ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - New fitness center planned for NCS

Norwalk Catholic School students and athletes will have a new fitness center, possibly by next fall, thanks to generous donations from both parishioners, alumni and Pride One Development. Pride One, the company developing Norwalk Commons on the north side of town, has donated a building used formerly by Batesville Casket Company. Batesville moved to another location in the area. Pride One sold one of the company's buildings to John Riley and donated the other to NCS.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


 Norwalk Catholic School students and athletes will have a new fitness center, possibly by next fall, thanks to generous donations from both parishioners, alumni and Pride One Development.

 Pride One, the company developing Norwalk Commons on the north side of town, has donated a building used formerly by Batesville Casket Company. Batesville moved to another location in the area. Pride One sold one of the company’s buildings to John Riley and donated the other to NCS.

 The new facility will provide room for a weight-lifting area, a changing room and rest rooms. The St. Paul Booster Association is spearheading the project and named Jim Wasiniak, a 1963 graduate of St. Paul, as project coordinator.  

 “Many pieces have had to fall into place for this to come to fruition,” Wasiniak said. “The facility will be constructed on a steel framework of the building that was formerly Batesville Casket. It will be located on the corner of Page and Wooster Streets on property that has been made available through the generosity of a St. Paul High alumni.”  

 David Conwill, of Pride One, said the company is looking forward to continued development and projects in the community.

 “We are excited about working to develop the Norwalk area,” Conwill said. “It is rewarding for us to be able to contribute to the betterment of education in the area as well as economic development.  

 “We have been impressed with the spirit of cooperation we’ve seen in the Norwalk community and encourage local businesses to get involved in these projects that better their community. We are very, very proud to be in the city and thrilled to be working with the Catholic school.”

 The fitness center has been a dream of the St. Paul High athletic department for some time.  

 “Year-round conditioning is absolutely necessary for participation in school sports,” said John Livengood, athletic director. “For over 10 years, local businessman Mike Myers has provided space to house our fitness equipment and allow students to work out. We have outgrown this facility and have been looking for an alternative plan for some time.”

  The project is scheduled to begin in the very near future. The donated building has been carefully dismantled and plans are in the making to ready the Page/Wooster Street site. Construction of the building will take place as weather permits throughout the spring.  

 “Over the years, we have built wonderful facilities for Norwalk Catholic School in a very cost effective manner,” Wasiniak said. “This is because of the generous sharing of time and talent on behalf of parishioners, alumni and friends. The donation of the Batesville Casket building is a real blessing. With additional donations of in-kind services, this project will really be cost-effective.”  

 Anyone interested in contributing to the project in any way can contact Wasiniak at (419) 541-1613 or Livengood at (419) 668-3005. 


Local OSHA Insp...

That looks like an OSHA violation. No tie off system, safety harness or hard hat. I am send them out right now. And by the way, why would you let the Reflector photo you? There is such thing as bad press

NHS (Anonymous)

Once again, St.Paul Has to separate from the rest of town because of their uppity attitude. Working out at the Rec Center just isn't good enough. Maybe Livengood can use some of his money to maintain the center since St.Paul makes his house payment for him. Enjoy your rinky-dink football program. May you never sniff a state title.

NHS (Anonymous)

Maybe the Pugh kid can be of aid in the construction. As i remember, he was pretty handy with explosives.

NHS (Anonymous)

How strange that the people in this area got so fired up about the new, gay-friendly campground, but when St. Paul continually cheats, lies, recruits, and covers up the nefarious activities in their athletic program, nary a word is spoken.

? ? ? ? (Anonymous)

NHS Where did you go too school?

NHS Jr (Anonymous)

I went to beddie renderly....

SPH (Anonymous)

Hey NHS, those exact same comments can be made about Norwalk. How many times has Bob Duncan made the headlines? He is a black mark on the Norwalk school system.

dont knock st p...

you will piss-off the mayor. they elected her!

who? (Anonymous)


who do you think got PrideOne to donate the building? I wonder what the city did for them to get them to be so generous to St. Pauls.

Hey NHS (Anonymous)

Maybe the folks at St. Paul's can take up a collection for you to get you some professional help for your massive inferiority complex.

St. Paul (Anonymous)

There are at least 60 kids up at St. Pauls current weight room every day. The space is just not big enough to hold the students. If you wanted an additional 60 kids up at the rec daily then you offer to pay their entrance fees and build a bigger weight room at the rec in order to handle the extra people. Does Norwalk High not have a weight room just for students? Why can't St. Paul then?

is this thing...

