ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - Willard burglar, drug dealer gets 4-year prison term

A Willard man was sentenced to four years in prison Tuesday for separate charges of burglary and selling heroin. Jason E. Maye, 23, of 818 Main St., Apt. 3A, will serve an 11-month sentence on trafficking in heroin at the same time he is doing four years for an Oct. 3 armed robbery at an Austin Drive apartment. He also was fined $500 for the burglary. Prosecutors agreed to dismiss one count each of aggravated robbery and aggravated burglary during a Dec. 13 plea hearing. Maye's heroin conviction was from an unrelated Aug. 27 incident.
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


A Willard man was sentenced to four years in prison Tuesday for separate charges of burglary and selling heroin.

Jason E. Maye, 23, of 818 Main St., Apt. 3A, will serve an 11-month sentence on trafficking in heroin at the same time he is doing four years for an Oct. 3 armed robbery at an Austin Drive apartment. He also was fined $500 for the burglary.

Prosecutors agreed to dismiss one count each of aggravated robbery and aggravated burglary during a Dec. 13 plea hearing. Maye's heroin conviction was from an unrelated Aug. 27 incident.

Maye and two other men are accused of entering the Willard apartment and brandishing a firearm "in an attempt to gain property and cash," a prosecutor said in October. Investigators have accused Willard resident Ryan M. Forte, 21, of 410 E. Walton St., Lot 23, of holding the weapon on a husband and wife.

"It ended up being a big CO2 pistol, which we later recovered," Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Dane Howard said in October.

An interview with Maye several hours after the incident led to deputies finding Forte and a third accomplice, Byron A. Lovo. Deputies used a search warrant on East Walton Street and seized a stolen digital camera, some of the victim's money and bandanas the men are believed used to cover their faces during the robbery, Sgt. Annette McLaughlin said earlier.

McLaughlin has said the suspects removed the victims' telephone, so the woman reported the robbery at the Willard police station.

Forte faces a Feb. 26 trial on one count of aggravated robbery and two counts of aggravated burglary. He was released from the Huron County Jail on Oct. 18 after posting a $60,000 bond.

Lovo, 20, of 116 Second St., Willard, faces similar charges as Forte's in a March 18 trial. He was released from jail Oct. 12 after posting a $40,000 bond.

In an unrelated hearing Tuesday, Sheryl S. Pero, 46, of Fremont, was sentenced to up to six months in a form of prison which focuses on education and substance abuse treatment as part of her three years in probation for trafficking in cocaine. Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff said the woman also was fined $500 for the Bellevue drug transaction.


Wow (Anonymous)

Isn't it funny how the 2 biggest herion dealers in Willard get justice. One of the men who broke into there house and stole there drug money is already convicted.

How many kids lives have these two taken. And they are still doing it. Well I guess the jokes on us. The real kicker is he is on SSI now.

HEROIN (Anonymous)

whats realy ironic is Maye was actually charged with Dalton's heroin he stole from him, how's that sound!! Too bad Dalton couldn't be charged also because it was stolen from him. No such luck though.

mt (Anonymous)

Maye was a jerk when he was younger, he's really going places after he's just a waste of my tax money. He should be so proud of his accomplishments. So is he detoxing or setting up connections to send it in to prison.

The comment (An...

I thought was the funniest, is were the suspects removed the victims phone so Mrs. Dalton had to go to the police station to report the robbery. Come on now, There drug dealers, are you telling me she didn't have a cell phone. lol. She was just killing time so they could get all the other illegal drugs out of the appartment.

Who rents to people like this anyway. If I was the landlord, I sure wouldn't want my property to be use for drug dealing. Wouldn't even want my name associated with it.

lol (Anonymous)

yeah, that was a good one!! I think alot of people caught that. Who uses their home phone for drug dealing, when it can be tapped, duh. They have several cell phone just like most dealers.

