Cops: Huffers 'must have a pretty serious death wish'

Norwalk woman caught with can in Walmart bathroom, police say
Cary Ashby
Dec 21, 2013

A Norwalk woman accused of being one of two local suspects who huffs harmful intoxicants -- an addiction police consider extremely dangerous -- remains behind bars.

Miranda L. Fligor, 28, of 56 1/2 Milan Ave., was indicted recently on abusing harmful intoxicants in connection with a Nov. 24 incident. If convicted, she faces six to 12 months behind bars. Her Huron County Common Pleas Court trial is set for Feb. 20.

Within two hours of Fligor being released from the Huron County Jail, the Norwalk Police Department responded to a possible huffing-related overdose at the residence where she was living. Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff has said officers found Fligor passed out in a bathtub.

This summer police arrested Fligor in connection with huffing cans of spray duster at the Norwalk Walmart.

The Aug. 14 incident reportedly happened when an employee walked into the bathroom. She saw one can fall to the floor from a stall and heard another one being discharged, Capt. Dave Smith said after Fligor's arrest.

After the employee forced the door open, she found Fligor fully clothed and the can up to her mouth, Smith said. The worker then called police. Smith said Fligor was alert enough to communicate, but seemed depressed.

North Central EMS transported the suspect to Fisher-Titus Medical Center for treatment.

Fligor faces three misdemeanor counts of abusing harmful intoxicants through Norwalk Municipal Court. Records indicate the charges are in connection with incidents on Aug. 9 and Oct. 15.

She isn't the only local resident accused of huffing.

On Dec. 8, Kane M. Ortman, 21, of 15 W. Washington St., was arrested in connection with huffing an air duster in the field between Grand and Glover avenues. Police said this was the second such incident in five days for the former Collins resident.

"Between the two of them, it's pretty bad," said Capt. Mike Conney, who believes it's possible for people to die instantaneously from huffing.

He said death could happen the first time or even the fourth a person huffs.

"It just depends," Conney said. "Any time I've seen someone (who has huffed), they're totally out of it or disoriented.

"You must have a pretty serious death wish to even try that," he added.

Fligor, who is on probation through municipal court, must post 10 percent of a $5,000 bond before being released from jail.



I'm gonna Huff & I'm gonna


if that aint rock bottom, I don't want to know what is..

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She looks like she's been through a sharknado.


I pray you pull your life together for those precious babies of yours.
God how sad!


brain cells getting fried with every huff,this kind of behavior is what you would expect from someone in jr.high. how long have these two been huffing? mc is right about people dying from this,it can kill you faster than cigerettes.


You can actually die from huffing your first time. She's been doing this crap since jr high... I pray you get it together mirda... just bc your parents didn't doesn't mean my mama didnt raise you better than this.

Simple Enough II

Let me guess, we are expected and take care of these folks when they have fried enough brain cells. I have lost any and all compassion for these idiots.

Dr. Information

Rocking that 95 Cleveland Indians shirt. Probably hasn't been washed since then either.


Huffing is bad, yes because it can kill at anytime...but everyone focuses on 'possible death' as "worst case scenario" rather than the real travesty- that point in time when the huffing has rendered the brain incapable of simple actions (using a toilet) and thoughts(it's not my fault). The huffer, sadly, doesn't even realize it...but we do. To die the first, third, or twentieth time does nothing to inconvenience the huffer or deter his/her behavior. We need to use the 'grown-up'(adult) permanently brain-damaged huffers who are living in facilities or someone's basement as evidence of the slow, long-term damage that huffing always causes. They (very slowly)lose sight of living in every aspect (friendships, hygiene, family, responsibility)- They become 'shells'... death is by NO means worse-