Search continues for Burger King robbers

Armed robbery takes place at Willard fast-food restaurant.
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Dec 21, 2013


Authorities continue searching for the suspect and his accomplice who reportedly robbed the city's Burger King Thursday evening and made off with hundreds of dollars.

"We get our occasional robbery out here, but nothing like this. You don't hear that everyday, a drive-thru getting robbed," said Police Chief Mark Holden.

A clerk who answered the phone at the Conwell Avenue restaurant said the business was open as usual.

The clerk, who was waiting on the suspects at the drive-thru window at about 9 p.m., described the masked driver as a Hispanic male based on his accent and color of skin, Holden said.

The robber's female passenger may also be Hispanic, but the clerk didn't get a good look at her. The only detail the clerk remembered was that the passenger has long dark straight hair, Holden said.

The store immediately closed its doors and the investigation was launched by Willard police. Everyone was interviewed at the scene shortly after the incident but will be again interviewed separately as part of the investigation.

The cashier who was working the drive-thru window and robbed was scheduled to be formally interviewed later Friday.

"We get our initial information at the scene, but then you want everyone locked into their story," Holden said.

The witnesses, which include four other employees who were worked Thursday, will be interviewed in the same manner.

During the hold-up, there were no patrons in the restaurant, Holden also said.

While the robber told the cashier he had a weapon, she didn't see it.

Meanwhile, witnesses got a good look at the vehicle, a steel blue colored Ford Explorer, but because that model was mass produced, finding it isn't going to be easy, said Holden.

The suspects' vehicle also had Sharpnack, a local automotive dealer, license plate holders on it, so police interviewed the employees at that business Friday morning.

"We talked to everyone there and they just said, 'Yeah, we sell a lot of them,'" Holden said.

"There's a million of them out there," Holden said of the Ford Explorer.

In fact, using specializing databases, police were able to access a report of every Ford Explorer sold between 2002 to 2007 in Huron County. But, there are so many of the vehicles, it turned out to be a 20-page report, Holden said.

Furthermore, just because the vehicle had Sharpnack plate holders on it doesn't mean it was purchased at that auto-dealer, Holden said.

The investigation remains ongoing and police also are fielding calls they are getting from the public to assist in finding the robbers.

Anyone with information that could lead to an arrest continue to be encouraged to call Willard Police Department at (419) 933-2561.



I would think there would have been security cameras everywhere that would've captured that license plate number... Sounds like a inside job...


C 'mon man....inside


I think inside job too- the Hamburglar!


Is this all you do? My god! Do you sit home on welfare? Because this is all I see is you commenting on stuff like this! Get a life! How do you know either way if it was an inside job? Karma's a b


Oh yea... smells of BS. No gun. No cameras. Couldnt they just shut the window? And Hispanic? Come the f*** on. hahaha Definately an inside job.


It looks like one person took taken it to the extreme when he or they heard the song HAVE IT YOUR WAY.I hope they catch the peron or people that did this