ODOT proposes bridge repair on Ohio 99

Public comments sought about project.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Dec 29, 2013


The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is proposing to repair and rehabilitate the bridge on Ohio 99 at the 5.82 mile marker in Huron County.

The project involves a major rehabilitation of a concrete beam bridge over the West Branch of the Huron River in Greenfield Township. The superstructure will be placed by the installation of new composite box beams and construction of a new concrete deck.

Minor work will include the placement of dump rock along the southern pier.

Construction is anticipated to begin on April 1, 2016. The project will cause a detour from Ohio 162 east to Ohio 61 north to U.S. 20 west and reverse. Right-of-way will not be required in order to construct this project.

As part of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), ODOT officials are seeking comments from the public about the social, environmental and economic impacts of the proposed project.

Environmental impacts include those associated with historical, archeological and ecological resources, hazardous materials and general concerns people may have with the project.

Written comments concerning the proposed project may be mailed to Levi Wingler, Environmental Specialist at the above address. ODOT also can be contacted by telephone at (800) 276-4188 or by email at Levi.Wingler@dot.state.oh.us. Any comments must be received by Jan. 7 to be considered.



Oh that's nice I work in Sandusky and that's the way I go to work.you guys just got done fixing the culvert now here goes another couple months of detour smh


Ok, let me get this straight. You're going to close 99 aqain at what I believe is the same place you closed it last time, and THE OTHER TIME, AND THE OTHER TIME, and divert traffic from Willard and other areas down Peru Center Road AGAIN even though you think it's gonna be Route 61...yea right...NOT, with the SPEEDERS Lic. pl. # APOSTATE1 (94MPH TOPS), thieves, and heroin addicts (Standardsburg road and Peru Center), drunks (all the time) and drug dealers. Don't you people in the government have the ability to see ahead and do the TOTAL JOB the first time and do it right? Are you STUPID? You really want a war with these bad drivers who DON'T respect the rural areas and the kids, joggers, cyclists and others. An area where snowmobilers think it's the law that they can go into your property by 10 feet from the edge of the road and you can't do anything about it. Well, "things" can be done and this time...it's war. Go ahead, close the road AGAIN and send them by my place at 80 plus miles per hour. You almost got two of my kids with your freakin wide mirrors and fancy no hands driving. Wanta suffer as in eye for an eye, hit my kid. I've got my speed gun that works to a half mile even at night. I'll give em a ticket they'll never forget! You law men wanta make some money??? Park in my driveway! Everyone think's they are a star on "BREAKING BAD" with a production company that stays on our road!


45 - yes. They are stupid. I urge you to make arrangements with L.E. too. Then there are other ways to deter bad driving...(evil cackle).


Actually not as stupid as I meant. I really thought the Huron River bridge was the one closer to Monroeville, so I was wrong. But they do have a lot of re-work on roads these days. Constantly in Monroeville this past summer at the bridge, and 20 through Bellevue on the west end...for awhile after they redid the road, it got worse than it ever was. So, the Browns fired the coach already. What else could ever be new? Maybe they could hire the Monroeville BBB coaches.


Natures Roadkill...Gods Speedbumps.


Bridge 5.82 is between Hanville Corners Rd. and Bauman Rd. The last closer was just before Monroeville where the river was eroding the embankment away. Its not going to close until 2016 and you can take Hettle Rd. off of Peru Center and be right back on 99. You can also take Townline 26 off of 162 to Bauman back to 99. There are many easy detours!


Thanks for the information. But they still come down Peru Center to avoid a possible confrontation by cops. Road closures just triple the traffic even if there's an easy way to get back on 99. Hettle more dangerous with hills and curves and the one stop sign by Isaak Walton. But Peru Center is a non stop straight road for the most part with just a turn on Johnson road to get to Norwalk. I wish they'd drive a bit better.

Dr. Information

Guess what. Its not your road. Anyone can drive down it anytime they want.


I don't care if they drive down any road. It's not my road. It belongs to all of us. But if they drive bad putting others in harms way, it becomes our business. And we don't want that to be our business, but with the shortage of law, sometimes we have to do what we got to do to make it a hazardous area to play Grand Theft Auto on. I'm not talking about normal brained people who drive in a manner that fits with the rural area where limbs suddenly falling off trees happen at times. And if you driving badly, sometimes then danged limbs hit the cars. For instance, there's this little red sports car that goes KINDA FREAKING FAST (90 mph once). In the morning, at a "specific time, he's a bit slower, after all, who is in that much of a hurry to get to work. But in the evening at a "specific time" he's playing Sonic. He's so cool as he goes down the road towards Willard, kind of like a zit faced Tom Cruise. Now get this, I won't do anything to slow his Balaams Transporter System down (Numbers 22:21-38) because I'm a really nice guy and sometimes a Christian. But the boys up the road ain't, and since it's the evening time he plays Sonic on the road, it's only one small Yupiteru Radio call to let them hotheads know a nerd party is on the way. I even followed one who has these really pretty blue lights on the bottom of his cute fast pretty car. Lost him due to my SLOW DANGED NORMAL CAR, but then lo and behold, across this field on "another road", there he was just pulling into his drive with his pretty blue lights just a lookin so cool. Look at the young people with the many accidents lately. Way too many. But if it's their fault for driving too fast and they hit a tree, I feel bad for them. I do. But if they hit a lady in Bellevue or a couple in Freemont and cause their death, may God have mercy on their soul (that part Christian in me speaking) OR, may death become them when they least expect it (the Hank Jr. in me). Have a nice night and hope that the 2 headlights coming at you on the other side of the road doesn't suddenly turn into 4 headlights and kiss you plastic/fiberglass front end hello. If you're a nice loving person, you'll die, but, he'll sho nuff live.


Twenty plus years ago, I had to go to a ladies house over in Milan. she lived on this hilly road with lots of turns. I guess it was, as the sheriff told me, this young kid took his dad's car, took his buddy and went joy riding in the country..."a bit fast" according to the cop. The reason he was there to tell me the gruesome details of the accident scene, was because I was hired by the lady to clean up the creek they landed in. I'll never forget the blood on the "Smashing Pumpkins " tape case laying in the creek. The gut thing on a rag stuck to a tree. I still remember the Mexican in Escalon California when I went to the scene of the accident with my tow truck buddy Vince. About 12 feet up there in an almond tree, was a Mexican stuck like a pinwheel to the tree branch that went through his mid section. I was 16 1/2. I drove a little more safe after that. All total I think 11 ended up dead in that accident. Guts all over the grass. 7 of them ended up being found the next day in these big concrete water basins that filled and flooded the fields. They had jumped in them to hide from the law and couldn't get out of the water. Then later when the basins filled, they weren't able to tread water long enough to float to the top. Oh well, as Forrest Gump said..."it happens", and he also said, "life is like a basin of water...never know what you'll get in there".
Drive safe.