'She won't survive'

Local 22-year-old woman violates intervention program, could have avoided felony on her record if she had stayed out of trouble.
Cary Ashby
Dec 18, 2013


A Willard woman who violated the terms of the court's drug intervention program had several convictions imposed Monday.

Ashley Henry, 22, of 50 Crestwood Drive, admitted to several violations, which included a positive urine test for methamphetamine and ecstasy. The drug screen happened Nov. 16 at the Huron County Jail.

Henry also failed to show up for a probation office visit Nov. 8 -- seven days after she was released from jail. She had served a week behind bars for violating the terms of intervention. That's a standard punishment in the program, which doesn't require a hearing.

Since about Nov. 6, the defendant also failed to attend required AA and NA meetings. On Nov. 8, she didn't attend a mandatory substance abuse treatment session.

The Willard Police Department arrested Henry on Nov. 6 on the probation violation warrant.

Due to the various offenses, Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway imposed three convictions: One count each of theft of a credit card and identity fraud, both for a Jan. 21 incident. She also was convicted of possession of oxycodone for a Jan. 31 offense.

In August, a positive drug test led to Henry being held without bond when Conway said the defendant "appeared to be inebriated." After that hearing, she tested positive for opiates and oxycodone.

The court granted Henry intervention in lieu of conviction in mid-September. That means if she successfully completed the court program, she wouldn't have a conviction on her record.

Probation officer Dexter Chandler, at Monday's hearing, said if Henry didn't receive in-house treatment, "she won't survive."

As a condition of her three years of probation, Henry will spend four to six months in a community-based corrections facility, a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education. Conway ordered her to reimburse Willard police $40 to cover the cost of drug testing and fined her $250. Henry, who is subject to random drug screens, also had her driver's license suspended for six months.

If she violates the terms of her probation, she faces one year in prison.



Drug sellers...? Like pharmacies? And pharmaceutical companies? People are going to use drugs whether you like it or not. So why not just give it to them? So the worst ones don't have to steal, beg, murder, and whatever else for their fix? And we don't have to pay 70$ a day for them In jail just because they wanna do some pills. You small town people look at your problems all wrong. Get out and see different places! Its not that bad in Norwalk Ohio... or Willard, Greenwich. Give it a break. A guy could be caught with a joint and a lot of you would say "oh god! Give him a feloney. So be can never get a job and do anything productive again." Even though you never met this person and know what they are about. just because it's something YOU would never do, doesn't mean its wrong.

so sick of stup...

hmmm..didnt think about that one...could it be?


You obviously don't know me so I wouldn't be accusing someone of being a drug dealer. I've never sold drugs in my life. For someone who doesn't know ashley you seem to be getting angry at these comments about her.


I am not accusing anybody just said you knew an awful lot. I don't know her and am not angry as I also agree with some points you have made. You just seem like one of those closed minded people who don't like opinions if they aren't like yours. Drug addicts need help. Yes, they chose to put the drug in their body and yes it was their choice. It is not for us to condemn them. If it were that easy to stop addictions there wouldn't be alcoholics, over eaters, smokers, etc...Just my opinion and sorry it differs some from yours.


I am sorry to have touched a nerve with you.


You didn't touch a nerve. You just sound ignorant as the other people on here that think drug treatment helps these junkies that don't want help. She doesn't want help. She's proven that over and over again. You have to want help to be helped. And apparently I've struck a nerve with you. Just saying.


Not at all. I didn't comment on here to go back and forth because our opinions differ to a degree. My husband moved us with a job transfer years ago and I am greatful for that. Seems like that was a great move with all I read in this paper. Like I said before I do agree with some points that have been made. When it comes down to it do you really care or does it make you feel better to express what you know other people want or don't want. If she doesn't want the help then what do you care. Seemed you must since you had to start commenting.

former local

What a holier than thou judgmental group of people!


I agree with "whatthebucks" Amen

Guess I will move on to the next case and see what bashing they have for the next one.


You do that. I'll just keep being real unlike the people who defend hopeless cases or the people who say "she needs help". Sorry I keep it real.


Giving them pitty does not help. Tax dollars already go to try and save as many of possible. Every human life is valuable and we should do everything we can to help. But when they flagurantly put up their middle finger to society, and say they will do what they want with their life, I say, let them. Stop sending dollar after dollar to go asgainst their will. Drugs were entered consenciously and with intent to get high and to live that way. So this is the USA. Everyone has a "right" to live as they want. She wants to live with drugs. So let her.


Sadly you cant help anyone with a drug addiction who doesn't want help- you can only separate them from the substance. I know an individual who OD'd multiple times as his mother did everything through the health community and court system- and in the end only a stint in prison sobered him long enough to bring the real person back. Happily, he's still clean to this day and working. I spoke to this mother who said his time in prison was the most relaxing and anguish free time she had had for years- because she knew she wouldn't get the call on some late night to come and claim his body. This girl is not the person she used to be- at this point that person doesn't exist anymore. Continual rehabs and other screenings will only guarantee an eventual funeral.

