Norwalk Furniture debuts new Ohio State University line

The product line could be open to expansion.
Scott Seitz2
Dec 25, 2013


Norwalk Custom Order Furniture has debuted its new line of The Ohio State University products.

"Norwalk's Buckeye Tartan Collection includes great chairs, power recliners, pillows embroidered with "Go Bucks" and "Carmen Ohio" as well as multi-functional ottomans," said Reyna Moore, vice president of marketing and merchandising at Norwalk Furniture.

"This collection gives consumers the feeling of a high-end product complemented with richly detailed patterns and a refined attitude," she added.

This collection has been in the works for about a year.

"We were approached by Alma Mater Design, a fabric design company focused on designing fabrics for a number of universities, including The Ohio State University," Moore said.

"Alma Mater was interested in partnering with a quality, Made in USA furniture manufacturer that can create classic, contemporary and transitional designs in both fabrics and leathers," she added.

"Every fabric, leather and product design had to be approved by the Trademark and Licensing Division of Ohio State. We have been working with Alma Mater Designs and The Ohio State University close to a year before our official launch early this month," Moore said.

"Our partnership includes two other Ohio-based companies," she said.

"The first is LinDale 'M'broidery right here on Main Street. LinDale embroiders all of our Buckeye Tartan pillows and the 'Block O' on leather pieces. Our second partner is Conneaut Leather from beautiful Conneaut, Ohio. They are the premier supplier for all the leather used in the production of leather recliners, chairs and ottomans."

Maybe the most important thing is, where can customers find this collection?

"Norwalk's Buckeye Tartan Collection can be purchased at the following Ohio retailers and is available right now to consumers. Shop at your most convenient location as retail prices are the same.

Hermans Furniture and Design, Sandusky.

Hilliards Furniture, Dublin.

Fortner's, Columbus.

McCready Interiors, Mansfield.

Brian's Furniture, Westlake.

These products are not a limited run, Moore said.

"We expect the collection to continue to grow and will be available for many years to come," she said.

"The idea originated through Alma Mater Designs. We felt as an Ohio-based company we could not pass up the opportunity to partner with Alma Mater Design and The Ohio State University. Norwalk is proud to offer Ohio State staff, students, alumni and fans quality products that are made right here in Norwalk, Ohio," Moore said.

The collection is just off the assembly line.

"We are just now getting the Buckeye Tartan Collection placed on retailer floors. All participating retailers are launching their advertising campaigns which include billboards, local paper, social medial, OSU Alumni magazine among other sources. You can see the first billboard ad on U.S. 250," Moore said.

There is not an Ohio State division at the Norwalk plant, yet.

"At the present moment we are running the Buckeye Tartan Collection through our regular production lines. However, we are in a position where we can accommodate future growth," Moore said.

The product line could be open to expansion.

"Our hope is to make the Buckeye Tartan Collection a successful model program that can easily be duplicated and offered to other universities. But, first we must prove its success," Moore said.

"There is no better team than The Ohio State University, Alma Mater Design & Norwalk Custom Order Furniture to drive the success of this program."



Kottage Kat



Good luck with the new line NCOF!

I imagined the placement of comparable tartan patterned furniture in BGSU colors in my home.

Not happening.

Cliff Cannon

Being an alumni of 'furniture ' This exciting new line, makes me shout like the fan I am----- " Go furniture Go ! "


There is some info thru a riddle for you on your friend the sport caster page. keeping quiet has done me no favors


Why Lindale? Surely there are better local companies. I've found their product to be worse than average. Still, kudos to Norwalk Furniture on the new line!


I received the gray "go bucks" pillow from this line yesterday.... There is no doubt that it is high end material/design.... It's a very sharp, heavy and high quality piece!


Good idea! They'll have to work on the Michigan line next.


Re: "Michigan "

Scr*w the Blue! :)

Cliff Cannon

Re : " Scr*w the Blue! :) Not if it sells ( We need the jobs :)


Re: "Not if it sells"

A TRUE OSU fan would not write this. :)

"When we hang the capitalists they will sell us the rope we use."

- Josef Stalin

Cliff Cannon

Re: " A TRUE OSU fan would not write this. :) "

No doubt, you are correct. Being originally from De-Troit. Can lead one to emotional problems. At least, I am a "normal " fan when it comes to loving the 'Packers' :)


Re: "Packers"

ONLY "Bears" and "Browns" apparel will be found around MY house! :)

Upon the TX move, I SURE ain't rootin' for the Cowboys; maybe Houston?

Cliff Cannon

Were you in Chicago for the '85 Super Bowl ? Hope so,because that was amazingly fun.

Hall of famer Dan Hampton gave one of the best description's of 'attitude' ( although gory ) I ever read, which I shall paraphrase. Then bet a nickel everyone can see " furniture' in that description.

He was speaking of a brave knight going into battle, who was asked what would happen should his sword arm be severed. " I'll fight with my other arm."

And should that arm be severed ? " I shall kick my enemy " But,what if your legs were likewise severed ? " Then I shall bite my enemy "

Now the questioner,thought he had the knight where he wanted him; Tell me then brave knight,how would you fight if you lost your teeth as well ? " Then I would bleed on my enemy ! "

Besides,incredible talent, that attitude helps explain the '85 Bears as well as 'furniture',don't it ?

Dang glad to hear,you'll never root for the Cowboys ( I don't even like picking them for my fantasy football team ) and here's hoping in our lifetime the Browns meet the Bears in the Super Bowl. ( Obviously, with tastefully done Norwalk logo furniture selling like hotcakes in both cities )


Oh no not that place up north


Where in Norwalk can I Buy this and other Norwalk furniture? Its a shame it can't be found here. Nothing like not supporting local retail outlets in the home of the above mentioned company. I am sure the Gerkin family would be proud. Mac