Warrant issued for no-show ID thief

Assistant prosecutor: Suspect "is in a mental institution."
Cary Ashby
Dec 28, 2013


A man convicted of using his ex-roommate's name after a 2012 seizure failed to appear for his sentencing hearing this week.

Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway issued an arrest warrant Monday for Mansfield resident Daniel G. Hurst.

The judge, during last week's scheduled sentencing hearing, said the court had information that Hurst was "hospitalized" and was out of the state. Conway also said the person who posted Hurst's bond sent a fax saying that was the case, but there weren't many other details.

"That's the information we have -- that he is in a mental institution," Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper said last week.

Hurst has a recent history of failing to appear for court hearings and appointments with his attorney.

The court issued a warrant for his arrest when he didn't come to an Aug. 6, 2012 pretrial hearing. Hurst had been served his indictment the previous week -- when he didn't appear for his originally scheduled arraignment.

Hurst also didn't make an appointment with Huron County Public Defender Longo about two weeks before the pretrial hearing.

In October, Hurst, 45, pleaded guilty to identity theft for using his ex-roommate's name during three traffic stops, all of which happened within a couple of weeks of each other. Police have said Hurst reportedly used the name of Toledo resident George Kalil during traffic stops by the Monroeville, Mansfield and Ottawa Hills police departments.

Following an April 21, 2012 traffic stop on U.S. 20 on the eastern end of Monroeville, Hurst had a seizure at the police station. Authorities have said Hurst used Kalil's name with North Central EMS and medical providers and had the victim billed for more than $500.

In another court hearing, Monday, former Collins resident Scott A. Gaborko, 32, of Lorain, admitted there was probable cause he committed a probation violation. He will be held without bond until his Jan. 13 merits hearing.

Gaborko, who has a pending assault charge in Erie County, has been on local probation since January. His domestic violence conviction is for a June 29, 2012 domestic disturbance on West Collins Road, Collins, which was investigated by the sheriff's office. Authorities have said deputies saw abrasions on the victim's leg caused by Gaborko pushing his wife during an argument over visiting a relative she wanted to see.



With a court order can't they call the "mental institution" and ask if he is a patient? Don't need to know his status or his condition. Just if he is there. Did the fax contain any information? Even a name of the said institution? OR the name of a doctor? I can send a fax, I can print a fake letterhead too.