Happy ending: Deal allows woman to keep pet deer, raccoons

Under the settlement, woman is forbidden from taking in more wild animals.
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Dec 18, 2013

Carol Deyo lived for nearly a year with the fear that the state would seize and destroy the two deer she saved from serious injury and raised from fawns.

On Monday, the state unexpectedly agreed to drop its two counts of possessing wild animals against Deyo, who lives with her two deer and four rescued raccoons on a farm just outside Mount Vernon.

“We’re thrilled to death,” said Deyo. “What a perfect Christmas gift.”

Deyo was charged by the Ohio Division of Wildlife on Jan. 22 with possessing wild animals, a fourth-degree misdemeanor. A Mount Vernon Municipal Court judge was scheduled to rule on Friday on a motion from the state to force Deyo to turn over her deer — one named Trooper, who had lost a leg to a mower, and Patch, who probably had been hit by a car — and the raccoons.

Deyo’s attorney, Phil Lehmkuhl, called her on Monday and said that Mount Vernon Law Director Chip McConville had offered a settlement. It was filed with the court yesterday.

McConville said he was contacted by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources late last week. “I was asked by the charging agency to negotiate a conclusion to this, so I did,” he said.

Calls to ODNR seeking comment yesterday were not returned.

Under the settlement, Deyo is forbidden from taking in more wild animals. She also agreed to withdraw her requests for a wildlife educator’s license from ODNR and a captive-deer propagation permit from the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

Deyo’s case drew widespread attention from animal lovers around the country. Her Facebook page, Saving Trooper, had more than 8,000 users, while her petition to save her animals had garnered more than 15,000 signatures. Deyo said she had planned to submit those petitions at the Ohio Statehouse this week.

“I took the attitude that we had to win this some way or other,” said Deyo, 66. “We have to teach children compassion. It’s normal for humans to want to help things to heal. You can’t take that away.”

Deyo said she plans to use the deer for educational purposes. She wants to install a web camera in the barn and invite classroom visits.


By Eric Lyttle - The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio (MCT)

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Good for her.


Meth labs all over Knox county and the prosecutor takes on a woman with congestive heart failure and a three legged deer.


Praise Jesus.....Hercules Hercules Hercules....




Wild animals belong in the wild!


You belong in the wild.

Estrella Damm

Any chance that Bashful, Happy, Dopey and Doc would have testified at the trial?


Thank God this gentle and caring woman took these animals who were dying and gave them the opportunity to live. She did not go into the wild and take them. So glad some of you actually have compassion. What the article does not state was Ms. Deyo is battling cancer this whole time and has been extremely ill due to the chemo treatments. God speed to a healthy recovery for all!!!


Then she should be worried about her own health instead of a dumb animal....


You are ridiculous and hateful person.


I'm sure someone cares for you, just a dumb human.


Because I care more about a person's needs and health and well fare than I do about an animal??? You need to go hug another tree and lighten up!


It is not that I was choosing between a human and an animal. It is about a woman who was sacraficing for what she believed. I would however choose an animal over most humans...animals are not hateful and they do not choose to hurt other things for fun. They kill for food and to protect themselves...hence you don't see bears shooting up and lions robbing liquor stores. I do care what happens to the world around me because one day it is not going to be able to continually give to the human race and it will be destroyed all because most humans like you are so selfish.


Nothing like a good ole happy ending.


methodman, thats what john travalota said!