Local teen accused of threatening to kill teacher, students with AK-47

School district waited two days to report it to authorities.
Scott Seitz
Dec 20, 2013


A 14-year-old Wakeman boy is in custody after allegedly threatening to kill a teacher and several students at Western Reserve High School.

"Detective Rich Larson went out to the school (Thursday) to pick up a statement and he had no idea what it was," Huron County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said.

"He learned that on Tuesday, there was an incident at the high school where a 14-year-old freshman boy threatened to kill a teacher and several students," Patrick said.

"The boy said he had access to an AK-47, he would go and get the gun and come back and kill them," Patrick said.

Patrick said the sheriff's office wasn't notified for two days.

"We went and located the kid and arrested him at his Wakeman home," he said. "The school had suspended the student Tuesday and notified Children's Services, but we didn't learn about this until 48 hours later," Patrick said.

The boy was charged with inducing panic at an educational facility, which is a second-degree felony, and aggravated menacing, a first-degree misdemeanor.

The boy was transported to the Seneca County youth detention center.

Patrick said during interviews, the boy admitted he was angry at other students in the school whom he claimed were bullying him.

"The boy said he has shot at people in the past," Patrick said.

Patrick said a group of deputies, along with himself, will spend a good portion of today at the school interviewing teachers, administration and students.

"Detective Larson discovered the complaint at 2 p.m. (Thursday) and we then took action and arrested the child," Patrick said.

"That it took two days to report this is disturbing at best," he added. "We will thoroughly investigate this matter."

Patrick said teachers, staff and administration are obligated by the Ohio Revised Code to report a crime if one occurs.

Patrick said this investigation is far from complete.

"We don't have any reason to believe this student was acting in concert with anyone else," he said. "But, we will investigate that to know for sure."



Law Enforcement should be angry. How can they protect anyone if they don't know? All I can say is wow.


No surprises there. I've complained many times to The Principal as well as Vice. Nothing done, and this was years ago. It will take a kid like this to not say anything and really follow through for them to take action on bullying. I see that it continues. It was occurring in 2008-2011 that's for sure. I think the Vice Principal likes to model himself after some sort of Gestapo. What a joke! Set the example or become one, I always say.

what the?

Someone is going to be in trouble............in today's society...this just can't happen!


Inducing panic?? His lawyer will get that dropped. Obviously no one panicked.


Sure they did...the Sheriff's Dept panicked when they finally heard about it!

Fibber Mcgee

Why would any school admin not report this to the police?? What were they thinking, that this would just go away?

I Can Read

I'm glad to see the school dealing with things on there own again. Why does the law have to be called everytime somebody speaks in haste. Obviously the school didn't take it very serious and nothing happened. When I was in school everybody was always shouting " I'm gonna kill you". Now if you say that the swat team gets called in. Kids can't be kids anymore, arrest the parents for being poor examples and leave the kid alone. He is only as good as his role models and the examples they have given him.

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The school was in the wrong dummy. Staff and administration are obligated by the Ohio Revised Code to report a crime.

I Can Read

Ok I'm the dummy, you haven't a clue what's in the Ohio Revised Code. Lol I bet you "know your rights" too.

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I do.


That's name calling. Immature, take it somewhere else.


@rickross- thank you!


Do you see the news and the school shootings? It's not a joking matter.


Everybody shouting I'm gonna kill you? Yeh. Everyone was always shouting I'm gunna bring in an ak-47 when I was in school too. I'm sure that's what all his role models were saying to him too. I'd like to slap you and your role models for being so ignorant


Ohio Revised Code Section 2151.421 (A)(1)(a) states, "No person described in division (A)(1)(b) of this section who is acting in an official or professional capacity and knows, or has reasonable cause to suspect based on facts that would cause a reasonable person in a similar position to suspect, that a child under eighteen years of age or a mentally retarded, developmentally disabled, or physically impaired child under twenty-one years of age has suffered or faces a threat of suffering any physical or mental wound, injury, disability, or condition of a nature that reasonably indicates abuse or neglect of the child shall fail to immediately report that knowledge or reasonable cause to suspect to the entity or persons specified in this division..."