WILLARD (Anonymous)

The whole town is in shambles. Even the largest employer in Willard buys into the heroin game. CSX has working in their management operation a guy who was charged with (6) heroin felonies and was Dalton's other right hand man. Old Shane Chimp...did little time for his crimes either. he probably ratted on dalton. But, way to go CSX...that is representing good people. I thought CSX had something called "Conduct Unbecoming" of our company. That just goes to show you how low the entire town has fallen.

to WILLARD (Ano...

nd they fired a man who had been there for years for testing positive for weed!!! I remember quite a few years ago they fired a man who had been there all his life and was ready ro retire because they found weed on his property. They took his retirement from him, job and utimitely he lost his life trying to stay warm in his vehicle. Froze to death right out on Centerton South Rd. and Townline 12, right across from where he had been employeed for many many years. Now that is some sad sh!!. But let convicted heroin dealers keep their jobs. He didn't even go to prison and had work release for what little time he had spent. And how ironic, now his great nefwew is going to prison for giving Dalton a ride. Dalton does a meer 2 months probation. OMG what a system we have!!

To: The Comment...

Stackhouse aka Willard Rental Properties rents to people like that and even hires people like that.

stackhouse (Ano...

he doesn't care where he gets his money from. Its all green to him. Wonder how many people have overdosed from there and stackhouse has gotten the money. Probally even getting a cutt from Dalton.

wow, (Anonymous)

why isn't this page rockin like the other one. everyone must have missed it. Oh, but just wait till they find it. Stay tuned to the next exciting episode of hillbilly heroin ohio.

just wondering ...

how did this guy get so much time and everyone else walks?? Maybe there was no one left to narc on??? Dalton already got them all, lol. You can bet if dalton would have gotten busted with the drugs maye stole from him he wouldn't be doing 4 years. sing little bird sing.

how long (Anonymous)

just wonder how long its gonna take to get the rest of the scum off our streets? possibly when one of our kids die from an overdose from the needles they discard in our yards. get them all guys clean this scum hole up!!!

just wondering ...

why is hicks in jail? anyone know. thought he got away and was doing good. it doesdn't say he got in trouble on the court page? probally something to do with his girlfriend. she is trash just like her sister who is in prison. hope they take her baby because shes not a good mom and shaun is not a good dad. they are heroin addicts.

what r u talkin...

Lindsay and Shawn are together. Hicks is not with her. They have a beautiful little girl and have there own place. I think you are confused??

bull (Anonymous)

lindsay has been with andy for almost a year, on and off. Even though she still lives with shawn. He doesn't work and hicks does. Andys her sugarpappy, well not anymore since he went to jail from what i heard. thats why he went to jail i heard is because he isn't supposed to be with her from his po rules.??? thats messed up but so is our laws

how do these st...

far off base. This is about a man getting 4 years for robbing dalton?? Now its all about Hicks and Lindsay?? Is there a connection I'm missing??

duh (Anonymous)

2 words to connect the dots....HEROIN....DALTON

Dalton...drug dealer who spends no time

Hicks....who gave Dalton a ride in 06 and has done alot of time and is doing time now for the same 06 case.

Maye....another one of Daltons customers who just happened to rob him and is being sent to prison.

Lindsay...another one of Daltons customers, living with convicted drug dealer Shaun Neidiemier and their daughter. Who for lack of a better word is, prostituting, herself to Hicks for drug money.

Hope this clears up all the confusion. But this story is actually about Jason Maye.

to duh (Anonymous)

where do you fit into this story since you seem to know all about it

hmmm (Anonymous)

wouldn't you like to know!!

to duh (Anonymous)

if so many people know all this then why is it allowed to go on?? Why aren't they all in jail? Why is only the Hicks boy? Does he buy it for her or give her the money? Is that why he's in jail?

don't know (Ano...

why they aren't in jail? well I read on here hicks is in jail but it doesn't say why. maybe he was buying it for her and got busted but then it would be in the paper?? Guess we'll have to wait and see. I thought he was a good kid?? I know he is very handsome and very tall. Looks like a nice young man, who would have guessed??

