Firefighters responded to chimney fire

No injuries reported.
Scott Seitz2
Dec 24, 2013


Fiften firefighters responded to a chimney fire Monday morning on Graham Road, south of Monroeville.

"We responded to a chimney fire at 1915 Graham Road and discovered smoke inside the home," Huron River Joint Fire District Chief Tom Beck said.

"We had to ventilate the home and cleaning the chimney out was difficult due to the shape of the chimney because it had a little bend in it," Beck said.

The 15 firefighters, along with four trucks, arrived at the scene at 9:38 a.m. and returned to the station at 12:10 p.m.

No injuries were reported.

Beck said an estimated dollar amount in damages, which were mainly caused by smoke, and cause of the fire still are undetermined.



I bet it was more then likely from lack of cleaning it . Dont the owners know about the kinda of logs that you can burn to clean the chimney ? I am just glad no one got hurt , This could have been a lot worse

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There's no substitute for a good cleaning.


thats true as well as knowing when to clean

hit the road jack

Before you put in a wood burner you should have at least a small clue that you only burn dry wood or this will be just a sample of your problems you encounter.