ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - Willard burglar, drug dealer gets 4-year prison term

A Willard man was sentenced to four years in prison Tuesday for separate charges of burglary and selling heroin. Jason E. Maye, 23, of 818 Main St., Apt. 3A, will serve an 11-month sentence on trafficking in heroin at the same time he is doing four years for an Oct. 3 armed robbery at an Austin Drive apartment. He also was fined $500 for the burglary. Prosecutors agreed to dismiss one count each of aggravated robbery and aggravated burglary during a Dec. 13 plea hearing. Maye's heroin conviction was from an unrelated Aug. 27 incident.
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


A Willard man was sentenced to four years in prison Tuesday for separate charges of burglary and selling heroin.

Jason E. Maye, 23, of 818 Main St., Apt. 3A, will serve an 11-month sentence on trafficking in heroin at the same time he is doing four years for an Oct. 3 armed robbery at an Austin Drive apartment. He also was fined $500 for the burglary.

Prosecutors agreed to dismiss one count each of aggravated robbery and aggravated burglary during a Dec. 13 plea hearing. Maye's heroin conviction was from an unrelated Aug. 27 incident.

Maye and two other men are accused of entering the Willard apartment and brandishing a firearm "in an attempt to gain property and cash," a prosecutor said in October. Investigators have accused Willard resident Ryan M. Forte, 21, of 410 E. Walton St., Lot 23, of holding the weapon on a husband and wife.

"It ended up being a big CO2 pistol, which we later recovered," Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Dane Howard said in October.

An interview with Maye several hours after the incident led to deputies finding Forte and a third accomplice, Byron A. Lovo. Deputies used a search warrant on East Walton Street and seized a stolen digital camera, some of the victim's money and bandanas the men are believed used to cover their faces during the robbery, Sgt. Annette McLaughlin said earlier.

McLaughlin has said the suspects removed the victims' telephone, so the woman reported the robbery at the Willard police station.

Forte faces a Feb. 26 trial on one count of aggravated robbery and two counts of aggravated burglary. He was released from the Huron County Jail on Oct. 18 after posting a $60,000 bond.

Lovo, 20, of 116 Second St., Willard, faces similar charges as Forte's in a March 18 trial. He was released from jail Oct. 12 after posting a $40,000 bond.

In an unrelated hearing Tuesday, Sheryl S. Pero, 46, of Fremont, was sentenced to up to six months in a form of prison which focuses on education and substance abuse treatment as part of her three years in probation for trafficking in cocaine. Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff said the woman also was fined $500 for the Bellevue drug transaction.


re to sick (An...

I'm glad you have the ability to know somehow what I have and have not wrote. If you know me so well then you know I have no room to talk or put down anyone else's children on here. As far as dealers and narcs I call them as I see them. If that bothers you then I guess you better find a new hobby. Looks like you spend alot of time on here reading blogs to see if you ESP can figure out who wrote what. Wish I had your powers. Shame on you for putting word's in my mouth!!

ha (Anonymous)

you are so funny

re to sick (An...

Enough said. I don't have the time to sit and play games. Have fun, since what you are doing seems to pleasure you so much. I'm not going to play games with the invisible person. And one more thing, can you send me some books on ESP, I'd really like to try and figure out who keeps trashing my family on here when they are not even on the blog. I'd really appricate it. I'm sure you know my address, with ESP and all.

me (Anonymous)

sure do! But don't really give a SH*T

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well, now thats confusing to me. You don't give a sh!t but you are on here putting me in the spotlight. You must care some, now come on admit it. Just a little right??

Buddah (Anonymous)

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you're too funny. Thats gonna get you some cr@p.

buddah (Anonymous)

i dont care people are always out to dog on someone for something trust me i still get crap when i come back to willard but oh well just because some one messed up in the past doesnt mean they cant change there life around, if you talk like this about some ones family for no reason that just means you have issyes of your own and to not even have the b@lls to say who you are you must feel like a real hard a$$

mbrt (Anonymous)

you guys ever hear of vigilante justice? the daltons and the rest of 'em would be paying dearly if they even looked at my kid. not a threat, that's a goddamn promise!

mbrt (Anonymous)

how about a response dalton's? you motherf$%*^s make me sick. i just might whip your a$$ when i see you again, punk. stay in willard, cause if you come up here again....

mbrt (Anonymous)

nice name, buddah. let us know when you grow up and get a real name.

n. huron county...

mbrt, if you're waiting for a response, it'll be a while. they still haven't come down off their buzzzzz yet.

