Accused teen stabber indicted

Norwalk teen accused of stabbing her brother in back with knife, puncturing lung.
Cary Ashby
Dec 17, 2013


A Norwalk teen accused of stabbing her brother in the back and a pair of suspected burglary co-defendants were among the 18 defendants indicted recently.

In one case, Katelyn N. Taylor, 18, of 408 S. Old State Road, Apt. 25, is charged with felonious assault in connection with a Nov. 11 incident. If convicted, she faces three to six years in prison.

"She stabbed her brother in the back with a kitchen knife," Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff said at Taylor's arraignment Monday.

Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway told the soft-spoken defendant to speak up during the hearing.

Taylor was arrested after the Norwalk police and fire departments and North Central EMS responded to Taylor's apartment about a male victim who had been stabbed. Police found the 20-year-old victim inside the residence.

"(He) was alone when officers arrived and refused to tell the officers who stabbed him," said Detective Sgt. Jim Fulton, who investigated the case with Sgt. Seth Fry.

North Central transported the victim to Fisher-Titus Medical Center, where it was learned he had a punctured lung.

"(He's) lucky; it could have been a lot worse," Woodruff said Monday.

During the investigation, police contacted Taylor.

"During an interview with Katelyn, she displayed signs of deception and a small amount of blood was observed on her sweatshirt. Katelyn was detained and it was later learned she had stabbed (her brother) with a kitchen knife," Fulton said.

Police secured the crime scene and obtained a search warrant. Officers recovered the knife inside Taylor's apartment and seized an article of clothing reportedly worn by the victim when he was stabbed as evidence.

Taylor, who has been unable to post a $25,000 bond, goes to trial Feb. 4. She is prohibited from having any contact with her brother.

The grand jury met Friday and the results were released Monday. Look for the full story in Tuesday's Norwalk Reflector.


swiss family

you know, it is terribly sad to see what we have become. We have gotten to the point where we are not shocked anymore to read about a stabbing, between siblings, or we are not surprised to read about heroin addicts, and heroin dealers, and even no surprised when we see someone kill their girlfriend and her children, or when someone beats a baby to the point of the baby having to hang on for dear life because of some idiots anger.We are definitely in a changing process here.

We need to ask ourselves as we move through this transition from "small town"Norwalk, where your neighbors look out for you and wave to you as they drive by and where neighbors actually care and look out for one another, to a town like every other town riddles with major criminals and more drugs that you can imagine, and major crimes happening almost weekly.. Are we equipped to handle this change>> lets take a look.

Do we have a competent local police force, with a strong, fair and just Chief as their leader??? I believe we do. Do we have a competent Sheriff, and Sheriff's department to catch these criminals as they bring their poison into our midst?? I believe we do...Now , do we have a competent Prosecutor to charge these criminals and prosecute them to the full extent of the law?? where plea deals are the exception to the rules and not what is offered to every single criminal, to lighten their charges, and make it easier on the Prosecuting team, even if it means reducing their charges down, so they will be back out on the streets within a year, so they can continue their crime wave?? Sorry, but I do NOT believe that we do

Do we have a fair and honest Judge who decides what the charges should be, abd who hands out real punishment for the crimes committed??absolutely NOT.Do we have a tunes into the peoples needs , wants and desires as to what should be done to these dog killers, and baby beaters, etc???again we do NOT.

We have n intentional stabbing here.. the Law enforcement did their job by arresting and holding her.. so far so good.. Now watch how the charges all fall apart, watch the plea bargains between the Judge an Prosecuting team, and how they will reduce the charges down to where she would have been in more trouble if she had eaten her brothers gorl scout cookies, and ask yourself, what do we need as we progress into this darker time with Heroin and crack and bath salts in our midst.. ask yourself, where are the weak links, that are making our little town a crime haven, and demand more from them.. either do their jobs or resign.. it is our town, our future, and our safety at stake here... lets demand more..


I also agree I think we keep waiting for some people to turn their lives around but it just is not going to happen. We feel that as a soceity we need to be more humane and I totally disagree! Some of these people have more rights than the people they try to destroy...When are we going to say I am sorry but you were given a chance at life...some easier than others sure but three strikes and you are done...literally. I have had it with people who just want to hurt and destroy.


outlaw knives !!!


assault knives!!


Domestic calls all the time for these siblings. And she has a child! Soft spoken my tushie. Their mom is at work and these two "adults" are worse than toddlers.


E Hove mom you're an idiot it's quite clear that you don't know either one of the people involved in this article. This mother her mother has never worked a day in her life she collects Social Security disability from one of her sons and lives off the system so again you didn't know what you were talking about there the other thing is is that what the article doesn't say is this whole fight started because her mother was trying to Pimp her (Katelyn) out to a drug dealers so her mother could get drugs. Kaitlyn does not have any children and her brother and her have never really live together most of their life one was raised by the grandmother and never saw the other until they became adults which just happened in the last year. So please the next time that you comment on something please make sure you know what you're talking about because you clearly do not know these people or you think they're someone else.

swiss family

I also need to compliment her on her " I don't understand what happened " face here, it gives her a shot at "not guilty by reason of insanity" defense.... well played criminal.. well played..

Concerned For A...

You all know the Jeff Clyde that just got put away for being a pervert?? This is his offspring. This girl has had one He## of a child hood, and I don't understand WHY she was never removed from the home! THIS is what happens when childrens services don't do their god forsaken JOB!!! Numerous reports and investigations...numerous accusations...After 14 years of being FORCED into visits....THIS is what they become. GREAT JOB HURON COUNTY!!! This girl is mentally and emotionally scarred for the rest of her life because NOBODY DID ANYTHING!!!


