'Move Over Law' a good step forward

Local officials share their thoughts on new state law.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 26, 2014


The Ohio General Assembly recently passed Senate Bill 137, which is designed to protect the safety of construction and maintenance workers operating on Ohio roadways.

The new version of Ohio's "Move Over Law" requires motorists to slow down and, as conditions permit, shift to an adjacent lane when approaching construction, maintenance and public utilities commission vehicles that are parked on the roadside with flashing, oscillating or rotating lights. Under the previous law, motorists were required to do so only when approaching police and other emergency vehicles, including tow trucks.

"This is a good step forward," said Carl Essex, Huron County highway department spokesman. "Motorists have always had to pull over for (safety vehicles), but this expands that to include maintenance workers."

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They have to start enforcing it to make it work. They need to start giving tickets for it to work other wise were all just waiting to become the next one on the list of many who have lost their life's or have been seriously hurt because people do not SLOW DOWN AND MOVE OVER