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he is a grown man, married with 3 children. And Buddah is his name O, B U D D A H and B U D D A H was his name O!! Sorry Buddah, couldn't resist!!, lol

mrbt (Anonymous)

good one

buddah (Anonymous)

ok funny haha but anyways lets get some stuff straight the reason i use this name is because this is what people knew me by in willard and im not trying to hide when i say something that other people might not like so i want you to know who i am! if you dont like what i say come see me about it! as far as dave dalton goes he is a piece of shi+ yeah i was on drugs at one time and i did do some dumb stuff but i learned from my misstakes and have turned my life around he is just a loser!

buddah (Anonymous)

he deserves everything he getts either by courts or by anyone else! what goes around comes around i had to learn that the hard way myself

hmmm (Anonymous)

There's not much to be done about the way the Huron county common pleas court, prosecutor and Adult probation department mishandled the Dalton-Hicks case. But I know several people who have already mailed their letters to the Ohio Attorney Generals. I have also heard their have been petetions being started to send their also. It will not change this case but hopefully change the way some future cases are handled. The same laws should apply to all. I look foward to see Huron counties response when they are questioned and investigated not just over this case but many others like it. Need more info, just visit the Ohio Attorney General's website and you can get the information you need there. It's time we start fighting back and get justice for all!!

justice (Anonymous)

maybe Richland county should come over and show them how to put these guys away. Has anyone noticed in the past several years all our "big" dealers have been caught and are serving time thanks to Richalnd county? Huron county--watch how they do it and learn something. I think the person who has the ideal to contact the Ohio Attorney Generals office has a good ideal--LETS CLEAN UP THE JUSTICE SYSTEM IN HURON COUNTY!

mrbt (Anonymous)

richland county is a joke, too. they are corrupt, their judges are lame as hell, and they are incompetent. believe me, shelby is getting almost as bad as willard. heroin is everywhere...plymouth, shiloh, lexington, ontario, you name it.

mrbt to buddah ...

sorry about those comments i made yesterday. i apologize. it's just that the people in willard are a freakin' joke! i have had two friends from there o.d., remember Rizo? it will go on & on as long as the stackhouses of the world call the shots over there. i still have family there, but i can't even drive thru that goddamn dump. get the hell out of there people! your city council....a joke. your p.d. even bigger joke. your schools...over-rated (i went to school there, so don't tell me otherwise). it is a town of the haves and have-nots. if you have money & a big name, you'll do o.k., but if you don't, forget it! you are a little town that thinks it's a big town. take a serious hard look at will not like what you see.

swiss family......

it is ashame that we can't get past all of the location differences, and try to work together on trying to get drugs out of the entire area. it doesn't matter if its in willard, norwalk, or plymouth.. drugs are killing our future.. we need to work together, and try to get rid of the problem to save our kids, and really, when all of the boundry lines disappear, isn't that what matters to us all the most?

buddah (Anonymous)

yes i do remember rizo he was my uncle. there is nothing that will ever be done in that town because when the cops bust someone they go to them get them to snitch on some one else put that person back on the street to do the same thing they were doing so yeah it looks great on the cops cause they have all these bustes but in turn nothing is solved by doing it. One thing i do have to say is that the P D there has weeded out some of the cops that were into just as much stuff as the people they arrested (coffmen)

buddah re hmmm ...

its not hard to figure out what happened in the dalton hicks case, just like i said the cops make a bust get that person to snitch and put them back on the street, HIcks gets 11 months Dalton gets probation with much worse charges than hicks of course the courts arnt going to tell you that they will have some BS to say but i would bet the farm on that is exactly what happened, to solve the problem stop offering the guys freedom if they snitch just leave them sit and make the cops do their jobs not everyone else doing it for them!

mrbt (Anonymous)

good point, buddah.

btw...i really miss mark.

buddah (Anonymous)

yeah we all do, that was an eye opener for me

mrbt (Anonymous)

me, too. i didn't even know he was doing that stuff. when i found out, it hit me like a mack truck. we burned a little rope, but never that junk.

re: to buddah (...

Willard's biggest druggy is todd pickle ,he never has to do time ,He's willard's biggest NARK,just ask the w. p.d , here he's wildly known to scratch their backs. He never has to do any time.AS long as he is loose, the drug's will be here too.HE even turn's in his own relative's in.A real looser,you would think after loosing his 8 year daughter to drug's, he'd straighten up for her memory.

My Two Cents (A...

I think we should get out of the multi county drug task force. I just don't see where there doing much for us here in Huron County. We should pool the money we pay to the task force form a comity with the Judge, Prosecutor and a few officers in each Dept. and get the Dealers off the streets before it too late!! I just don't see where this multi county drug task force is doing much for Huron County.

re to budda (An...

you forgot the main one--sexton!! then the chiefs wife, I'm sure alot of you remember that one, and her daddy was chief, connect the dots. Drunk, wrecked, killed innocent young girls, swept under the carpet, enough said

it (Anonymous)

really burns me that wpd says they don't have enough on Dalton to put him away. What ever happened to "protect and serve". 2 months probation. Where's that article at. Haven't seen it yet. This is going to piss off a lot of people. And it should. Going to the Attorney Generals Office is not a bad idea. Looks like the community needs to take a stand. Where's the petition? I will sign it.