I know (Anonymous)

who got hicks using, sherri ristor, karen dickerson and his brothers girlfriend julie polacheck, but thats just what I heard thru the years

Names: (Anonymous)

THicks=Heroin Dealer/Addict


They related?

to names (Anonymous)

its not t hicks, but yeah you got the = right, its a hicks, big difference

The only reason...

hick's name was brought up Is because his mom started it. Talking about how unfair it was for him to spend time in jail. We all know, there all users, some are dealers. Some prefer weed, others heroin, crack, or what ever drug they prefer.

I personally believe, you reep what you sew. It sounds to me like this kid was just begging to get into trouble. I mean, you give a known drug dealer a ride to columbus, knowing full well the reason why. He should have known he would be the one taking the wrap. He justs the peeon.

You can spend time in jail, and still be the biggest narc, in town. And there is not one thing on here that the cops don't already know. And half the town in Willard.

to the last pos...

And if she did could anyone blame her. Put yourselves in her shoes. I'm sure she doesn't enjoy any of the "stardom" he is recieving right now. I know her and believe me when she gets on here we will all know she's here. I'm sure this rag blog is the furthest thing from her mind right now. I saw here earlier tonight and she was trying to get things ready for her grandsons birthday party tomorrow. She didn't even stop to chat. I could see the pain in her eyes so I didn't even try talk to her. I hope this is all gone before she gets on here and reads it if she does at all? Just remember the ones you are dogging could very well turn out to be your own someday.

Well (Anonymous)

I'm a father who has walked in her shoes, but you don't hear me coming on here, crying about. These kids out there made there own choice. I know her to. She's probably the reason why her son is on drugs in the first place. And as far as her not doing drugs. HA! She just gets them prescribed for her.

to the last pos...

I don't see where anyone is crying about anything. All I see is how there is such a big gap in our judicial system. Its is by far the worst I have seen in all my years. Perfect example is from the other page-Dalton vs Hicks, explain it?? The big time dealer with a record a mile long get 2 months probation and the dumb kid who gives him a ride gets slammed! Anyone who can honestly sit here and say somethings not wrong with that picture needs there head checked. And I'm sure as I am there is a God above she would never give or be the reason her son is doing drugs. And shame on you to leave such a nasty remark like that and then not even have the balls to reveal yourself. And you say you're a man, a b@lless one I see. Shame on you. You say you have been threw this with your child then you should know where this women is coming from and come together not judge. You sound like a real piece of work!! I can only say I hope she reads this and can find out who you are or knows who you are and have you for slander. Shame on you. I'm sure her son would have a few things to say to you also.

who is this art...

read the article---who is this about---this is not the trash the parents page here. I'm sure 99% of these kids did not get their drugs from their parents, unless they stole them. I have a medicine cabinet full of med's even some good pain pills, so if my kids turn out to be heroin addicts thats my fault. Come say it to my face Mr.! Who did your kid learn it from?? How dare you sit in judgement of others espically when your own are addicts. You must be the lowest of lows. Sounds like to me you might have a little guilty conscience there.

What happened to everyone having to give their email address starting Febuary because I want yours. I hope this women can find out who you are. Since you seem to have to hide behind your screen. Come on Reflector make him give it up and let this lady sue him for slander. Maybe her son who has the problem would like him to say it to him. Most sons would be very offended by some a$$ accusing their own mothers of turning them on to drugs. I hope you get your's Mr.

For the Childre...

What about her. Come on, its ok for her to talk the way she does, about people on here. Naming names. These people have innocent children. Some have read her comments already. Now you tell me. When these children get ridiculed in school, or beat up. Or even worse. How is she going to feel then. There is a big difference between, talking about the injustice her son has gotten. And Slandering other people herself.