Huron County Airport: A work in progress

Average of 1.5 planes use the airport each day.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 25, 2014


Huron County airport board members and supporters will keep plugging away to make improvements at the facility.

That's the message airport board member Carl Essex recently delivered.

Lately, the issues of pavement maintenance, hazard removal and airport revenues have been in the spotlight.

Areas of the runway and taxiway could use work, according to an evaluation from Ohio Department of Transportation officials. Essex said no pavement improvements have been made in at least eight years.

In year's past, it was widely reported about 27 planes take off and land at the local airport in an average day.

"The average is 1.5 planes a day," Essex said.

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J Cooper

1.5 landings a day, time to sell it, rich boys can find a place for their hobby.


Does Essex sit out there 24/7/365 and count the planes landing himself, or is he just assuming? I'd like to know how he arrived at that figure.


Essex has been on the airport board for almost 4 years and now he, as president, is talking about getting things done?
He has been one of those delaying things before and working against getting FAA grants to fund the needed work. Where are the funds coming from to do it now? Answer the county taxpayers 100%. The last three years there was money available for the match to the FAA grants that would have cost the county taxpayers $0. That would have brought in Nearly a million dollars to the local economy from outside. That is a large gain for the local economy that he worked against.
While doing that Essex as the assistant county engineer and as the village administrator for N. Fairfield he pursued how many grants as being needed for maintaining and improving the infrastructure?
He has also suggested things that would have removed the airports ability to keep the operating income it already has and needs.
Once again Sietz has posted an "article" that is nothing more then an Essex opinion/propaganda piece in order to give it an air of legitimacy.


I'm sure the only reason Essex was appointed to the board was to sabotage improvements and make sure the airport continues to deteriorate. He's just another loud mouth political lacky, whether as a county employee, an airport board member, or pretending to administer for N Fairfield. The sooner you get rid of him the better off the county will be.


I would not want to be the one riding in that half a plane that lands daily (:


Maybe Essex could spend a little energy cleaning up that eyesore that he owns on Linwood...the old Outdoorsman building. Broken, half boarded windows..etc


Half a plane, now that's funny.


I assume they have an ultra-light they are counting as the .5 :-)


45÷30days=1.5 You won't sustain much with those numbers.

Fibber Mcgee

Question.. do they count a touch and go as a landing at the airport?
I hope not.