Local teen accused of threatening to kill teacher, students with AK-47

School district waited two days to report it to authorities.
Scott Seitz
Dec 20, 2013


A 14-year-old Wakeman boy is in custody after allegedly threatening to kill a teacher and several students at Western Reserve High School.

"Detective Rich Larson went out to the school (Thursday) to pick up a statement and he had no idea what it was," Huron County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said.

"He learned that on Tuesday, there was an incident at the high school where a 14-year-old freshman boy threatened to kill a teacher and several students," Patrick said.

"The boy said he had access to an AK-47, he would go and get the gun and come back and kill them," Patrick said.

Patrick said the sheriff's office wasn't notified for two days.

"We went and located the kid and arrested him at his Wakeman home," he said. "The school had suspended the student Tuesday and notified Children's Services, but we didn't learn about this until 48 hours later," Patrick said.

The boy was charged with inducing panic at an educational facility, which is a second-degree felony, and aggravated menacing, a first-degree misdemeanor.

The boy was transported to the Seneca County youth detention center.

Patrick said during interviews, the boy admitted he was angry at other students in the school whom he claimed were bullying him.

"The boy said he has shot at people in the past," Patrick said.

Patrick said a group of deputies, along with himself, will spend a good portion of today at the school interviewing teachers, administration and students.

"Detective Larson discovered the complaint at 2 p.m. (Thursday) and we then took action and arrested the child," Patrick said.

"That it took two days to report this is disturbing at best," he added. "We will thoroughly investigate this matter."

Patrick said teachers, staff and administration are obligated by the Ohio Revised Code to report a crime if one occurs.

Patrick said this investigation is far from complete.

"We don't have any reason to believe this student was acting in concert with anyone else," he said. "But, we will investigate that to know for sure."



"Bullying" has been going on for YEARS. Face it, we were all bullied as kids. If today's zero-tolerance rules would allow the victims to fight back, things wouldn't have gotten this bad. This kid could have punched the bully in the stomach on the playground and that would have ended it. Taking away this kid's right to stand up for himself probably led to his frustration.


I used to tell my kids all the time that back in the day, we would have handled things in the restroom or on the play ground. And you're right when you say 'that would have ended it'.


I agree with you, Quailman. I think what you've said is spot-on. It's unfortunate that kids are allowed to continue to bully their peers. Western Reserve High School's hallways, last I knew, were covered with signs that advised students to report bullying to the office immediately. I'm pretty sure the student in question did this repeatedly, but wasn't helped. While some students are being put in ISS by the assistant principal for the most ridiculous reasons, other students are allowed to threaten, bully, make fun of and ridicule their classmates on a daily basis. I say they're 'allowed' because little or nothing is done to stop it when it's reported to the office. The asst. principal literally does nothing 90% of the time. So it continues, things get worse, kids get desperate, etc. etc.

I would sincerely hate to be the assistant principal right now. He's showing now, more than ever, that he can't handle his position. Maybe he's got too much on his plate and should delegate some things to THE PRINCIPAL? He's not the big fish in the little pond like he thinks he is. No one cares about his expensive clothes or his faux hawk. What parents want to see is him taking care of their kids, regardless of who they are, where they live or how they look. He really made a mess of things. It's not just this incident. It's a lot of things. It is a shame that it took something like this to bring it all to the surface.