Dope defendant's defense: Marijuana a 'natural plant' made by God

Defense attorney says Huron County man doesn't sell marijuana but prefers to buy the drug in bulk so his supply lasts a long time.
Cary Ashby
Dec 13, 2013


"I believe in God. I believe it's (marijuana) a natural plant he made and I have the right to possess it."

That's what Dwain C. Perry, 38, of 2425 Alpha Road, Greenwich, said during his sentencing hearing Thursday in Huron County Common Pleas Court.

Perry also told Judge Jim Conway that when an officer found a marijuana roach during a traffic stop, the officer told him not to drive and smoke dope but didn't cite him. The defendant said that advice is something he has taken seriously since that incident, but admitted he enjoys using marijuana.

On Oct. 22, Perry pleaded guilty to attempted possession of marijuana, a first-degree misdemeanor. As part of a plea deal, prosecutors agreed to dismiss one felony count of trafficking in marijuana.

The defendant's conviction is for a Jan. 29 traffic stop. Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper said police found 370 grams of marijuana in six bags.

Huron County Public Defender David Longo said he doesn't think Perry is involved in selling drugs, but he prefers to buy his marijuana in bulk so his supply would last a long time. Longo said it's riskier behavior than defendants who purchase one or two bags every couple of weeks.

Perry doesn't have any felony convictions. Longo said his client has never committed "a crime of dishonesty" or "any serious crime in his life."

The defendant's lengthy criminal history as an adult includes multiple drug-related misdemeanors, which only resulted in a "moderate amount of jail time," Kasper said. The prosecutor, who requested a 30-day jail sentence, said Perry needs to be punished for his behavior.

Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway said aside from Perry's acknowledged use of marijuana, it's unlikely the defendant will commit another crime. He sentenced the man to 30 days in the Huron County Jail and fined him $1,000. Perry's driver's license also was suspended for six months as part of his two years of probation.

A probation violation would result in a 150-day jail term.



Like, I said before, it ain't your grandpa's weed no more.
You're still putting smoke in your lungs. I won't do that. And I have seen people get kind of violent smoking just pot. I guess it's all how your body chemistry reacts to it.


Ben Crazy- what? Did you kind of wig out there somewhere in the middle of your response and delete the entire portion of "why they call u kingsin" and Dip----? Are you trying to say that I'm already making waves with people (after two short days of posting), and that my onscreen name is already gaining a certain measure of notoriety even amongst those who wish to refer to me simply as dip---? Gee, I didn't realize how popular I'd become- I'm honored- thanks!


posted by gene44870.... Has anyone ever seen what the growers use to grow pot? Some of the things they use are deadly if taken by themselves....

Yes I have seen what they use. They use the same fertilizers that farmers use to grow your vegetables that you eat. Gene44870 it sound like you have a drinking problem if having one or two leads to your drinking daily.

Kingsin you are just wasting my air by breathing. I will say you are the King of moronic postings. I always enjoy your drivel about things you do not have a clue about.

What is it about most of the posters here? Do they just like seeing their outdated and moronic thoughts in print or what?


And in response to you , all I can say is you must be one of them pot smokers and you are defending pot growers as well as sellers .And I hate to tell yea that I dont drink but maybe twice a year , But I have known people that started smoking pot and now they are on anything from crack to anything they can get there hands on , I mean I really shouldnt have to explain , All I need to do is to tell yea to read the paper , cause its just full of drug arrest , And it could be anything from pot to crack
Its as simple as this people , The Law no matter if you agree with it or not , the states have reasons for making laws .Plain a simple , Yes I dont agree with a lot of laws on the books , but at the same token I dont go out and brake them and try and get away with it .I live by the law till someone speaks up and gets the laws changed .And most of all I respect them
And that is why I can drive down the street and I can say I have never had to worry about getting arrested and placed in jail for D.U.Is or drugs , and I am 51 , And I can also say I have all my brains not get go out and get arrested .
Whats you driving record like and have you ever been arrested for a D.U.I OR DRUGS ?
And another thing , I am tired of sharing the roads with drug heads and drunks .And most of all I am tired of Children getting ahold of it cause the parents are on it , and that happens alot , How is it that kids and younger people geton it if its easier to get them a Education .If you talk to addicts they will tell yea that they more them likely started with pot .


Gene44870 you are just missed informed and assuming. Both which are bad when trying to express your opinion. Most opinions are based on fact or experience which you have neither. Now about the assuming and I am sure you know what they say about assuming. First I am older then you,2nd I do not drink, 3rd I have a CDL with haz-mat/tanker endorsement with a clean driving record. They do FBI background checks and drugs tests for that. So just maybe you should pipe down a bit until you get real information or experience instead of spreading falsehoods.