In short, an official of the School MUST report all threats that may end with the harm or death of students, especially when a history (as stated by the interviewed officer, ""The boy said he has shot at people in the past," Patrick said.") is given as probable cause.

Hope this clarifies why the government has to be called in, because the government says that it must be called in.

Outdoor Jane

Lets wait for the facts before you cast stones. There's always more to the story. I just hope they get anyone thinking of cruel things the help they need before they hurt someone or themselves. This is a sad story for everyone. Nobody should have to worry about their kids safety.


Fact is parents should have been informed before reading it in the paper!


Your 100% right. What were those school administrators thinking? A dangerous situation existed and not one parent was informed! Time for the School board to look into this horse manure.


For sure!


I can think of two, one FOR SURE that should be held accountable and removed.


Well i'm pretty sure that all these gun threats that have been popping up lately have nothing to do with schools not doing anything about bullying. You hear all these conspiracy freaks say that when kids are bullied, this is how they retaliate. What an imagination those people have...


joe biden would say "use a shotgun".


No one was informed of this threat until they read it in the paper including staff and parents. Rumors have it there was a hit list including teachers and students, none of which were informed. This is NOT stuff to mess around with these days. Yes, it is sad the world has come to this, but information is our best weapon. Imagine if the kid would have come to school early and a staff member let him in the building not knowing what his intentions were. I wonder if the powers that be wanted to 'protect the identity of the accused' and 'not spread gossip'? Isn't that backward thinking? Shouldn't the priority be to protect the ones threatened? Someone messed up. If staff and parents were properly informed with the FACTS there wouldn't be gossip and rumors!! They really should know better being a small town school district.


Does anyone know what went on there this afternoon? For them to put the elementary in lockdown? I was informed there was a "situation" at the high school and they were locking down the elementary school. And if I wanted to take my children home itt was ok... but that's the most info I was given...


All I can say is the teachers at the school need to be replaced and the child should not be allowed back at school and should be locked up till he reaches 21 , The teachers should have reported it even if it terned out to be wrong and nothin ever happened , In light of the shooting in other places around the country , you would think that there would be a zero tolerence toward threats in any school . weather it be grade school or collage ,
You know , as much as I hate haiving to have police at the schools I think its a good idea as well as I think they should pass a law tha says that metel detectors should be installed as well , and all the students would be required to enter as well as exit one entrace and have camaras at all exits as well


1. How do you propose to raise the funding for metal detectors AND an active police presence when most districts can't pass a levy?
2. All the teachers need to be replaced? A teacher is required to and will report information of concern. It's up to the administration to determine whether it should go further than the building. Don't blame the teachers.


That is your basic union butt covering of a teacher. If I was a teacher and was doing my job of protecting those children, I wouldn't hesitate to call the authorities myself. If you think I'm going to wait for the superintendent to make a decision you are wrong. You sound like someone that would be too busy making excuses and waiting for your union to take care of you. Too bad for the kids.


WTF seriously?? The school didnt report it until 2 days later?? Are they incredibly stupid? sounds like they were waiting for the kid to follow through on his threat...they should of had him arrested the moment he made the threat!! BUT wait they suspended him (yea that'll keep him from still entering the school with a gun) The school sure knows how to handle the safety of others there...not!


Look, everyone is going to hate me for saying this, but I don't like how everyone is dismissing that this kid was bullied (which is why he made the threat according to Patrick) and focusing more on the fact that the kid made the threat, and now everyone is saying "lock him up and throw away the key!". Making threats is not right, but at least have some sympathy for the poor kid. It's difficult to not let bullies bother you anymore, they'll do anything (and I mean anything) to get under your skin, and it doesn't help that the schools aren't doing anything about it. So while it's not right to make threats as I've said before, schools still have to be open to threats and expect them to be made at one point or another if they aren't going to do anything about bullying, because bullies will provoke other students into doing things like this. It's been happening too often lately, so don't tell me i'm wrong. If schools were to do something about bullying, this would happen a lot less and if the schools cared, they'd do it. But they haven't, so they apparently don't care about the safety of other students or themselves.