Commissioners fire mechanic

Personnel file lists six "group offenses" committed while man was employed by Huron County.
Scott Seitz2
Dec 22, 2013


The Huron County commissioners have fired mechanic Lon Burton.

Burton, who had just served a 15-day suspension without pay for willful disregard of county polices and neglect of work, was terminated after a hearing Tuesday.

According to Burton's personnel file, he had committed at least six "group offenses" while being employed for the county.

Burton's 15-day suspension was due to an incident which took place Oct. 22.

The mechanic was given the task of preparing a 2003 Chevrolet pickup truck for road readiness. The vehicle was used by the transfer station/recycling center.

Burton's disciplinary report notes he didn't grease the ball joints, tie rods or U-joints on the truck.

The tail light, front marker light and license plate lights were also out and not repaired.

The windshield wipers were left worn and torn and the washer fluid was empty.

The battery terminals were not clean and the tire pressure was low.

The oil filter was also not "secured," the report stated.

In Burton's updated personnel file, a new November incident came to light where Burton was requested to fix the brakes on a red Ford Fusion assigned to the commissioners' office.

After Commissioner Tom Dunlap drove the vehicle, the vehicle was then serviced by an outside mechanic who noted the brakes had not been repaired.

A number of hearing involving the mechanic had been held over the years, according to Burton's personnel file.

The mechanic was also given a verbal warning on Oct. 5, 2012 for "not working on sheriff's office vehicles."

In December 2012, Burton was placed on administrative leave by the commissioners after being stopped for DUI by the Highway Patrol near Cambridge.

Dunlap said Thursday the commissioners could not say much about Burton's firing because it is a personnel matter.

Dunlap added department heads and elected officials will have to hire an outside mechanic to do repairs until and if a new mechanic is hired.



Norwalk's Water Department should hire you!

Whiskey Tango F...

Somebody's brother-in-law needs a job. Let's see who the "chosen one" will be.


kinda hard to grease when there are NO ZERK FITTINGS.


Look's like Dunlap is working for Howard as expected. Now that Bertons fired I'd like to hear his side of the story.

Ben Crazy

They dont need fittings moron they have needles to grease the ones without fittings!


up yours moron, and your moron mother's too..


I just want to know why this mans personal life had to be in the news paper. The verbal warnings, write up, suspension,and his firing are all his personal life. Why did the reflector feel the need to write about it, and broadcast it all over Norwalk, and the surrounding areas. Was it so he would possibly have a harder time finding another job? Just remember what goes around comes around Gal. 6:7

Ben Crazy

It should have remained private, i fully agree!


They may want to hire 2 for a replacement?


As I said before, someone wants his job.
How do they know if the brakes were bad or not?
The pads might not have been worn enough to warrant replacing.


You can take you car to any shop and they'll find something wrong trust me! Looks like it worked they got the job fixing it!

jack langhals

Lonny might have been working on a tight budget. I worked at county and needed vehicle service many times and they were always corrected as necessary .I was not in The Safety Department. I feel he certainly would have addressed the The Road Sheriff Cars as needed. Good luck Lonny, enjoy your retirement !