Mayor: Much interest in Norwalk lately

Positive economic development news discussed.
Scott Seitz2
Dec 19, 2013


Norwalk Mayor Rob Duncan said Wednesday he expects some positive economic development news to be announced in the not-so-distant future.


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Re: "he expects some positive economic development news to be announced in the not-so-distant future."

Same-ol', same ol' he peddled after his election which he also couldn't talk about.


If you can do better why don't you grow a pair and show him how to do it. Talk is cheap


Re: "Talk is cheap"

My point EXACTLY.

Did you read the hard copy article? Another vapid promise.

Mayor Duncan IS Norwalk's version of hope and change.

JudgeMeNot's picture

Im all for HOPE and CHANGE. I HOPE Obama doesnt get anything he is after and can coast out the rest of his term quietly, and then we can CHANGE presidents.

yogi bear

Probably the new Dunken Donuts that supposed to be coming to town.


you are a lousy mayor if you can't bring jobs to Norwalk,I read that in China they are removing mountains to make flat space for factories,so its obvious people are looking for flat places,and we have flat places

hit the road jack

Did you see the huge cities that were being built (by U.S. banks) and NO-ONE lives in them? or did you know they have nets outside the windows of the factory that makes apple products because they work them so many hours a day that they go crazy and try to commit suicide? sounds like a prosperous place doesn't it.
This is the whole problem nowadays,everyone knows more than the guy they work for and when they get laid off they tell of what a lousy @ss person they work for,how many of you are going to start a business in Norwalk? quit your b!tching if you wouldn't be willing to stick your neck out and start a business!


Second half of your comment is dead on. Real easy to sit around and talk about how much better you "could" run the business and how nice of a place it'd be to work at if you were in charge.

hit the road jack

I just cannot figure some people out,I could quit my job I have and have another one in a couple of days,of course I don't sit in a office on my hind end either,their are jobs out there,you just have to change your occupation and take whats out there and I'm not talking a 40,000 a year job either.

hit the road jack

Do you think someone that is in business doesn't read this blog and see the IQ level of most people on here? would you want to hire a bunch of tards like you read about on here,I doubt it.

swiss family

I hope that there is good news heading our way in the form of some jobs. What an amazing break that would be for the entire area. It would bring income to the people, taxes for the cities, and the ease of relieving some of the financial burdens that so many residents now have, it would certainly be a Happy new year!!!!I pray that it comes to fruition...


get rid of the junkies and somone might want to open up a business here! i wouldnt think anyone reading the paper would move here,let alone open a business.herion means crime and thats bad business.

Really are you ...

Yes. Jobs will be coming to the Norwalk area soon.


Tax breaks bring in work!I feel we are lucky to have this Mayor working for us!God bless him.


its hard to take this seriously,it seems like from time to time the mayor and the past mayors have issued this new business coming report.
not a lot of new manufacturing starting in USA,especially in union country

Kobayashi Maru

The next story will talk about a secret company that is close to coming here. Then, a month later, we will find out that secret company chose not to expand. Mayor Lesch always said the same things yet very little new businesses opened.

New businesses will not come here until the drug problem is reigned in and the guys with the inflatable rat are gone. It's a shame because 30 percent of the unemployed in this area actually want to work.

swiss family

it is so sad to read so many blogs from my fellow citizens who only see that the glass is half empty. Why not hope for the best, and be positive in your comments, then if it does all fall apart, you can complain then???I see this as possibly good news, and news that would make a lot of people HAPPY.. so, why put a negative spin on something you know nothing about???

hit the road jack

You are exactly right,for so many people (supposedly) wanting a job and then when someone says something possibly happening in the job market they just start complaining,like they might have to go to work,I'm sure there are plenty who are tired of sitting on their duff and would gladly take a job but some on here take it like their going to have to get off their lazy @ss and go to work.

Scranton Tibbs

There aren't enough people in Huron county that could pass a drug test to entice someone to open a business here.

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what the?

How about building a new and larger jail with a detention center for the youth of Huron County as well. This creates jobs, gets the junkies in jail and not on "treatment", and gets kids that should be placed in DH somewhere to go instead of waiting on beds to open in other counties......


I would love to be wrong with my pessimistic outlook,if I'm wrong and we get some employment my property value would go up and i could sell and leave



former local

Norwalk has a Mayor? haven't heard much out of him since he has been in office.