County sales tax holding steady, despite 'hiccup' in booze sales

Auditor Roland Tkach releases numbers.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 25, 2014


Auditor Roland Tkach remains cautiously optimistic about sales tax collection in Huron County.

Numbers recently released by Tkach reflect September sales.

The county brought in $719,378 in sales tax in September, up from $654,958 in September 2012.

Mom and Pop stores made up 30 percent of the newest total, while big-box stores, like Walmart and Kmart, accounted for 27 percent.

However, liquor sales slipped in September. "We had a hiccup with the liquor sales compared to last year," he said.

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All this county tax revenue comes from retailers/sales correct???

1 So what happens when the government slows on unemployment payouts?
2 runs out of other people's money to hand out to our heavily welfare dependent county?
3 those who remain employed, continue to keep the clamps on discretionary spending?
will there be layoffs within the nonessential public employee class?
or further cuts for the public??
it's only a matter of time....
who will be the first to suffer??
Those in the ruling class or those being ruled?


D@mn the Huron County residents for slacking on their liquor consumption!