job for no fault of your own well, YOUR SCREWED! Just sell everything now and move to Tennessee with all the other Dooms Day Preparers. Oh and YOUR FIRED!


Move to Tennessee? Dooms day prep??
I believe anyone who loses a job "for no fault of there own". Packs up and moves ? Tennessee or anywhere away for employment. Is a GREAT Family provider. One who does what he has to do for which he survives.
Sounds like you would rather whine and cut down/call names to the do'rs..


Re: "Packs up and moves ?"

OH's unemployment rate is currently 35th in the country.

ND is #1 with a 2.6% unemployment rate.

Rent a U-Haul, grab the spouse and kids and getouta Dodge!

I left yrs. ago and only came back to help family. When I'm no longer needed - I'm outahere!

Cliff Cannon

@ The " Nacogdoches kid " : Be sure, when you move to Piney Woods, Texas. That your city has an online newspaper, so we can debate the news of the day in your new hometown too.

As for moving to North Dakota ( where I've read of some bonus's for moving there going as high as $ 100,000 ) One ,of course, must pack their best winter parka. Because, they sure as hades are going to need it !

Oh yeah one more thing, tell them not to plan on doing that much driving in the winter as dead corn stalks in conjunction with flat, largely tree less lands does very little to slow down the wind :)


Re: "One ,of course, must pack their best winter parka. Because, they sure as hades are going to need it !"

Livin' in Chicago and being acquainted with "The Hawk" and "Alberta Clippers," I know a thing or two about dressing in four or more layers.

Saw that Sat. was the last day to shop at Dominick's. End of an era. :(

TX unemployment is #15. My preference.

Cliff Cannon

So Chicago where---- the Great Plains meets the Great Lakes---- is actually 'windy' ? :)

Darn shame about Dominick's. Their distribution center in Melrose Park along side the 'Tri-State' had to be one of the biggest in the industry and now they are mind bogglingly gone. Did all the usual suspects ( wages,bennies,union's,wal-mart ) get them ?

P.S. Have an '85 Bears question and a Dan Hampton quote from that era in the 'furniture' non-complaint article for you


Re: "Were you in Chicago for the '85 Super Bowl ? Hope so,because that was amazingly fun."

It was in the OSU furniture article. I thought that it was more rhetorical.

Yep. We had just moved at the beginning of the yr. Colder than h*ll!

Great team; "Punkie QB," "Refrigerator" Perry, Mike Singletary, Coach Ditka, et. al.

Not exactly sure why Dominick's closed. Probably a confluence of what you listed.

Cliff Cannon

My bad for a poorly written ,let alone in the wrong article, thought. Most of all, I was very curious, if you had gotten to enjoy the '85 Bears amazingly fun season in person.

Because,since you did. You like wise, would've seen the Cubs on one of their best rolls ever, as well as gotten to enjoy a then new player on the Bulls named Michael something or another. In short, you hit Chicago at a great time.

Then, I should've bluntly asked if you had read Dan Hampton's attitude story. Because, I believe, it is that type of attitude, that will carry virtually any day. Especially, a day like the one's the unemployed people of Huron county face today.

Then, I should've concluded with a question: I borrowed Hampton's premise for an attitude story once. I gave my man a firing squad to face. Then tossed in the " It's a good day to die " encouragement the warriors who stomped Custer shouted to one another on that fateful day.

So here's that question: Do you think an attitude story,that's a bit gory should be used in a Reflector editorial ?


Re: "Do you think an attitude story,that's a bit gory should be used in a Reflector editorial ?"

I don't really recall Hampton's speech.

If you're asking me if you should write something for the NR making a parallel to the '85 Super Bowl and Furniture, that's obviously your call.

IMO, that was 29 yrs. ago and it occurred in Chicago.

When talking about Chicago, most Norwalkians I know really don't give a sh*t.

Also, a lot of 'em weren't even born or probably don't care about a Super Bowl that occurred almost 3 decades ago.

If you wanna or think you can work it in, like I wrote - it's your call.

I’d suggest looking for another angle.

Cliff Cannon

Thanks for your input. Would not draw an 85' Bear season into the mix as they are indeed,very old news. Rather, my focus, as it has been since I read it, on Hampton's analogy of an --extremely positive attitude.

Naturally, both in reading and writing. What both sides are looking for are words that sink in or better put 'sing to the soul'. Obviously, Hampton's Knight analogy does that for me. My concern, is that because it is gory. It would turn people off. Which, is why I cleaned it up quite a bit,then put my brave man in front of a firing squad.

Thanks again. Happy New Year to you and yours


Tuckin ...I work for one of the places I had named.I'm just saying Huron county shouldn't go off of those companies for the unemployment rates because they are seasonal. We get laid off every winter and bust our backs for 9 months out of the year for winters off..


Here is just one of many reasons this economy is kaput !


The EPA was enacted in 1970.

A direct correlation to the decline of heavy industry in the U.S. and it's formation in that yr. can be made.