Local man kicks cops, spits blood in trooper's face

Suspect charged with resisting arrest, persistent disorderly conduct.
Cary Ashby
Dec 27, 2013


A rural Bellevue man reportedly spit blood and kicked at officers who responded to a disturbance at a bar in the city Christmas Day.

Bellevue Police Officer Todd Trego responded to the report of a disturbance at The Green Emerald, 137 E. Main St., about 12:40 a.m. Wednesday.

Upon arrival, Trego saw a trooper with the state Highway Patrol attempting to detain Steven L. Johnson, 28, of 2277 County Road 292, "with the help of bystanders." Trego said he saw another male subject holding down a third man on a set of steps, but that man calmed down so the officer assisted the trooper with Johnson.

"Steven was very angry and yelling obscenities and was trying to fight. He was bleeding from the mouth as well. He was warned by Trooper (John) Weasner and myself to calm down, to which he refused," Trego said in his report.

"I attempted to grab his left arm and he started to try and pull away. He then started to get away from (us)," he wrote.

The officers then forced Johnson to the ground and rolled him onto his stomach. Another Bellevue police officer arrived and they were able to handcuff the suspect.

"We then attempted to escort Steven to my cruiser, at which point he spit blood in Trooper Weasner's face," said Trego, who with the assistance of the two officers, held Johnson down on the hood of the car.

While Trego retrieved a "spit hood and hobble" from the trunk of his cruiser, he said Johnson "was now trying to kick officers."

"Once Steven was in the spit hood and hobble, we attempted to put him into the rear of my cruiser. However, he kept trying to slide out to keep us from shutting the door," Trego said.

Johnson was charged with resisting arrest and persistent disorderly conduct.

The suspect first was transported to the Bellevue police station before being transported to the Huron County Jail. Johnson later posted a $3,095 bond and released from custody.



If you act like that you deserve the officers hidden brass knuckles to your kidneys......


Another angry Ginger...




Seriously, hair color?

R U Kidding me

taze him till he poops himself then theres a lesson learned. so is the green emerald gonna be a problem place in the future?

Peace maker

No The Green Emerald is not going to be a future problem. I have been in The Green Emerald Pub 2 weekends out of the month and love the place. You hardly ever see anything go on in there, infact this is the only place I have been where I feel safe being there. The workers and owners try to make it as safe as possible and lots of fun


The Green Emerald is not a problem place.


Cuff'um, then a little cash..OUT..
Gotta love America. With cash you don't even have to sleep the nite off.


Reason three hundred forty two I don't go to the Green Emerald. Problem place of the future? The future is now.


I was there the night this happened and he was having flashbacks from the military. infact I go there a lot and have personally got to know the husband and wife owners. I have become friends with them, they are great down to earth people who is just trying to make a good go at a great place. It is really a family oriented restaurant with excellent food and they have a place for people of all ages ( 21 and over) to go to have fun on Thursday Friday and Saturday nights. They have done a fantastic job at keeping trouble out. they don't put up with trouble, they want it kept a decent fun place. No matter where this man would have been, this would have happened. The Green Emerald is a wonderful place to eat and to go to have fun. Go in and meet Cheryl and John and you will realize how down to earth they are and what a wonderful place this is


Deb, not sure why you say what you did because the Green Emerald is anything but a problem place.


opie had a bad night,I bet Andy was pissed


Wow,He looks damn good in the mug shot,Spit in my face......the picture would have had a different look.


Apparently this guy needed a good ole a$$ beating. At his age you should already know how to respect the law act like some young punk deserves a beat down..Just saying

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Give 'em hell Stevie.


I am at The Green Emerald every Saturday night because it is a fun place and the owners and barmaids are totally great people. The police have only had to be called 2 times in the year they have been open. I would say that is a great percentage of no trouble. I have been in many bars in my 53 years of life and I have chose this one to continue to support because it is a no trouble bar. Things happen everywhere but it rarely happens here. I hope they continue to do what they are doing because they are doing it right. The owners wont hesitate to escort people out if they are doing what they shouldn't be doing and they don't allow them back in. This is why I support them..they care about their customers and they want peace and make sure there is peace.