Suspended Western Reserve student to have hearing in January

Local teen accused of threatening to kill teacher and several students.
Cary Ashby
Dec 23, 2013

A suspended Western Reserve High School student is scheduled to have a hearing in early January in connection with threatening to kill a teacher and several students.

Western Reserve Local Schools Superintendent Rodge Wilson said the hearing will take place "some time when we get back in January." The district's Christmas break runs from Monday through Jan. 3.

Tuesday's incident remains under investigation by the Huron County Sheriff's Office. Wilson said he was notified the boy received a 10-day suspension "with an intent to expel (him)."

"We are acting on our board policies. We are working all related agencies to ensure the safety of all out students and the student involved," the superintendent said.

Wilson said explained the due process for all students that Western must follow for all discipline hearings. During the proceedings, the superintendent hears feedback from the principal who took the initial disciplinary measures and the student.

"That happens during a possible expulsion or a suspension appeal hearing," said Wilson, who was notified this week of the need for such a proceeding.

"I have just a general idea of the incident that happened at the school (Tuesday). Per the board policy, I was notified," he said.

At the hearing, the principal gives all the background information on the student, including attendance, behavior, grades and academic performance.

"I am required to consider all that when rendering a decision," Wilson said. Afterward, he said he has to "render a non-biased opinion based on statements and fact."

At Western, the administrators presenting the student's information would be assistant Principal Chris Sheldon or Principal Lisa Border. Wilson said most often it's been Sheldon.

The 14-year-old Wakeman boy remains at the Seneca County youth detention center pending a court-ordered psychological evaluation.