Oh and all those crack/meth/heroin addicts you know most likely started on alcohol and/or cigs before they even tried marijuana. Kind of funny that as self-righteous as you seem to want people to believe you are, that you would even hang around a bunch of crack/meth/heroin addicts but you must since this is where you are getting your experience from.

I guess you better stay off the roads. As I would imagine that there is going to be quite a bit more drugged drivers as the doctors continue to prescribe more and more legal pills that impairs ones driving.


Every time you purchase you lovely weed it finances cartels in mexico, I lived on the border for a bit and I will tell you its not pretty what these animals do to anyone that crosses them. Just google las zetas and see for yourself. So next time you get stoned think of the 10s of thousands that have been killed in the name of you getting high.


Have the people vote on this. Yeah rbenn similar to alcohol & mobsters. Regulate it. That worked better than the Volstead Act. Or go to any high school & survey the students. They'll tell you it is easy to get weed, harder to get beer. Even the DEA states they only stop a fraction of it coming to America. No... i do not grow or use it either.


I have seen the results of a controlled driving course when the subject where given X amount of pot to smoke tested the blood THC levels and man, that driving course was not pretty.

Don't tell me it's as safe as BEER. That woman who died sitting at a stop light in Bellevue would tell you different ...IF she could.

Gone Fishing

Hate to say it but i find it hard to believe that most of the "weed" is coming from Mexico. Many of people grow it year around In America wether it be here or California. I agree many of people get killed by cartels in Mexico but I think that's more because of coke and herion than weed. Also to the comment that today's weed is more potent than it was back in the 60's an 70's well I think ole Willy would beg to differ. I'm in no way supporting the use of weed but nor do I oppose it. People need to get out of this kind of mind state that weed is the devil and turns you into a bad person. That is like stating that drinking pop will lead to cigarettes then to beer ect... It's a crock. It's a proven fact that weed is great for medical uses and is less harmful than cigarettes. So maybe we should out law cigs and hell while were at it lets out law beer too and we can make our way down the list. Personally I'm tired of my tax dollars going to fight the war against "weed". I'm sure I ruffled a few feathers by this comment but so be it!

Gone Fishing

Staryeyes are you serious?!? So you want to point out ONE time a person was killed do to driving high? How about the THOUSANDS that die yearly due to drunk drivers? Drink another....


You mean another cup of coffee.. cause I don't drink booze...

Yes, I'm serious and totally sarcastic. Go roll up another Cause I don't believe that pot is safer than beer.

I don't think it's much safe at all.



"In 2 States, Corner Cannabis Store Nears Reality"

The jinn is outa the bottle.

Take the seeds, grow yer own.

A 'white' market will develop and the black mkt. will expand exponentially.

IMO, it won't bring in as much tax money as expected, i.e. how can ya tell the store bought from the home grown?


"The jinn is outa the bottle" Relax, it could of been Kessler's!

hit the road jack

Anyone who doesn't think the govt. is not involved in these drugs that hit the streets(and I don't care which ones) you need to go right to Toledo and check yourself in to the nut house! If you think this much dope can just appear on our streets your friggin goofy,with what we are finding out about our govt. officials and their doings who can expect anything less than a little cash under the table,NOT ME!


starryeye83,yes ,alcohol can have the same results, as you show it doesn't change the results. If your gonna smoke, stay home, stay off the roads even if you get the munchies and want to drive to the quicky mart for chips. STAY HOME

Gone Fishing

Roll another one up? No thanks I only smoke cigarettes, but on another note why don't you do a search on booze related deaths and weed related deaths and report the numbers?


Don't have to ... one of my relatives was a victim of a drunk driver. I'm not telling that story again. I've told it enough.

And your point would be..

Pot slows motor skills. Not to mention how many of those drunks also tested positive for other stuff.

You keep missing my point that both are bad. I've been around people who were so stoned they couldn't perform their job and were around dangerous machinery.

Enough said.

Done here.

Dr. Information

Ask most heavy drug users that get busted what they started out using. 90% will say weed. Weed is a gateway drug.


Re: "Weed is a gateway drug."

The eating of tomatoes is also highly correlated to future drug usage.

"Referendum drives modeled on Colorado and Washington are already underway for next year in Arizona, California, Oregon and Alaska, and others are expected to follow in 2016."

It's comin' get used to it.

Like with casinos, OH will probably be last in line.

Yrs. ago Portugal decriminalized ALL drugs and usage went DOWN.