Norwalk woman to participate in 'breathtaking,' charitable event

2008 St. Paul graduate will participate in Bike and Build.
Aaron Krause
Dec 21, 2013

While it's almost January and frigid, Norwalk resident Melissa Kijowski can picture herself riding her bicycle in the western states amid the mountains this summer.

Kijowski will participate in Bike and Build, a non-profit organization which provides chances for young adults 18 to 25 to bike a large swath of the country and, at different stopping points, help build affordable homes.

She and others will begin their journey on June 8 in Providence, R.I. and end in Half-Moon Bay, Calf. on Aug. 22.

"I think it will be just breathtaking," the 2008 St. Paul graduate said.

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Cliff Cannon

What an amazing trip Melissa. Which of course, is just like you have always been to those of us lucky enough to know and love you-----amazing