WHS senior raises $2,075 for Autism Speaks

Senior project titled "Autism and the Positive Effects of Music Therapy."
Aaron Krause
Dec 21, 2013

A piano concert by a Willard High School senior as part of his senior project has so far raised $2,075 for Autism Speaks, an organization that provides resources for individuals on the Autistic Spectrum.

Cok's senior project is titled "Autism and the Positive Effects of Music Therapy."

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believe it

Great job, Jay!


What a Loving Heart this young man has. I "tip" my hat to You.

Cliff Cannon

Every time I read of these amazing accomplishments, from amazing young leaders of tomorrow. The world looks a whole lot brighter to me.

Thank you Jay for sharing your talents & heart with the needy

Seen it All

Cliff, People with autism are not needy. They are just different from you and I, and only long for acceptance. Great job Jay, you are an inspiration to us all! It is nice to see someone so young set their mind to something and then accomplish it! As Cliff stated, young people like you make our future look brighter. BRAVO, well done!

Dr. Information

Great job young man. Keep up the great work.