Dr. Information

Unfortunately, rock bottom for 90% of addicts is death.


Why is it that those of us that are tired of all the druggies and their excuses are the "judgmental ones" and "holier than thou"? Just because we CHOOSE not to do drugs? We choose NOT to go down a path of destruction? We put our families, our CHILDREN, our health first that makes us "holier than thou"? These druggies that you all are defending and making excuses for, how about you take them in and coddle them. Let them lie, steal and cheat YOU! They just need one more chance, right? This time will be different, right? Do you really think that you sitting there praying for them and defending them would keep them from robbing you blind given the chance? Go ahead and judge me. I do not care. I have never been arrested. I have never been in jail. I have never failed a drug test. I have never tried illegal drugs. If that makes me holier than thou, well you can call me that too.


I love it. Finally someone who isn't blind to the truth. Why keep wasting money on someone who loves the lifestyle they live? Ashley has even admitted she likes that life. So are all the bleeding hearts still going to defend her in here? Point blank she doesn't care so let her do what she does but you'll never see me opening my doors to people like her.


a waste of life, time and space. parents should have saved rehab money and bought her a caskett.,sounds like she might need it soon!


in todays world people always want kick those that are down sad!!!! Im betting that lots who comment prob have done drugs themself but act like innocent people when trashing others! I dont wish badon this lady shes a pretty woman who has let addiction get the best of her.

now go ahead all you moral majority done nothing ever people bash me


She's not that pretty anymore. And have you read the comments and the article? She doesn't want to change. She likes that life and had admitted to it. You people need to get a reality check! She will never change. It's hopeless. Her family needs to dis own her.


I keep it 100% real and I'm sorry most people can't handle the truth. Your right though. Maybe they shouldn't dis own her but they sure need to stop enabling her and giving her money for drugs and everything else she wants. If her a$$ was kicked out on the street maybe she will wake up and realize what she's done and how many people she's screwed over. But then again I know this girl and nothing is going to change.


Those of you that know the AA program know she wont stay sober or off the drugs until she is ready. The Big Book states only 3% stay sober out of 100 and that isn`t very many. You have to want to or the program does not work,She has a lot of chances to do this and i hope she takes one chance and will do something about her self. I also don`t know her. but God Be with her and show her the right path.


Unless you know what that family is going through, you have no right to judge. I pray to God that none of you have children of your own that go down that path. In my opinion, unless you have walked in someone's shoes, you do not know what they are going through. Judging someone does not define them, it defines you. As far as her child is concerned, i am sure she is well taken care of. Just because her parent's are not raising her does not mean she will not have a good life. Last time i checked this article is not about the child, it is about her. I am not condoning the choices she has made, but hopefully one day she gets her act together.


I think what amazes me is, the people in this comment forum who wish death on another, because they feel that junkies put a drain on their livelihood. As a parent who has lost a child, (not to drugs) it don't matter how they died, their dead, they are not coming back, you will never hear their voice again, you will never see them smile again,they will never hug you again and say I love you.So for all of you who have wish death on another child, I ask do you have children? now stop for a moment and imagine yourself in that place where you won't see them ever again,ever again hear their voice,and the best you can do is go put flowers on a grave for them. It matters not how they died, their dead. And it hurts so bad the pain can't be described, the only way to understand is you have to go thru it, and I pray you never have to go thru it.


I don't think anyone is wishing death on her so where did you get that from? All I'm saying is she's going to go right back to using which she's admitted that's the life she loves. You all will be seeing her in the newspaper again trust me. Either she won't make it through CBCF or she will get out and get high then violate her probation and be sent to prison. Ok now I'm done commenting on this article. It's a waste of time and I'm sorry I keep it real and it offends people. The truth hurts I know.


No one has to wish death on this girl or any other addict .. they wish it upon themselves when they choose to use.

I don't feel sorry for those who enable them, either.

Scranton Tibbs

"Unless you know what that family is going through, you have no right to judge." Sure I do, and so does everyone else. As long as our tax dollars go to represent, try, incarcerate, and "rehabilitate" these leftovers from Darwin's gene pool, they will get judged. You keep "praying" for people like her. How's that working out anyway?


Your a realist like me Scranton. People need to get into REALITY! Why waste good money on bad people. People that don't care about anything but getting high. Like Ashley.


Fifty Six comments on this article. No one doing anything but stating their feelings which is as it should be. I don't have specific stats but have heard in the comments and other articles that something like 90 per cent of addicts do not want or get help. Now we all agree she needs help but we continue to do a disservice by providing unsuccessful methods to help her. Build more jails. Lock addicts and dealers up for a good long time for each offense. They have to dry out then, if they go back to dope lock them up even longer. What we are doing now is not helping. Time to try a different approach. This is not cruel. They get 3 hots and a cot. The parents know they are alive and are not laying in a gutter some place. It is a win win situation. Take all the money being put into rehab and put it into lock-ups. Use the counselors as guards and service people. If someone gets better GREAT if not a mother is spared losing a child. I would rather my kid be in jail than high on heroin and living like vermin. What we do now sure is not helping them.