Oh, Hey instead of lifting wieghts and kicking a football could someone there please teach the kids how to make change?

Thanks Pride On...

I wonder if only the NCS students attend movies at other businesses at Pride One Sites? Oh wait, they don't! I have seen public school children there watching movies. All Public school students should boycott those theathers until the weight room is made for ALL students at Norwalk and St. Paul. By the way - I have seen Norwalk's weight room - located in a small room at the High School - it's much smaller than what St. Paul has right now. I can't believe the Mayor would allow this to be for only one school!

Thanks Pride On...

“It is rewarding for us to be able to contribute to the betterment of education in the area as well as economic development." - David Conwill, Pride One.

How is building a fitness center a few miles from school, for use by football and volleyball players, good for education? I think it will be good for Livengood and his recruiting of area athletes for the football team, but I can't see the educational benefit for most of the students. I don't remember any questions on college exams about weight machines.

David - if you want to help the community in the field of education, donate a building for something educational! I wonder what Frank VanDresser or Mayor Lesch promised him to get this building for only the NCS students? Hopefully the Reflector will look into this issue a bit deeper to find out what really happened!

I live here too...

What a nice donation.

But how about donating to the Norwalk Schools or the Norwalk Park and rec so those of us non Cathlics aren't excluded.....

Be reasonable (...

Why would people criticize a business for making a donation? St. Paul's has been looking for a new site for a weight room for several years. Did anyone from Norwalk schools ask for this donation? Evidently someone from St. Paul did.

As for the educational benefit - involvement in sports is good for all students. Also, any students can use the weight room.

Dan (Anonymous)

Are you guys actually serious!! I believe jealousy has a lot to do with these comments so I won't go any further then to say "Grow Up!!"

Norwalk (Anonymous)

Some things that people don't realize or don't want to realize is the fact that St. Paul loses just as many kids to other schools as they get from other schools. For instance, their are 3 great players from Norwalk that St. Paul lost for one reason or another to Norwalk High (probably their wonderful new high school).

aaaargh (Anonymous)

Not being Catholic or having school-age children, I will probably never see the inside of the building in question. However, the "recycling" of an otherwise condemned, vacant building and its relocation and re-use in the community is, seems to me, a great thing.

What bewilders me is that the on-line community that frequents these forums spins the story negatively about a dozen ways. Let's dump on the school, the city, the developer! Toss in Bob Duncan; that's RELEVANT!

Here's a thought - get the city water department to toss a generous dollup of PROZAC in the water supply. Seems like the town (or at least the on-line folks who hang around here) needs an attitude adjustment.

hello (Anonymous)

Tax dollars pay for the NHS facilities. That means my money and yours. SPH facilities are paid for by the people who use them plus SPH parents pay for NHS facilities that they never use. Amazing how jealous some people are when they see something good happening.

Rational Voice ...

My guess is that Pride One made it known that they would like to donate these used building materials and asked who would be able to use them. Since NCS has been looking at building a fitness center for their students, they responded. Did those here condemning those involved stop to think that perhaps the city school and rec center declined because they don't currently need those materials and would have no place to store them until needed? Get real, please. Conspiracy theories in this instance are unwarranted. Trust me on this.

Moana (Anonymous)

I sure wish there was some way that everything in this town wasn't run by the energetic people who go out and do things for the common good. Give us bitchers and moaners an opportunity to do things too. Its not like you don't know where to find us. We're either sitting here on the couch or busy on the internet 6 hours a day just talking about how much we could do if we had an ounce of ambition.

I don't understand why Pride One didn't come looking for me. What do they expect me to do. How could I possibly know that when the newspaper announced that 2 new resaurants were going to this location, that the building wouldn't be needed anymore. Why do I have to get off my butt and ask them if they would want me to get the building out of their way for nothing. Do I look like a frweakin genius?

wee! (Anonymous)

for the nhs people, oh well for the sp people work hard just as you do so just bc sp is making an upgrade doesnt mean its really any of your business so let it be mmk i personally am not involved with either schoool althoughwith my kids graduating from nhs i say just let it be this is a good thing for sp

voter of Norwal...

