Keep those sidewalks clean ... or else

Street parking bans issued in Norwalk when snow on ground reaches depth of 2 inches.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 5, 2014


City of Norwalk officials reminds residents and property owners of premises located in city limits must make their front, sides and rear sidewalks safe for travel within 12 hours after a snow event ends.

Failure to comply may result in a citation for a minor misdemeanor. Any such violation shall constitute a separate offense on each successive day continued.

Street parking bans will be issued in the city of Norwalk when the snow on the ground reaches a depth of 2 inches.

Residents are required to move their vehicles off city streets so that snowplows can clear the streets.

Snow bans will be provided to local radio stations. Residents are asked to use common sense in parking on-street during snow events.

City residents recently expressed concern about the curb area between the parking spaces and the sidewalk in the uptown. This is an area that can stack up with snow from the plows, leaving people with no clear path to the sidewalk.

"Typically, that area opened up by the business owners or property owners so the customers can have access to the stores," said Josh Snyder, public works director.

"The guys plow the downtown and obviously, the snow has to go somewhere," he added. "The snow goes up on top of the curbs and the guys don't carry shovels with them. Invariably, during the plowing process, the snow accumulates on that part of the curb."

Snyder said city crews were removing snow from the uptown area Monday by placing it into the backs of trucks and hauling it to the street department.

"That is not the first step," he said about snow removal, but added it is important, especially if another heavy snow is forecast soon after the end of the first snow event.

"We want to free up those parking spaces," Snyder said.



Norwalk city: shovel your side walks while we give everyone you social security number to pillage your credit. Get right on that shoveling. minor misdemeanor that.

I Can Read

The city needs to enforce this not just give meaningless threats. As a walker I have noticed a few houses that never clear their walks. The worst sidewalk on West Main is Dr. Resenger. He has never one time ever cleaned his sidewalk, never! Someone should fall and sue him.

Scranton Tibbs

YOU are exactly what is wrong with America today. "Someone should fall and sue him." Pathetic.

I Can Read

Your just jealous you don't have anyone to sue yourself or else maybe you lost your lawsuit. Sucker

Scranton Tibbs

Hillbilly much?


^^ I agree!

Fibber Mcgee

This statement from the city use to come from the SSD, is he even in his office? Don't here from him much.

just plain disgusted

wow really how about get a job instead of thinking you need to go intentionally fall on someones sidewalk to sue them.

"Your just jealous you don't have anyone to sue yourself or else maybe you lost your lawsuit. Sucker"

Maybe you are a loser


I totally agree with you @just plain disgusted. This type of mentality is what's wrong with people.


Lots of sidewalks are not shoveled. Shame that this happens. What is the punishment? Or is there one? If not then that is why no one shovels them. The students walking home from the bus stops and/or school have to take the chance of slipping or tramping through the snow. Sad for them. Try to run on them too and it is very frustrating.


There have been cases where individuals have been sued cause they did shovel sidewalks, due to the fact they altered an act of god, I know sounds strange but it has happened. But no excuse not to shovel them.


Or else what? We will give out more than just your social next time!! on Linwood never move for parking bans. I bet if I drive there right now they haven't moved or been cited!

Sitting In The ...

Better get those sidewalks cleared wouldn't want to inconvenience any of the walkers....


What Scranton T said.


What about the old folks who can't shovel or afford to hire someone?and seem to have no neighbour who wants to help, should they be sued? Maybe I CAN READ would be willing to help the old folks out,

Scranton Tibbs

I wouldn't want I CAN READ (but can't spell) shoveling out MY sidewalks. That's a lawsuit waiting to happen. That mouth breather probably has Elk & Elk on speed dial.

I Can Read

Only git won life sew why waste it working, suckers


Are you related to Brock Lee?


Did none of you people seriously sense the sarcasm in I Can Reads statement??

J Cooper

If we have to keep our sidewalks shoved how about the city plowing our streets. I haven't seen a plow on our street since last night, seems snow removal has gone the way of employment under the current, jobs, jobs, jobs mayor, we lost it.


How about ultra- rich property owners who own multiple apartment complexes and NEVER have anybody shovel / plow their tenants out?
Claim they can't afford it. But the tenants pay for it because it's included in the rent and on lease.

Where are the renters' rights in that case?

J Cooper

City plow on my street Tuesday night about 10pm, next appearance 7:10AM Thursday, can I cite the city, that more than 12 hours. The last mayor wasn't perfect but at least she got the streets plowed.

Bill Hilly

I would hire kids to shovel mine if they would come around but now days all these lazy fat kids do is sit around and play Xbox and eat frozen burritos.