Huron Co. mechanic suspended for 15 days

Disciplinary report notes he didn’t grease ball joints, tie rods or U-joints on truck.
Scott Seitz
Dec 16, 2013


Huron County mechanic Lon Burton will return to work next week after being suspended for 15 working days without pay.

According to Burton’s personnel file, he has committed six “group offenses” while being employed for the county. These offenses involve the neglect of work, contributing to unsafe or unsanitary conditions and the willful disregard of county policies.

Burton is an employee of the county commissioners, with Commissioner Joe Hintz being his direct supervisor or contact to the board.

Burton’s suspension was due to an incident which took place Oct. 22.

The mechanic was given the task of preparing a 2003 Chevrolet pickup truck for road readiness. The vehicle was used by the transfer station/recycling center.

Burton’s disciplinary report notes he didn’t grease the ball joints, tie rods or U-joints on the truck.

The tail light, front marker light and license plate lights were also out and not repaired.

The windshield wipers were left worn and torn and the washer fluid was empty.

The battery terminals were not clean and the tire pressure was low.

The oil filter was also not “secured,” the report stated.

Burton’s suspension was set for Nov. 25 to Dec. 16.

The mechanic was also given a verbal warning on Oct. 5, 2012 for “not working on sheriff’s office vehicles.”

These 15 suspended days cost Burton $2,355 in wages, at an hourly rate of $19.63, according to the auditor’s office.

As part of the suspension, Burton was required to surrender his office and garage keys for the duration of his time off.

In December 2012, Burton was placed on administrative leave by the commissioners after being stopped for DUI by the Highway Patrol near Cambridge.

The commissioners could not legally say much about Burton’s  current suspension.

“The board acted according to the county’s personnel policy manual,” Commissioner Tom Dunlap said.

Dunlap said during Burton’s suspension, department heads and office holders were instructed to “contract out” vehicle work to the garage of their choice, which cost the county money.



Those parts may not have had fitting to grease. As for the rest maybe the parts were ordered. I Don't know sounds kinda fishy. 10 year old vehicle should have been gone. Anyone get his side of the story?


Look at the sign in the back ground..."tune up parts"....or maybe not so much....haha!!


I have known this man for years. One of the finest auto techs in the area. He is the reason that Huron County has saved so much money by keeping the aged fleet on the roadways. Huron County went looking for him when they hired him, stole him away from Testor Ford. Just another case of rotten Huron County politics. Such petty people.


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County is lucky to have this guy!he is the best!almost all cars and trucks have no grease fittings!


Why is this article in the news paper? this is a personal thing not something for everyone to know about, people get wrote up and suspended daily from jobs and we don't read about it. It's personal


I agree that this is a personal matter but, I bet someone who doesn't like him called the reflector to smear his name all over the County.


Most Factory U-joints and Ball Joints don't come with grease fittings. Only way would be if they were already replaced at some point.


Politics once again at play. Other Huron County employees have been accused of far worse with nary a write up. It will be interesting to see who replaces Mr. Burton in the position; I would bet the post has been promised for quite some time now.


So this employee makes headlines but a missing weapon, accusations and its sudden reappearance do not?

Seems a few people don't know how to deal with their own faults and envy. A long time employee is getting raked over the coals. Election time cannot come soon enough; time for new Commissioners and a new Sheriff.


I agree, But first they have to find someone to run for Sheriff. The Republican party dropped the ball in the last election. Lets hope there working on something for the next.


Somebodys relative must need a job?


19fatboy94,verbalkint, & sorryhog, I totally agree/w you. The Bus must be board again & Burton is on the butcher block again. The S.O. will be soon family own and operated.


I worked with Lonnie for 7 years and he always addressed my need with County Vehicles. They probably didn't want to spend the money !


Don't worry Dusty. There are some that are ready. As far as party goes it does not matter. These individuals are above reproach. They care about serving the populace. Watch!


Politic, "Poly-tick" [n.], meaning More than one tick.


Its obvious posters read only the headlines, if they read the entire story they would delete their comments. It wasn't about greasing joints, there are safety issues he didn't perform, like leaving out lights, not servicing patrol cars. I think the only politics here are those posters who are supporting their buddy. Im glad the county is making sure the tax payers are getting what they pay for.

So, posters, what is the county suppose to do, let their vehicles go out on the road unsafe? Gesh.


I suppose you think its better when the Jail staff allows inmates to jump costing the county thousands of dollars in medical bills. Or the fact that fully automatic firearms get unaccounted for. I know, lets get the attention off us and go head hunting another employee. Which this county is famous for. SUCH A SNAKEPIT


Got to do it.

swiss family

thank you "truth" finally someone who sees it correctly. I know if I took my car to any mechanic, and they failed to do as much work as this guy has done, or even if there were reasons that he could not do some of the work, (like he had to order parts) and he did not communicate to me the reason why he did not preform the job correctly now, I would be looking for a new and more honest mechanic.

It must be just me, but I am tired of carrying all of this dead weight. there are plenty of mechanics out there who would be far more honest, and would jump at the chance to be the "county's" mechanic.I believe that in a case like this, where he is actually misleading our county employees. such as Law enforcement in particular, and possibly putting their safety in peril, I do not think he should be getting a second, or even third chance.I remember when the city mechanic was caught misleading them on what work he actually did and did not do, and they fired him... as they should have!

I feel it is time for everyone to be accountable for their actions and for their job performance..Money is tight, and we need to get the most and the best for our money. That goes for everyone from our Sheriff, to our teachers, and even county and city mechanics...of course this also includes our judges and our Prosecutor and public defenders... I think if we are not getting what we are paying for, then it is a time for a many chances does this guy get>???