Local man accused of stealing son's toys, pawning them for drug money

Grandma buys replacement toys just in time for Christmas.
Aaron Krause
Dec 27, 2013
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A homeless man reportedly with a history of stealing from family members is accused of stealing video games and action figures from his 8-year-old son and pawning them for money to buy drugs.

The man's girlfriend, Gala Barney, 44, also homeless, is also accused of theft in connection with the incident.

However, thanks to his grandmother, the boy will have toys for the holidays, Erie County Sheriff's Sgt. Dennis Papineau said.

Barney and Jeremy Morrow, 33, are in custody in the Erie County Jail and charged with theft, a first-degree misdemeanor. That carries a maximum penalty of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine, Papineau said.

Barney is in custody, unable to post a $9,000 bond. Morrow, too, is jailed in lieu of a $12,814 bond.

Morrow is possibly estranged from the boy's mother, Papineau said. Morrow's mother has custody of the boy.

Morrow was visiting the house in Milan Township earlier this month, Papineau said. A week later, the boy's mother realized the items -- a Nintendo 3DS and related games and a Skylander Xbox 360, were missing. The woman called police and said she believed her son was involved because he has a past history of stealing from family members, Papineau said. He added Morrow was already incarcerated in the Erie County Jail on unrelated drug charges and a warrant in connection with failure to pay back fines.

Papineau went to the jail to interview Morrow about his alleged theft of his son's games.

"He admitted he was at the house and took items that belonged to his son, Papineau said. He added the suspect took them to the Exchange in Sandusky, sold them and received between $50 and $90 which he used to buy crack cocaine, Papineau said.

Papineau said Morrow appeared to be "somewhat remorseful" but said he has an addiction and that's why he stole his son's games.

Papineau also said since Morrow didn't have an identification with him, he had his girlfriend take the games into the Exchange and receive the money. She was arrested on a warrant in connection with the theft. Barney was also wanted on a warrant in connection with an unrelated possession of drugs crime out of Sandusky Municipal Court, Papineau said

"It's very disappointing especially right before Christmas," he said.

Erie County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said this marks the first time he can recall such an incident.

"Sometimes people get pretty desperate," he said.

Oliver commended police for bring the case to a close.

Papineau also commended Morrow's mother, whom he said was disappointed that her grandson was without games. So she bought him new ones.

"I think it was excellent," Papineau said.


all fact or all...

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In my opinon

Don't be surprised if this is removed. I posted way less and was removed by Moderators. My concern for posting was purely to say God bless the grandmother for giving this little fellow a good Christmas and making HER son pay for what he did. I also know who his mother is and if you put the 2 in a bag and shook it up and pulled a name out the end results would be the same, I too believe the little boy is better off with the grandmother. Just my opinion.

all fact or all...

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


How about a public a$$ whipping?


...I think everyone posting just needs to calm down a little bit ...you all know its the post holiday depression that has you worked up and venting ...am I right, or am I an a$$h0?

In my opinon

@Gravy, I don't think it's depression as much as anger at a man or woman who would do this to a child at Christmas. It is venting, and I for one don't think your an a$$ho. Hope everyone has a healthy & better new year.


Gravy....good job keeping it real. Had to laugh. We are all human and have that a-ho capability.

Mr. Touchdown

Aka "The Grinch"


Maybe he should have "got run over by a reindeer" instead of grandma.

all fact or all...

.all the info I have put up here can all be backed up....and that is all Public information..I wish just one person would look up all her info from... HURON,ERIE,AND NOW ELYRIA COUNTY MUNICIPAL COURTS..there are soooooo many charges from drug paraphernalia, A couple assault charges, as well as a couple domestic violence,criminal damaging and DWI....she has so many fines that have not been paid (same reason the father was arrested for lack of payment) on top of monies she owes others for being evicted......I NOT SAYING ANYTHING THAT AGAIN CANT BE LOOKED UP AS THESE ARE PUBLIC RECORDS!!!!! And the sad part she thinks she's a GOOD PARENT....which again is a STATEMENT THAN CAN BE BACKED UP...on a social media site...once on the internet always on the internet...I HAVE READ THE RULES ON POSTING AND AS LONG AS THIS INFORMATION CAN BE BACK UP I HAVE NOT SLANDERED ANYONE....AND HAVE ALSO PROVIDED LINKS BACK THIS INFORMATION UP....IF THIS IS REMOVED IT IS NOT LACK OF BACK UP BUT THIS MOTHER AND FATHER SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEM SELVES NOT FOR LACK OF PROOF....
GRAVY: I am far from depressed as you can seeeeee I have provided proof for all my statements....a depressed person would not be able to look up the info and be able to post definitions. As well the truth...like I have said if your going to plaster the father you may as we'll plaster the mother....NEITHER IN MY OPINION as we are entitled to our opinion and freedom of speak if you can back it up and I have done so....I just hope this lil boy is loved and able to grow up with someone who can keep him safe!!!!!!


