Airport taking steps to repair commercial building

Board members call building a "health hazard."
Scott Seitz2
Dec 29, 2013


The Huron County Airport Authority recently took steps to make repairs to the commercial building.

The commercial building or office complex, is home to a number of offices and several hangars. Board members called the building a "health hazard."


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I think it would be a nice gesture of the proponents of the airport if they would donate their time and talents to this project. This would be helpful to all taxpayers not just the ones who use it.JMO

Fibber Mcgee

Here's an idea...... let's give the land to the Huron County Fair Board, they do a great job all year long. They could call it, Huron County Fair East. The demo derby could be held there, they could bring back harness racing or dragging in this case, could go hand in hand with Summit Motorsports Parks.:)


A number of the local supporters have taken time each of the past two-three years, mowing, and cleaning up around the facility. They have also offered to donate as much as $15,000 of privately raised funds towards federal airport grant money, which would mean $165,000 to complete safety related projects to improve the facility. If the airport is not properly maintained, the FAA will require the county, the taxpayers, to complete the necessary repairs/improvements.


The current airport board members (Essex and Frankenfield) and the commissioners have been obstructing any maintenance for several years.
Now they'll do some to run the budget out. While at the same time withholding funds from the airport that were derived from the airport, and on top of that denying grant funds that would have paid for the repairs as well as bringing in more cash to the local economy.

And now we get Essex beating his chest proclaiming how HE is working to get things done. HA!
Essex you were supposed to mow the grass this year and from what I've seen you never fully completed the job once.
The culvert work was Essex's responsibility to get done and took him two years+ before something was finally done

Essex deserves a 10.0 for his spinning and twisting the truth, of course Seitz as the "Rumanian" judge is holding up a 15.0 for Essex's routine.