GUILTY - Jury sides with prosecutors

Norwalk man convicted of being drug dealer.
Cary Ashby
Dec 19, 2013


A Norwalk man has been convicted of selling six Percocet pills to a confidential informant.

John A. Cory, 46, of 39 W. Seminary St., Apt. B, didn't testify during his two-day trial this week in Huron County Common Pleas Court. Jurors deliberated Wednesday for about one hour and 15 minutes before finding him guilty of one count of trafficking in oxycodone.

"I think the verdict was appropriate. I think we had strong evidence against John Cory," Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said after the trial.

"I think Daivia Kasper from the prosecutor's office did a great job representing the state," he added.

Kasper also was happy with the outcome.

"I'm pleased the jury considered all the evidence presented. I'm pleased with the guilty verdict. I'm very pleased the jury took the sale for $60 seriously," she said after the trial.

Cory's conviction is for a June 19, 2012 controlled drug buy at his apartment. The defendant, who remains out on bond, is subject to random drug screens.

The informant testified Tuesday he was in the Huron County Jail when he requested to speak to a detective about buying prescription pills from Cory since he had done so earlier. He was serving a 60- to 90-day sentence for failing to pay his fines for an unspecified Norwalk Municipal Court conviction at the time.

On the day of the transaction, Querin and another detective set the informant up with a wire, searched him for contraband. After not finding anything, they gave him three $20 bills. The detectives dropped the informant off seven minutes after the search and he walked to Cory's apartment.

The detectives conducted surveillance from a parking lot almost directly across from Cory's apartment. The informant had to walk behind the two-story house to reach the suspect's basement apartment.

"I asked him (Cory) if he had the pills I wanted. ... He said, 'Yeah,'" the informant said Tuesday. "I gave him the money once he gave me the pills."

Querin didn't have any prior experience with the man, but testified he was an informant for the Norwalk Police Department for drug sales "that led to convictions." Detective Bill Duncan, who briefly interviewed Cory during his mid-April arrest, testified Wednesday for the state.

"We will continue to step up the effort in arresting people who are selling narcotics in Huron County," Querin told the Reflector.

Huron County Public Defender David Longo didn't have any witnesses testify on Cory's behalf. The defendant will be sentenced Jan. 29.




Public Defender David Longo didn't have any witnesses testify on Cory's behalf...........John A. Cory,didn't testify during his two-day trial this week in Huron County Common Pleas Court..........Soooooooo, what was the defense? How was he defended? What was the point in a jury trial if only one side was heard from? In an earlier article it said " the informant, who also told the detectives there were no juveniles in the apartment, but there were three males there." the defense couldn't use them as a witness for Cory? We have to assume the man is innocent until proven guilty, and I realize it was up to the state/city to prove otherwise, as Cory did not have to prove himself not guilty. but it would have went a long way to have someone be able to corroborate his side of what went down. I am assuming of course that Cory is saying I'm not guilty so let me have a jury trial to show this.
I guess my next question would be how much did this trial cost and who paid for it?


Who's the snitch?

All taken

Reply: to the above comments, Who cares!!! He sold drugs he was found guilty. Put him away. If anything is going to be done in this town, there needs to be a crack down on drugs, whether it is $5.00 or $5,000.00 put their butts away. Lets stop this crap, it's gone on long enough!!!!


The only ones that want to know who the "snitch" is are the ones dealing the dope...screw your snitch info..I hope him and all the other drug idiots and thieves get put away for LIFE!! They are useless scum..God could have made a cute puppy out of their skin! Tired of the low lives..all of them..


@ All taken.... My point is this, people had to go to the courthouse to see if they were going to be part of the jury, some had to miss work to be there all day to see if they were going to be on the jury, and then to find out, no defense was going to be put on other than probably the opinion of the defense lawyer to try an create reasonable doubt , That was a waste of their time, and money lost for a day off work, unless the company you work for is willing to pay you for your time you spent waiting to find out if your going to be on the jury.In short I don't understand the reasoning for a jury trial if you have no defense to put on.


Cory's conviction is for a June 19, 2012 controlled drug buy at his apartment. wow ,so much for a speedy trial. or did he finally tell the cops he wouldnt set anymore people up for them and they decided to renig on their deal!

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Court records show that they subpenaed the snitch two or three times. The snitch was not located till recently.


I don't care if its police or criminals assisting police. If drugs are supposed to be illegal to buy, sell, or use. Then that's what they should be. It should not matter whether you're a police officer or D.E.A or other agency. If they set up a buy. They are buying drugs! They are calling and asking for them! The people that need to be caught are the people out there handing it out to anybody that passes by. Some of these people have no choice, and a lot of you people don't know what its like yet, but maybe you will be put in the position to sell something that you wouldn't normally think you would. I just don't believe this is the type of "drug dealer" we should be paying PROTECTED CRIMINALS to go after.


We need TOUGHER LAWS against drug dealers!!!!