Why would you post that on here? She has the right to privacy as a victim of someone else's crimes!! I will agree with you on only one thing and that is that child should've never been placed back in the home with her mother or father.

Concerned For A...

I never said she was a victim of what he was charged with. I'm just saying that he was and is a scum bag, and should have never been around his kids. I guess I should have been more clear on what I meant. I was simply saying that her upbringing was screwed up. She grew up being tugged this way and that way. I have no idea if she is the victim of his crimes, nor did I say she was. Both of her parents are screwed up individuals.


You should probably have your info straight before you become the one that informs! That wasn't even her dads name. This girl has been creepy from day one. Oh and her mom is crazy. These kids didn't even live with daddy. She has been conditioned from day one to be a parrot and say what mommy tells her to say. These kids were taken from mommy so often because she is a lousy parent who worries about her wants and needs before her children. Oh and they weren't placed with their dad either. They were placed with other family members that tried to care for them and love them. Momma screwed these kids in the head from day one!

Concerned For A...

I'm very aware that they never lived with their dad. Her and her brother both have the same father. His name is Jeff. He drove an orange 68 or 69 camero back in the day when he was with the mother. I know his name, and who he is. The oldest has a different father. Neither one of them should be allowed to care for children. If these kids would have been taken and adopted years ago, they would be much better off.

Concerned For A...

His last name is Clyde, I corrected it. I'm not postitive he is her father, but I'm pretty sure. It's been a long time since I heard the name.

Kottage Kat


Concerned For A...

Well, the way I see it, people get on here and out TMI every hour of every day. I'm not sorry for putting this out there, because to many children are put in harms way because youth services don't do their dang jobs! Everyone just turns a blind eye, and never speak what they know to be true, and allow child abusers to get away with their crimes. It completely sickens me! How long is society going to let this crap go on before they get brazen enough to speak out about it. Until there is a ton of attention brought to situations like this, kids will continue to be the victim of their families crummy ways of life. I'm not trying to bring anything bad to Katie, I REALLY feel for her! I have a daughter about a year younger than her. She was assulted by my half brother who is almost 2 yrs older than her. I went to the ends of the earth to protect her. I have even moved to a different state to get her away from him and any family associated with him, including my mother. There were lie detector tests, there were court proceedings, you know what came of it?? Huron county gave him less than 30 days in a detention home, and some counseling. He has to register as a teir 3 sex offender...Poor baby..FOR RAPE!!!All this after he openly admitted to raping her in my home to the judge in the court room! It's flat out sickening that their are more laws protecting the offender than the victims! I'm sick and tired of it, it makes me physically ILL!! Like I said above, I don't know that she was a victim of the guys crimes, maybe I'm wrong and have the wrong Jeff, but regardless this girls situation thoughout her entire life has been made far worse than it needed to be, because childrens services did NOT do their job. I've known this girls mother since before she was born. And I knew her father back in the day, and they were both loosers, and pi$$ poor excuses for parents. There have been many things reported over the years concerning both parents, ONGOING reports, and all of these kids have been left subjected to a messed up life.


Concerned I'm not sure if you know what you're talking about I'm not I'm not even sure who you are don't care who you are but if you live in another state how would you have so much information about anything that's going on in these kids lives or with their families at all? And then you put your own daughter out there and tell everyone how your half-brother sexually abused her Jesus Christ I'm glad you're not my mother, nothing would be left for my privacy if you were my mother!!!!!

Concerned For A...

Do you know who I am?? NO..Do you know who my daughter is?? NO.. If I was putting her name all over the place I would have serious issues. My daughter don't see this, I am anonymous. I lived in that area my whole life. I'm glad I'm not your mother either. I'm trying to make a point about a county and an agency not doing their jobs lady, or man, what ever you are. The facts here are that yet again, a service that is supposed to protect children from harm has seriously dropped the ball. This situation would have possibly never happened if the children were removed from the family as a whole. If my ways of expressing the serious need for an overhaul of a horribly unstable system offend you, then don't read my posts! It's called freedom of speech. They haven't been able to take it from us just yet. Not completely anyways. I have known the mother since I was about 16 yrs old. I knew the father back then, because they were still together at the time. It's not about exploiting my daughters experience, NOBODY knows who she is. And honestly, she is all about advocating and bringing awareness to child abuse and neglect, even if it means sharing her story. You know why?? Because I have raised her to be a strong young woman and a productive member of society, THAT'S why!! My mother thought that this should have been handled within the family..Kept hush hush. I don't think so! I stand behind my daughter and her desicions to prosecute the sicko, as I would stand behind any other female, male child who has been victimized, no matter how, who, what, when,where or why.I am not sorry, and will not apologize for my beliefs. Since they are just that, MY BELIEFS. I will not curve who I am as a person because it might offend you, or anybody else! People get so offended about what other people are doing and complain. Who the he## are you or anybody else besides the law to tell me what is right or wrong? If you don't like what I'm doing, or what i'm saying, then don't participate, period. You feel the way you do, as I feel the way I do. We could go back and forth insulting each other, but I am above that, so if that is what you are after, so sorry to disappoint you. Have a blessed day.


she is in deep sh@t this time,i bet she gets 18 months for this.


I wouldn't be so sure of that seeing how the two witnesses her mother for one and the brother both have Warrants and they both are running from the law together. I don't think anybody's going to be showing up for the damn hearings.