Local man accused of stealing son's toys, pawning them for drug money

Grandma buys replacement toys just in time for Christmas.
Aaron Krause
Dec 27, 2013


A homeless man reportedly with a history of stealing from family members is accused of stealing video games and action figures from his 8-year-old son and pawning them for money to buy drugs.

The man's girlfriend, Gala Barney, 44, also homeless, is also accused of theft in connection with the incident.

However, thanks to his grandmother, the boy will have toys for the holidays, Erie County Sheriff's Sgt. Dennis Papineau said.

Barney and Jeremy Morrow, 33, are in custody in the Erie County Jail and charged with theft, a first-degree misdemeanor. That carries a maximum penalty of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine, Papineau said.

Barney is in custody, unable to post a $9,000 bond. Morrow, too, is jailed in lieu of a $12,814 bond.

Morrow is possibly estranged from the boy's mother, Papineau said. Morrow's mother has custody of the boy.

Morrow was visiting the house in Milan Township earlier this month, Papineau said. A week later, the boy's mother realized the items -- a Nintendo 3DS and related games and a Skylander Xbox 360, were missing. The woman called police and said she believed her son was involved because he has a past history of stealing from family members, Papineau said. He added Morrow was already incarcerated in the Erie County Jail on unrelated drug charges and a warrant in connection with failure to pay back fines.

Papineau went to the jail to interview Morrow about his alleged theft of his son's games.

"He admitted he was at the house and took items that belonged to his son, Papineau said. He added the suspect took them to the Exchange in Sandusky, sold them and received between $50 and $90 which he used to buy crack cocaine, Papineau said.

Papineau said Morrow appeared to be "somewhat remorseful" but said he has an addiction and that's why he stole his son's games.

Papineau also said since Morrow didn't have an identification with him, he had his girlfriend take the games into the Exchange and receive the money. She was arrested on a warrant in connection with the theft. Barney was also wanted on a warrant in connection with an unrelated possession of drugs crime out of Sandusky Municipal Court, Papineau said

"It's very disappointing especially right before Christmas," he said.

Erie County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said this marks the first time he can recall such an incident.

"Sometimes people get pretty desperate," he said.

Oliver commended police for bring the case to a close.

Papineau also commended Morrow's mother, whom he said was disappointed that her grandson was without games. So she bought him new ones.

"I think it was excellent," Papineau said.



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You obviously could give 2 sh!ts about your life then....pitiful that one would gamble on their own life....obviously you must not have much of one.


I feel bad for the people you employ. As a business owner you and i both know you're only as successful as your employees are. I hope you file for bankruptcy in the near future, Mr. Potter.


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No you don't. If you are legit, Have proper documentation and police report. Through an investigation any and all items will be taken by law enforcement and returned. There are already laws on the books and pawn shops lose out. That is why they "try" to be extra careful when loaning.. and remember that. Pawn Shops are a Loan Co.


You are incorrect... Yes you do have to buy your items back....been there done that even with a police report & the thief was in jail. This happened to me at the same place...The Exchange. Also ask the greasers that manage the gold / silver kiosk in the Sandusky Mall. They know the items are stolen so they melt it down asap to avoid detection.


Acorn, before you go calling for new laws maybe you need to learn the laws that already apply.
Every item that is pawned gets checked against the police's list of stolen property and can not be put out for sale till after a certain time after in case the item has not been reported yet.
If an item was stolen then they have to recover the money from the one who stole it.
To call the owners dirtbags just shows your bias against the people who run them. You may have one as a neighbor and not even know it.


No, I can assure you I do not have one as a neighbor. Are you really that naive ? Do you think these pawn shops actually follow that protocol ? However, they are required by law to get these crackheads I.d. prior to purchasing the stolen items, write down serial numbers of items purchased and most have surveillance at the stores. The crackheads rarely get away with it but the pawn shops get their $ by requiring the theft victim to purchase their property back. Do you think the pawn shops will be honest & tell the authorities that they had the stolen items but they were sold quickly...very doubtful. Quick turnaround selling of these stolen goods is the name of the game & they know it. Then...even if the theft victim has proof that their stolen goods were sold good luck in getting restitution from them or the crack heads...bottom line is there are no repercussions for the pawn shop for buying stolen property.


Acorn you are a biased fool.
I have family who run a pawn shop.
The police visit several times a week to check the items pawned.
Where they make their money is from selling things that people do not pick back up and have not paid the interest and storage fees. That takes a minimum of 3 months, so your " Quick turnaround" is false.
Should a pawn shop operator get a reputation for buying stolen property then the police WILL get them for that, knowingly purchasing stolen property is a crime. They'd lose their licence and deal with the courts.


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This just makes me sick. I spent the last few months trying to help a family in need for Christmas. I just can't stand the thought of a child waking up on Christmas morning and thinking Santa forgot them. Then you have this loser who doesn't care enough about his own son having a good Christmas and steals from him. What a low life. Someone needs to go upside his head with the north pole and then kick him in the jingle bells!!

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It takes a good and strong parent to know when to draw the line!! When your own kids are stealing just to supply their drug habit!MY hat is off to these parents.God bless


The picture is his girlfriend? WOW. "Say NO to drugs". She has not aged well.


This POS should rot in jail!
But yet again the court will let him off with a stern finger shake in his face!
You've been a bad boy! Now go on your way!


So he's homeless but yet he managed to post a bond over $12,000??! Sounds like he may have a enabler in the family.


The story says that this fellow was unable to post his bond.


It would be nice if the Reflector made everyone sign in to their facebook account to post on this because then I bet there would never be any comments :)


Yeah, because there are NO fake facebook accounts right? I hate to tell you....I would still make the comments with my real name. I have no shame when it comes to dead beat druggies. This man stole from his own SON to buy drugs. Are you defending him? Are you a friend? Family? Support what he did?


I have in the past. And you? Still hiding behind your pseudonym, little one?


I have put my name on here in the past as well, little one.

Cliff Cannon

Jay : Here's praying, hoping & rooting for you to have hit rock bottom here. Because, your children need you to stand up and be a real dad. No doubt, your Mom & brothers want the 'old' you back as well.

As one of your many softball teammate's, who are rooting for you in this,the biggest at bat of your life. I beg you to hit a home run ! Because, striking out is not an option, for the simplest of reasons-----your children don't need a dad to quit on them. They need a heroic dad, capable of picking himself up, making amends and turning himself around.

In short, they need the man we both know you are capable of being.


Yes this child is lucky to have grandparents who want the best for him I totally agree! Neither of his parents deserve to have this child they both have 2,3,4, children and they have custody of none of them! Its a good thing they have good family members who will step up and raise these kids the right way, so we do not see them in the paper as much as their parents! Way past time for both of them to grow up and change their way's.
FIND GOD and yourself then make a change.

all fact or all...

WOW justhowitis..... I could not have said that any better...thank you for seeing the best in this story and that would be the grandparents!!!!!!


So sad...unfortunately I only knew Jay as a kid. I hope he reads this and knows how much people would love to see him turn his life around.


An addict cares for nothing except his drug of choice. He is doing his best to destroy people who love him. Support the family in any way I can but want the addict locked up so he can't hurt them any more. He has the problem but the family get punished. Makes me MAD.


is that not the lady that was manager at subway on 250 heading out of Norwalk?

all fact or all...

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