Well isn't this nice of Pride one to give this building to Saint Paul. What has Pride one done for Norwalk City Schools. This developments (Pride One) school tax dollars goes to Milan school district. Now buildings they don't want go to Saint Pauls. I think every Norwalk school parent, grandparent, and former Norwalk School student she be very upset about this. Isn't this amazing just when there is going to be a big issue with Pride One in the near future he gives a building to Saint Paul. Is this a buy off for the Mayor. I would sure hope not But it will sure make things look fishy now. Nowalk citzens you better stay alert because Pride One is going to be telling how this town is run before long. I know there are more Norwalk in this town then Saint Pauls voters. I am just saying you better vote or you are not going to have much say in the future. I thought shool and state were to be kept seperated. I was told the Mayor was for Saint Pauls schools but I didn't want to believe it but this puts a little bit into this statement. We are a whole town here not just one school system and I would hope she or Pride One would remember that. How did Pride One get this info about Saint Pauls? This is not a good sign when a mayor splits a town. Not good at all. I am sure she will say she had nothing to do with this or is not splitting the town but she just did. Norwalk schools left out again. Voters wake up look what is happening here. Oh and to Saint Paul people I am glad your getting a rec for your students. I am just saying this was done not on the up and up here and I am sure Norwalk Schools were never contacted. There is an underlying motivative here with Pride One.

citizen (Anonymous)

I bet this just got Pride One a traffic light for sure.

Somewhat Inform...

You have completely misunderstood what has happened here. The building that St Pauls negotiated to remove from the property Pride One purchased is a metal building that has already provided half of its service life. The value and marketability of these buildings is very limited. If someone at NHS has a great use for this building, please get in touch with the people of SPH, because the minor portion of the building being used by St. Paul may be more valuable to you. I would say that at best the portion SPH plans to use might (if you were lucky) sell for $5,000 to 10,000 at auction, since reusing the building requires carefully dismantling it. You could buy the small amount SPH will use completely new for probably $30,000. The major portion of the building is being rebuilt elsewhere by a private developer.

A month ago St Paul was planning to build a block (and partial brick) building. When Batesville became available a plan was looked at trying to use part of the old steel building. Due to the cost savings SPH is now looking in the direction trying to use the steel building, however they should be sure to look at utility cost and the service life they will get from the Batesville building. I would not be a bit surprised to see the construction go another direction like block once they've looked at the life cycle cost.

Anyway, those of you that are treating this as some million dollar gift are tremendously misinformed. If you want it so bad talk to the people at St. Paul, they might be happy to sell it to you if they were reimbursed for the cost incurred for removal.

voter of city o...

To somewhat informed I understand what you are saying here and it has nothing to do with the value. It is the principle of Pride One trying to make it look like they have done such a big favor to Saint Paul and have exculded Norwalk City Schools. If this was no big deal why was it even in the paper other then to cause some hard feelings. It just makes it look bad for Pride One and the mayor as far as I am concern. There is already enough rumors in this city about the mayor and Saint Pauls and this just added more fuel to the fire. The city and church needs to stay seperated. If a person can't do that then they should stay out of office. This is not trying to keep our city as a unit. We should all be happy for each others future and be glad Saint Pauls gets their new work out center but there fuel in a fire here and not a metal building

Northern OH Dev...

I had no idea the people of Norwalk were so strongly against development. I've never seen that side of the people in your town that I've dealt with. I will look more in the direction of Clyde and Bellevue. The people there seem genuinely grateful for the investmment being made there that provide new jobs.

Somewhat Inform...

To voter of the City of Norwalk,

Thanks for the explanation. I hadn't seen it that way, but I can understand how the appearance can make you feel. I can't speak for the mayor, but I haven't once heard that she was involved with anything regarding this building. I've been only involved to a small degree myself, but I'm of the impression that everything to date has been arranged by a couple of the St Paul parishoners who were able to secure the building by negotiaiting to take it down.

I'm more concerned about the prevalence of the feelings that St. Paul gets special treatment. I want both schools to feel the support. There is a great deal of pride that SPHers have for NHS. I am garteful for the strides that both schools have made in the last ten years. Much of what St. Pauls has done in the last few years is an effort to stay competitive with the facilities that NHS offers.

I honestly don't feel that SPH gets favorable treatment from the City, or at least I can't think of any, but I would appreciate hearing more. I hope that the students of all our schools feel that they have the unconditional support of the entire community. If not, we all need to work on that.

be reasonable (...

Why is anyone bashing the mayor of Norwalk?

This was a donation by a business to the Catholic schools. The public schools also have a weight room, paid for by people who send their children to public schools and by those who pay tuition to send their children to the Catholic schools.

As far as I know, the mayor supports all education in the city, but did not have anything to do with this donation.

I hope Norwalk Superintendent Wayne Babcanek will speak up to let people know that the Norwalk schools were not slighted through this donation.

Norwalk has a good school system, a wonderful high school and great teachers. Why do some people have to complain about anyone else's good fortune?