Honey, you should really use spellcheck and use proper grammar and punctuation to make a credible argument.

In my opinon

You miss spelled spell check. As long as the point gets across, who cares? Everybody wants to be a proof reader. I miss spelled opinion and only 1 person bothered to tell me all the time I have been posting.


And you misspelled "miss spelled". "Spellcheck" is one word when used in the right context.

all fact or all...

Hahaha.....To IN MY OPINION I soooooo agree with you!!!! ..if we were to sit here and check every ones spelling errors..if I haven't read WIT, WUT, DIS, DAT, FITTIN, PROLLY AND WHATEVER YOKED UP means....on here enough OMG I mean really if someone's spelling is the only error you can find.....ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!


So you just want to be considered as illiterate as the other people whose posts you read on here? At least you could stand out and make a more credible argument if you did use proper grammar and spelling, unless of course, you're drunk posting...then that's understandable.


Oh look 50% off after christmas sales....lol.

all fact or all...

Sarrak I responded to your post back on 1st or 2nd page....if your going to ask questions don't expect the perfect answers....when your not perfect by any means live by that motto...no troubles no worries...all kinds of trouble PEOPLE LIKE DRAMA it will probably be in print


Your, you're, yore. Their, there. Get it right. Just another example of poor grammar.

all fact or all...

I wonder how many people on here are related to her....those must be the ones who say she didn't do this she's not that bad....I'm just grateful I don't know either one...I just found this story a joke....when someone leaves you articles to read and links to follow...we then followed those kinks to the surrounding towns and bingo all you need is a name....who ever put that info out there again made it sooooo easy...well off to tear apart another story lol.....bless the lil boy in this so sad story!!!!

all fact or all...

Lol IN MY OPINION: you were right they finally removed my post.....not for lack of people seeing it.....I did a copy and paste to my FB page those who know me can see it there....hahaha can't be erased from my page...I'll go back and get the websites off the C&P on my FB with all the nasty naked truth hahahahahahaha naked noooo pun.. One earns $$ stealing one earns...$$stripping how the hello do they do there taxes LMBO!!!!

all fact or all...



We???? AAAHHHHH I see they took your comments off...that's because the truth must hurt!!!!!! YEP


I can't believe any one in this town does not know who the looser of a mother is as well...if you don't want people to think your an alcoholic then for goodness sakes do not park that God awful thing you call a running vehicle at the local bar.....DUH!!!!! No body needs to put her record on here first of all there's not enough room...so these links will help you.. Sanduskymunicipalcourt.org .. Norwalkmunicipalcourt.com.... Elyriamunicipalcourt.org .. These as well as her prison record are all available on any web search...got to love the internet people holds everything

all fact or all...

And the parent of the year goes to.....lol


Hahahaha yes parents of the year....most of you know who the mother is...if you don't she's on my FB go there because I'm not allowed to post her legal name...but she goes by maryjane her stripper name... 1+1=2people. Yep she's a total peel bleep bleep....you can fill those in with what ever you want....... Again I have to be as nice as I can be just saying peps....and if you don't want people calling you an alcoholic then don't sit at a local bar/bars in town with that beat up run down thing that is called a vehicle well that's what you call it...hahahahahaha do you have to push it???


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).

all fact or all...

YIKES!!!!! Now that's a record of a good...why do they remove the post that are just true ...fact is fact.... I'm guessing humiliation hurts worse.... She should work for her money the old fashion way with close on!!!!!

all fact or all...

Just out of curiosity it says grandma bought replacement toys before Christmas...... If this lil boys mother is so upset WHT DIDNT SHE HELP THE GRAMDA REPLACE THE TOYS for HER!!!!! Own child says father is homeless is mother homeless to???? If not buy your child or help replace them and be the GOOD MOTHER YOU SAY YOU ARE.....a simple question


Hey Micky dude that's a good question....why didn't this young mans mother help the grandma pay for the replacement toys......but then you forgot mike she was found indigent.... Before they removed that comment...which short version means she's a broke bleep bleep bleep (I copied that one lol)...I hope this young man has a better life than the people that made him....like they say we can't pick our parents this little guy got dealt a double wrong hand.....


From an outsider looking in.

Upon reading this story I find it to be a sad affair that a father would do this to his son anytime let alone Christmas. It is ashamed that this young man has also become a victim do to his father’s actions from his addictions, then after reading the comments in this article about the child’s mother I am appalled that the mother of this child has become the second victim by being openly targeted for no reason whatsoever, and having no mention of or any connection to the act committed against her son published in this article here or any other reporting news source.

I am appealing to the moderator to police this activity and have it removed from the site and archived for possible submittal evidence for any future action against this border line, if not hate speech. Also I would like to comment about cyber documents that are posted on internet sites including social media sites are electronically stored and can be accessed for investigations whether they are of civil or criminal in nature.