Local man accused of stealing son's toys, pawning them for drug money

Grandma buys replacement toys just in time for Christmas.
Aaron Krause
Dec 27, 2013


A homeless man reportedly with a history of stealing from family members is accused of stealing video games and action figures from his 8-year-old son and pawning them for money to buy drugs.

The man's girlfriend, Gala Barney, 44, also homeless, is also accused of theft in connection with the incident.

However, thanks to his grandmother, the boy will have toys for the holidays, Erie County Sheriff's Sgt. Dennis Papineau said.

Barney and Jeremy Morrow, 33, are in custody in the Erie County Jail and charged with theft, a first-degree misdemeanor. That carries a maximum penalty of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine, Papineau said.

Barney is in custody, unable to post a $9,000 bond. Morrow, too, is jailed in lieu of a $12,814 bond.

Morrow is possibly estranged from the boy's mother, Papineau said. Morrow's mother has custody of the boy.

Morrow was visiting the house in Milan Township earlier this month, Papineau said. A week later, the boy's mother realized the items -- a Nintendo 3DS and related games and a Skylander Xbox 360, were missing. The woman called police and said she believed her son was involved because he has a past history of stealing from family members, Papineau said. He added Morrow was already incarcerated in the Erie County Jail on unrelated drug charges and a warrant in connection with failure to pay back fines.

Papineau went to the jail to interview Morrow about his alleged theft of his son's games.

"He admitted he was at the house and took items that belonged to his son, Papineau said. He added the suspect took them to the Exchange in Sandusky, sold them and received between $50 and $90 which he used to buy crack cocaine, Papineau said.

Papineau said Morrow appeared to be "somewhat remorseful" but said he has an addiction and that's why he stole his son's games.

Papineau also said since Morrow didn't have an identification with him, he had his girlfriend take the games into the Exchange and receive the money. She was arrested on a warrant in connection with the theft. Barney was also wanted on a warrant in connection with an unrelated possession of drugs crime out of Sandusky Municipal Court, Papineau said

"It's very disappointing especially right before Christmas," he said.

Erie County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said this marks the first time he can recall such an incident.

"Sometimes people get pretty desperate," he said.

Oliver commended police for bring the case to a close.

Papineau also commended Morrow's mother, whom he said was disappointed that her grandson was without games. So she bought him new ones.

"I think it was excellent," Papineau said.



To Past... ok 1st any thing said on here is a matter of opinion...that's why they call it a forum..2nd any time someone on here gets in trouble there's usually a parent and or a close family member standing up for what they have done such as the man who held up the man at a cemetery for his pain meds....and people wanted to do everything they could to stone him in the town square...just because this one person got in trouble and people mention the other parent....not like others were not mentioned when they were in the paper for the things done wrong the only people being hurt here is the young man (I haven't scene his name posted so I'm guessing the grandmother is keeping him safe)...I believe all this back and forth is what they call T for T....as far as keeping these comments for future reference the law only requires that it be kept if there was a name attached...and or the facts were not true to fact...and as far as I can see anything that has been put up here has been backed up by websites links and valid court documents...you can plea to the moderators till the cows come home but people are still entitled to there opinion...and as I can see as well as yourself some comments have been removed...if they removed everyone's comment then WHY have a forum...hurt feelings don't cut it..being embarrassed again not the fault of readers...if the paper didn't find this news worthy they would not have printed it to begin with....this town is full of rights and wrongs and people are caught up in it everyday...I went to several of the sites posted and to be honest the information is all there in black and white....and I must say not pretty not appealing and outright disturbing....those are my opinions...as for anyone else's opinions I can't speak for them...they will have to visit those sites themselves...all I have to really say is thank the good LORD that this is public information...because now I know where a registered sex offender lives...I know if there are people in my town that are dealing drugs...I also know that while I'm on the road and I see a yellow license plate tag to stay clear because that driver has a history of DUIs...so if you simply think that these people should be walking around your town your neighbor hood...then you my dear friend need to look at the law in a different way...if things were done with no repercussions then why do we have laws in place..so it's ok to make not 1 not 2 not 3 but several and in several different locations....then we would be free to roam as we wish and never know who is on the road who is a convicted sex offender or the person driving drunk....I for one am pleased with the laws in place and still believe there should be tougher ones...as well as the officers who protect you from that simple speeder to that drug dealer...amen to the officers who protect and serve us on a daily basis!!!!!!!

all fact or all...

Lawyer.......that was very well said...truth is the truth ...be it written on a post on here or any social media sites...I too read the the mothers Facebook page and some of the sites posted way tooooooo long toooo read them all I agree very disturbing...I read the fathers toooo again way tooooo long......lol....hold these comments for evidence.......forum forum forum hehehehehe