Dunlap: Airport farm rent to remain in general fund

In years past, those funds were typically turned over to the airport to assist in operations.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 6, 2014


Huron County recently received more than $9,000 in rent for land farmed on the airport property.

That money presently sits in the county's general fund.

In years past, those funds were typically turned over to the airport to assist in operations.

In the past 12 months, the commissioners have kept not only farm-rent funds, but also about $13,000 from the sale of trees and brush at the airport.

These new policies have not been well-received by airport supporters and some of the airport board members.


A story about this subject was published recently in the Norwalk Reflector.




that's fine and dandy. just don't go complaining that the general fund spent x number of dollars on the airport. these funds generated by the airport are required by law to be used to the benefit of the airport. when the time comes to use them, remember that it's the airports $ to begin with.


Errr. Like the people haven't paid for the airport/few the use it?


The commissioner are in violation of their agreements they signed for previous grants.
Any funds derived from the airport belong to the airport only and are to be turned over. By keeping them in the "general" fund means that those funds can be raided and spent on non airport programs.
The FAA can come in and start operating the airport properly, then hand the bill to the commissioners, That means that the taxpayers would have to pay far more and have lost local control of an important piece of infrastructure.
Everything the commissioner have done in regards to the airport over the last several years clearly show a concerted effort to ruin the airport's ability to be operated properly. This from those who are to insure that public infrastructure is maintained.

Fibber Mcgee

Do you really think the FAA wants to run a small airport that has more problems than planes? I would guess that the commissioners looked into this
violation before making this move, I can't believe that they did not know this before turning the money over to the general fund. Are you aware of anywhere the FAA has done this, Just Asking...


Read the requirements for getting the grants especially when used to obtain property.


Yeah give them their money back, this airport is helping keep our big corporations in Norwalk running. All the executives use it regularly. In addition, this airport is used by so many people, it certainly is a big part of Huron counties infrastructure that has been helping create all these jobs that keep coming to the area. Or better yet, sell the thing and let Baders have it, I'm sure the could use they space. This airport is only for rich boys with big toys and I'm tired of hearing them cry.


Better still, let's hold air races. Norwalk could be another Reno. That would bring LOTS of new fans to town. Instead of having tunnel vision, let's think outside the box. There are other options, especially since the commissioners' own 2011 Clark & Weinstock Report stated that it would be next to IMPOSSIBLE to sell that airport. The "Three Stooges" are living in a fantasy land and I'm tired of their negligent antics for which the taxpayers will end up footing the bill.